Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65: Goku Pulls A Typical Goku

As a die-hard fan of the DB Franchise, I can’t say that I wasn’t expecting this. Chapter 65 of Dragon Ball Super, basically, confirmed our suspicions that Goku would try pulling a Goku. And he did so by willing to let Moro go and give him a chance to redeem himself, much like what he did with Frieza back on Namek. When Goku said that he’d be fighting as an Earthling from now on and quit the Galactic Patrol Force, we, along with Beerus, knew in our guts that Goku was going to go back being, well, Goku.

In the Frieza Saga of Dragon Ball Z, Goku gave some of his own power to Frieza, after the latter was cut in half by his own attack. Goku hoped that Frieza would stop his evil ways and gave him a chance after the latter begged him for forgiveness. In the Moro saga, Goku stole the senzu bean sack from Kuririn (Krillin) and tossed one to Moro, hoping that he would go back to the Galactic Prison and promise not to break out ever again.

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Of course, Moro later goes back on his promise and continues to attack our Hero.

Both Beerus and Jaco be spitting facts by instructing Goku to stop wasting his time, hoping for some magical change of heart in Moro, and finish him off.

However, Goku remains confident of his power (Whis would rather use the word “cocky” instead) and remains calm, wanting to talk to Moro about Training. This scenario is a bit similar to SSJ2 Gohan fighting Cell, where Goku was yelling at Gohan to finish the job and Gohan being confident of his new powers and wanted to toy with cell. How ironic. Sigh.

As they continued talking, Moro remembers that he used his hand to touch Meerus in the neck, before it was sliced off, absorbing Meerus’s abilities by using Seven-Three’s copying ability. Moro then re-attaches that arm to himself, as that hand absorbed Meerus’s techniques, including Ultra Instinct. With new abilities in his possession, Moro tests them on Goku.

The battle continues, while the two of them circles the planet a couple of times in the process. However, the Saiyan from Earth overpowers him quickly, as Moro struggles to contain the Angel’s power inside his body, which results in his body growing bigger and bigger.

It’s very clear he’s unable to control Godly powers and use them against others. Moro himself clearly states that he never saw the need to train and just kept on absorbing planets to get stronger. Unlike Frieza, it seems he wasn’t born a prodigy. Frieza, even though trained for 4 months, wasn’t able to control and use his powers properly when he transformed into his Golden form. Moro is observed to have made a similar mistake. With his giant body, he tries to catch Goku with his bare hands but utterly fails to do so.

Moro thinks hard for another body which he could acquire so that his powers could be contained. Then, he was struck with a brilliant Idea. Meanwhile, Whis instructs Goku to quickly finish off Moro and put an end to this battle. Before the Saiyan could unleash the final blow, Moro proceeds to merge himself with the entire Planet, which could be destroyed by the detonation of Moro’s swelling energy. Whis explains that this could possibly obliterate the entire Galaxy. It’s a possibility that Goku could fail to fulfill the promise he made with Meerus on protecting this Galaxy.

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Regarding this situation, I could draw a parallel to the situation in which SSJ2 Gohan found himself after Cell enlarged himself and was set to detonate in a few seconds, which could destroy the Earth. Goku then intervenes and transports Cell and himself to King Kai’s planet, destroying the planet and them along with it in the process.

It seems Goku hasn’t learned from his son’s mistakes and was too pre-occupied on fighting stronger opponents whenever he gets the chance. Goku knew his presence was putting his friends and family in danger. As a result, he decided against coming back to Earth when his friends planned to wish him back after he died during the fight with Cell. Only later on, when things get out of hand, does he realize that his ever-growing lust for battle puts himself and in his friends in danger as well. Unless Goku changes his ways, the Earth and the Universe would continue to be in danger. As a big time Goku fan, I’d prefer Future Trunk’s style of finishing the job before it gets out of hand. Goku should learn from him.

What will happen to our heroes now? Who will save the Galaxy from its potential destruction?

Three possible scenarios come to mind:

  1. Whis can reverse the direction of time, going back to the time before Moro gets the idea of merging himself with the planet, thereby giving the chance for Goku to finish him off once and for all. But, I think Toyirama wouldn’t take this route as it was already used in the Resurrection of F saga.
  2. Vegeta can use his technique, “Forced Spirit Fission”, which tears apart things that were combined through fusion or absorption. Vegeta’s been missing from the action since the time he was taken down by Moro. It’s possible he could use that technique to separate Moro and the Planet, which could give Goku the chance to kill Moro. Of course, it won’t be easy. (Honestly, I hope Vegeta gives the finishing blow to this guy.)
  3. Goku summons Zeno to clean up the situation. Again.

My bets are on the 2nd scenario. What do you guys think will happen in the next chapter? Let us know in the comments below.

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