Broly Vs Beerus: Examining Who Is Stronger In Dragon Ball Super

Broly vs Beerus, a battle to decide the best amongst the destroyers. Goku said Broly might be stronger than Beerus. But is that really true?


The Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie was a huge success worldwide. It was also one of the first Anime movies to ever hit the Indian theatres. In it, Goku makes an interesting statement after the fight which made fans go on a frenzy on social media. It also made us wonder how strong each of them is. This gave rise to a new matchup – Broly Vs Beerus. (As if there aren’t enough already. I can hear the intense arguments of the power scalers all the way from here. Reminds me of Future Trunks hearing Namek Vegeta’s scream in Dragon Ball Z Abridged).

Broly Vs Beerus: Broly might be stronger than Beerus, says Goku
Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie – Goku says Broly may be stronger than Beerus

Since then, fans have been speculating whether Goku was in the right here and what would happen if a Broly Vs Beerus matchup took place. Well, sorry to disappoint you Broly fans, but it seems the cat-like God of Destruction might be stronger. Read on to find out how!

Before commencing, here’s a pre-note. The entire argument will be based on the Manga and the Broly movie. The Anime has comparatively more power scaling issues than the Manga so quoting from the Anime will be minimized. Also, this discussion will consider the Granolah arc, which is currently taking place in the Manga.

Hold on for a little longer. Takes a deep breath. Before we begin evaluating the matchup Broly Vs Beerus, we must first reassess each combatant’s abilities and techniques. We are busy studying/working or browsing through social media on a daily basis so, we tend to forget things quite easily. Now you don’t need to break your head on remembering each of their moves. We’ve got you covered! Please go through the following links and come back to reading this article.

For Broly’s powers and abilities, Click here!
For Beerus’ powers and abilities, Click here!

Now that we’ve got an idea of each of their powers, without further ado, let’s get right into the juicy stuff – Analyzing the contest at hand – Broly Vs Beerus!

Is Broly stronger than Beerus?

By considering all factors, Beerus is stronger than Broly by a considerable margin and would win in a death match against the mutant.

Now some of you might be thinking “Wait what??? You quoted Goku at the start of this article, saying Broly is probably stronger than Beerus. Why this change over?? You’re a Beerus worshipper for sure” Chotto matte kudasai, let me explain!

Here are a few points to consider before you start shitting on me:

  • At the end of the film, Beerus sat with his legs crossed, staring out over the lake continent, as the tiny Bulla/Bra played on his knee. The Destroyer God seemed pretty chilled about the whole scenario. He clearly didn’t feel rattled or concerned by Broly’s increase in power.
  • Now, Beerus is a guy who wants a challenge. Sure he’s lazy as heck but the fact that he set an alarm to wake up in just 39 years shows his eagerness for a good fight.
    • Now, Beerus is a guy who wants a challenge. Sure he’s lazy as heck but the fact that he set an alarm to wake up in just 39 years shows his eagerness for a good fight. That’s why he was looking forward to meeting the Super Saiyan God. It’s not like he doesn’t know about Broly’s insane power, he can definitely sense it from afar. So why didn’t he go to the battlefield?
    • One answer is, Whis is already there. So why should he be bothered? It’s not his job to tackle minor problems or interfere with the Saiyans’ squabbles.
    • Another is, Beerus probably didn’t care about Broly’s strength. The Universe 7’s Destroyer God thought that Broly wouldn’t be worthy enough to test his strength, at least by a wide margin. He’d initially play around with him and later end it after getting bored. Plus the Oracle fish mentioned only Goku and Vegeta would be his rivals someday and not anyone else. So that explains why he’s interested in the two of them.
  • In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70, the Cerealian Dragon made Granolah the strongest warrior in the Universe apart from the Gods. This means that Gods like Beerus and Whis are well above the Mortals, including Broly.

Regarding Goku’s statement, the words ‘strong’, ‘power’ or ‘strength’ are used a lot in Dragon Ball and they convey a vague meaning. Toriyama clearly differentiates between physical strength and Ki strength. So when a character says X is stronger than Y, we need to analyze it further and do a similar differentiation. Also, it is important to note who said it and when was it said.

If any character makes a power-level comparison-related statement, he/she should be well knowledgeable about the subject matter. Also, he should know in full, the powers of the people considered in the comparison. I’ll elaborate more under the subhead “Raw Power”.

This is the simple version of the answer to the question. If you can stick around for a more elaborate one, continue reading.

Now, as Master Roshi pointed out to Goku in the T.O.P, brute strength isn’t everything. Other attributes like speed, stamina, experience, knowledge, techniques, mental stability and Ki control have to be considered. Let’s look at each of them in certain detail.


Some people are under the impression that due to Broly’s bulky body, he should have the same issues Super Saiyan Grade 3 has. But unlike that form, a legendary Super Saiyan’s height increases.

Future Trunks is 5’7” and when he transformed into SSJ Grade 3, his height matched Goku’s (around 5’9”). Not a significant difference isn’t it? Check out Broly’s. His base form is slightly taller than Goku (around 6’9”) but his Legendary Super Saiyan form increased his height to a whopping 9’10”! In other words, SSJ Grade 3 increases muscle mass but not height while LSSJ increases both. It boosts Broly’s strength without losing speed.

However, when comparing the speed factor in Broly Vs Beerus, Broly is a couple of steps below Beerus.

The former was unable to land a single blow on Gogeta Blue. Beerus can dodge just as well as Whis, but not on par with him. Nonetheless, the God of Destruction will sway away from Broly’s air-cutting punches.

But Broly’s speed increases as the fight goes on, so what if Broly surpasses Beerus after a certain point? I doubt Beerus would let the fight drag for too long, giving him the chance to improve. But let’s say Beerus toys with him and does indeed drag out the fight. Broly transforms into his best form – Full Powered Legendary Super Saiyan.

Prior to this form, Broly couldn’t dodge Gogeta’s Stardust Fall. After that, not a single shot made contact.

Broly Vs Beerus: Broly improves his dodging and speed
Comparing the speed of LSSJ Broly and Full powered

Even so, Broly would be unable to land some significant blows. Beerus can outmaneuver him thanks to his imperfect Ultra Instinct. And after taking a lot of damage, Broly reverts to his non-full powered LSSJ form (the one with the golden hair).


Dragon Ball Super: Broly Light Novel says Broly’s power did not drop even after thrashing Frieza for an hour while the latter’s stamina did drop. It further added and I quote “It’s as if Broly’s stamina were limitless”. Although somewhat exaggerated, it is not too far from the truth. Maintaining Mastered Ultra Instinct for hours on end would be a piece of cake if Goku had those stamina levels.

On the other hand, Beerus hasn’t shown his full potential yet. Only then we can determine what his limitations are.

Now some people may argue that “In Battle of Gods, Whis told that he used around 70% of his power against Super Saiyan God Goku and in the Anime, his power drained so much that he slept off in the middle of destroying the Earth”.

First off, that whole 70% power usage was retconned in Dragon Ball Super the Anime, nor such a thing was mentioned in the Manga. Second, Beerus sleeping was just an act. His stamina did not dwindle noticeably.

However, if I were to pick who can stay longest in a fight, I’d pick Broly. Beerus is a more tactical fighter whereas Broly is a bulldozer. Broly’s stamina has to be high enough to take damage without losing power. But the more damage he takes, the more he becomes exhausted. We saw that towards the ending of Blue Gogeta vs Broly. Broly’s sheer determination to endure is one step ahead of Beerus, who’d prefer to destroy everything rather than drag the duel.


The answer to this question is quite obvious and doesn’t need much explanation. The only experience Broly has so far is, sparring with his father (a 4,200 power leveled Saiyan) and a couple of creatures on Vampa. However, the stronger the opponents, the more experience he gets. And that’s an understatement.

Take the fight between Vegeta and Broly.

Vegeta clearly has more experience than Broly. Broly’s ability to study his own power and respond by reading his opponent’s moves, on the other hand, is superior to Vegeta’s. He’s learning how to punch, dodge, block, and so on as he fights the Prince. By studying Vegeta, Broly is essentially learning the entire form of martial arts.

Broly, for example, lagged behind Vegeta in terms of speed and blocking at first. These characteristics improved dramatically after carefully observing Vegeta’s moves. He was able to whoosh through and block Vegeta’s path.

Broly goes one step ahead against Base Vegeta in terms of speed
Broly outpacing Base Vegeta

The light novel states that Broly is learning Vegeta’s movements, his techniques and situational judgments. In terms of techniques, observing Vegeta’s Ki blasts provides the “oomph” behind Broly’s intense Ki-based attacks. In other words, he meticulously studies his opponent’s movements, imitates and taking them a step further. He was able to use Goku’s God Bind technique against him in this manner.

However, I doubt Beerus would give him that opportunity. Definitely not in a death battle. If he were training Broly to become the next G.O.D, then sure. But it’s quite obvious who the more experienced combatant is.

Beerus has lived for millions of years. He has trained under Whis for a much longer time than Goku and would have encountered many MANY foes. I’m saying this keeping in mind Beerus’ habit of snoozing for decades. 

Broly’s teacher, on the other hand, is Paragus. As Frieza said, “Fighting against someone of your (Paragus) power level is meaningless.” And the mutant Saiyan hasn’t fought with any other people other than his father all this while. He didn’t even know what a Super Saiyan was so, his inexperience in battle is quite evident.  

Martial Arts Knowledge

Again, this doesn’t require much elaboration. Beerus has lived and experienced more battles than Broly. End of story.

(Chuckles) Okay, let me elaborate a bit more than that.

In Battle of Gods, there’s a scene where Beerus demonstrates his superior knowledge of martial arts. When Piccolo, Tien and Android 18 charge in all at once, Beerus casually takes a pair of chopsticks to overpower them. Two pressure point attacks using those sticks made Piccolo fall to the ground unconscious. 

As mentioned before, Broly learns as he fights. Unless he gets trained by someone like Beerus or Whis, he won’t be able to control his power. Nor will his martial arts knowledge improve.


The mind of Broly is a messed-up place. His life is painted with deep psychological problems and mental trauma.

King Vegeta sent him away to an inhospitable world. His grub was some icky yellow substance inside the spiders he kills. His only friend, Ba, hates him cause’ Paragus shot its ear. Cheelai and Lemo sold him and his father to Frieza, indirectly leading to Paragus’ death and Broly going even more berserk. Vegeta and Gogeta almost killed him. The list goes on.

Basically, Paragus has been using as a tool for his revenge against Vegeta the III.

Once he’s gone berserk, it’s very very difficult to calm him down. If it wasn’t for the electrical device on his neck, King Vegeta’s words to Paragus would have become a reality. Being forced by others to fight, the light novel states that the growls he makes during combat are due to pain rather than fighting spirit. The anger within increases his power exponentially. If left uncontrolled, it’d destroy him, both physically and mentally.

For more details on his mental muddles, check out the powers and abilities article I mentioned early on in this write-up. But note that even with his mind full of anger, he can still study his opponent’s moves, learn and improve his skills with utmost precision.  

On the other hand, Beerus has a calm and controlled mind (okay, uncontrolled when it comes to food and sleep, but better than Broly at least). But, considering his short temper, he would get annoyed by Broly’s anger and might go for the kill pretty quickly. 

Ki Control

Broly’s uncontrolled mind won’t allow him to calm down and control his Ki. The intensity of his attacks comes from his raw power. His Ki explodes with his anger and doesn’t seem to settle down until he reverts back to normality. Out of the phases of Ki control, the bulldozer of a Saiyan would have trouble with Ki containment, thereby not preventing Ki leakage.

Beerus’ case is different. He doesn’t need to power up to artificially increase Ki (we haven’t seen him do this even once, but it might change in the future). God Ki is contained within him with little or no effort on his own. And he can manifest Hakai spheres at any size with ease.

So by the time Broly charges up his Ki-based attack, Beerus has already launched his huge Hakai energy ball that could destroy Earth, the Galaxy or even the entire Universe.

Also, Beerus can nullify Regular Ki attacks, whereas Broly can’t.

Raw Power

So when Goku said Broly may be stronger than Beerus, two things come to mind:

  • Goku hasn’t seen Beerus’ Hakai in full strength. One can argue by saying “Goku has seen Beerus go all out in the Battle of the Destroyers” I feel Beerus and the others had the mindset of “Do your best but don’t go on a killer mode”. So we can interpret this as “They did go all out in a competitive/ rivalry spirit” But not all out on a murderous rampage. Even Belmod faked being KO’d and didn’t need healing after the fight. This shows he didn’t give his all.
  • Goku might be referring to only physical strength and not overall strength or considering all factors.

Even a promotional material from Saikyo Jump hints at the possibility that “Broly’s destructive power is greater than a God of Destruction” We don’t know which G.O.D they’re referring to. Could be Beerus as he’s the strongest God of Destruction (Thinking I’m tripping with this statement? Click here for more details!)

Continuing this line of thought, Broly may be physically stronger than Beerus. Broly is a monster when it comes to brute strength. He doesn’t have many techniques at his disposal but his raw power may/may not compensate for that. At least against Goku and Vegeta. But with Beerus, it’s a different ball game.

Brute strength isn’t everything. Super Saiyan Grade 3 Trunks was physically stronger than Perfect Cell (at that time. But Cell reveals later on that he too can also perform the same power-up) but the Saiyan became overpowered because he was slow and his stamina was draining quickly.

Even though Future Trunks is stronger than Perfect Cell, he still loses against him
Dragon Ball Z Chapter 193 – Cell says Transformations that gives you only brute strength is useless

If you want more examples, take Damon and Gamisaras from Universe 4. Both of them are not physically strong at all; a simple Ki blast could knock them out. However, they were able to knock 6-7 combatants off the ring in the T.O.P by their intriguing abilities.

Universe 4's Damon and Gamisaras
Damon and Gamisaras of Universe 4

Gamisaras can turn invisible and he whacked 6 fighters out of the ring, including Android 18. Damon is tiny and can’t be sensed so easily. He was able to knock Piccolo out of the competition and push Android 17 backward.

Piccolo knocked out of the ring and Android 17 being pushed back by Damon.
Damon kicks Piccolo out of the ring and pushes back Android 17

Therefore, the G.O.D can still pummel the Saiyan to shreds even if the latter has bigger muscle mass. You can’t win every fight with raw power. Battles are won with skills and techniques and Beerus clearly has the upper hand in that department.

Broly Vs Beerus – Comparing their Techniques and Skills

Now it’s time to compare the main attribute in Broly Vs Beerus. It’s obvious that Broly doesn’t have a variety of techniques as compared to Beerus but he has one move which could be a game-changer. I’ll talk about it in a little while. But first, lemme just say this:

Beerus’ Hakai, Ultra Instinct and the sealing technique are more than enough to job the prodigal Saiyan. Here’s why:

  • The level of Hakai Beerus has is very VERY high. And Hakai is such a powerful move. That’s why he was bold enough to think that the G.O.D’s signature move is stronger than Angel techniques. He may be overshooting a bit, but he’s not far away from the truth. He can literally destroy a Universe without much effort. This is shown when Beerus and Champa were sparring against each other. On the contrary, Broly may not be a Universe buster as of now.
Beerus is a Universe buster
Chapter 6 – Beerus and Champa’s Hakai can destroy a Universe or two
  • Beerus’ Ultra Instinct can dodge the most powerful of beings like the Gods of Destruction. In terms of speed, Broly is at the short end of the stick. Yes, he didn’t lose his speed when he condensed the Oozaru form’s power but, Ultra Instinct is on a whole other level. Broly cannot achieve UI cause’ his uncontrollable anger won’t let him.
  • The Legendary Super Saiyan also has the ability to copy and learn techniques from seeing them once. When he fights with Beerus, what if he learns the Hakai? If Goku could do it, why not Broly?
  • Let’s say during the battle Broly does indeed learn how to do Hakai. If he uses it, Beerus might receive some damage. But he’ll quickly sense that Broly is a dangerous being. If he’s let loose, it could be difficult to kill him after a certain point. Beerus is more of a “Finish the job ASAP so that I can eat/sleep” kinda guy. He won’t stall around like Goku. If he smells trouble, he’d use Hakai and go for a nap.
  • The energy of destruction covering his body acts as a shield that can nullify regular Ki based attacks. Broly has only regular Ki at his disposal, which is very different from God Ki. If those attacks pass through, Beerus could nullify those. But given Broly’s insane amount of strength in his Ki attacks, Beerus might struggle at first but he’ll eventually wear them off.
  • Broly can use his full-powered Legendary Super Saiyan state and charge against Beerus. But that still won’t be enough. In the Dragon Ball Super Broly Light Novel, it is mentioned that when Broly receives damage in his full-powered LSSJ state up to a certain point, he will revert to his initial Legendary Super Saiyan form with a golden-haired state. Beerus with his Hakai based attacks can cause considerable damage on Broly to make this happen.

Broly’s monstrous power could be his own undoing

While watching Broly charging up in anger, Paragus’ starts sweating and says the following:

Paragus says Broly's own explosive power could lead to his own doom
Broly’s own power could kill him

If Broly cannot keep his anger under check, his power keeps rising exponentially. If that happens, he’ll reach a point where his power will get into his head, thereby losing control over it. That power could explode from within, killing him in an instant.


Broly’s such a prodigal fighter. When considering raw power, Broly can bring a God of Destruction to his knees. But the aspect which changes this outcome is the Hakai. The Granolah arc emphasizes the power of Hakai a lot. Beerus’ Hakai is so OP that it will render Broly’s Ki-based attacks useless and could kill him. In hindsight, if nothing else works, Beerus can just use his sealing technique and lock him up for millennia. In other words, if Broly Vs Beerus happens and is a fight to the death, Beerus will rise as the victor.

However, don’t forget Broly’s huge potential and latent abilities. His adaptive skills took him from “weaker than Base Vegeta” to “on par with a Super Saiyan Blue” within a span of 2-3 hours. Goku and Vegeta took years of training to achieve this level. Read my article on why Broly is so strong for a more in-depth explanation.

Imagine if Broly learns how to control his anger by training under Whis or Beerus and learns how to do Hakai. If he regularly spars with Beerus or Whis, his overall power and skills could surpass Beerus within a couple of years. Broly could be the strongest in the entire Universe (even including the Gods). Broly is OP. All Heil Broly!

What do think? Is Beerus stronger than Broly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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