Kamo & Choso’s Blood Manipulation Cursed Technique In Jujutsu Kaisen Explained!


You can’t deny the curiosity that came after Megumi mentions Kyoto Jujutsu High student Noritoshi Kamo’s Blood Manipulation Technique fits his clan’s status as one of the big three. Would this cursed technique match up to Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique or even Gojo’s Limitless?

While it may not be as fancy as either, it was no short than fascinating to see the way he could use his technique to fight with utmost perfection and flexibility. Since blood is thicker than water is the motto for these clans, it’s only fitting that a technique belonging to one of them would show just how powerful blood can be (they took it a little too literally).

In this article, let’s discover this insanely useful and multi purpose blood manipulation technique, its variants and the history of its users!

It’s going to be bloody exciting.

What is the Blood Manipulation technique?

Blood Manipulation Technique is an inherited technique that is passed down in the Kamo family. As the name suggests, this technique allows the user to manipulate their own blood.

Moreover, they can control their own blood, even if it’s not inside of their body. Additionally, they can control blood in various forms and attack with it at varying speeds and densities.

Furthermore, this technique can also give the user physical advantage. This is because with proper body temperature regulation, this technique can allow the user to have constant blood flow to their organs, practically never running out of breath (basically, a runner’s dream).

Blood Manipulation Technique Variants

This technique has a total of nine variants, all that seem to be on the offensive side (more on this later). So, let’s have a look at them!

Flowing Red Scale

This seems to be the most fundamental extension of all. In this, the user activates super strength and speed by optimising their internal blood flow.

This happens with an increase in oxygen supply to bodies, which is key to stamina. By that logic, the blood vessels open more and there is an increase in pulse rate.

As we see with Noritoshi (again), the user seems to get a certain mark of blood on their face when activated. For him, its an “x” on his right eye.


Convergence is the foundation to other variants, such as Piercing Blood. This is because the variant condenses blood to its limit.

This is what makes it ideal for long range attacks like Piercing Blood. This technique is extremely crucial because condensed blood is key to the technique. Hence, its almost like a companion technique that goes with the following ones.

Piercing blood

With this technique, we see Noritoshi letting out a stream of blood from the tips of his fingers. The attack is long range and precise due to the impressive condensing of blood which makes it more streamlined and sharp.

Crimson Binding

In this, the user lets out streams of blood that convert into a netting around the opponent, trapping them inside. We see Noritoshi use it to his advantage when he was up against Megumi’s shikigami, Nue. The blood is strong enough to keep the opponent in place.

Jujutsu Kaisen Anime, Episode 18
Noritoshi Kamo uses Crimson Binding on Nue mid air.

Slicing Exorcism

As the name suggests, the technique is capable of slicing the opponent. This technique’s manifestation also depends on the user, as we see that with Noritoshi, it forms a circular shape that hits at Hanami.

Warning: the following techniques are spoilers for the Jujutsu Kaisen manga. Read them at your own discretion!

Flowing Red Scale: Stack

This is the extension of flowing red scale. There’s not much to it other than the fact that it takes the abilities gained from the aforementioned variant to another level. In the manga, we see Choso use it against Yuji at a critical point in the fight during Shibuya.

Fun fact: upon activating Flowing Red Scale, Choso gains a line each across his eye. We can therefore assume that each user gets a mark unique to themselves.


Again, convergence is the basis for this extremely powerful variant. The condensed blood is sprayed out in all directions as small, powerful sprays which essentially results in the effect of an explosion. These sprays contain considerable damage ability.

This was Choso’s specialty while fighting against Itadori in Shibuya and dealt considerable damage to his opponent.

Jujutsu Kaisen Manga, Chapter 103

Blood Edge

This technique varies from the others, because it does not condense blood. This technique focuses on hardening and strengthening blood by rotating it in high speed. Consequently, this technique is the foundation for Blood Meteorite. While Meteorite focuses on external hardening, this technique can harden blood inside of the body.

Jujutsu Kaisen manga stated that not even the best of blood manipulation users can control the blood flowing in their body and harden it, but Choso does just that. He hardened the blood on his fist, strengthening it.

Blood Meteorite

Using Blood Edge, the user can harden external blood into quite literally, rocks. However, this means that the hardened piece is not sharp enough or fast enough like other variants.

The users of Blood Manipulation: Choso & Kamo family

Being one of the big three sorcerer clans, its no surprise that the Kamo family’s inherited technique packs a punch. However, as the story progresses, we realise that it’s not just the Kamo family that can use the technique.

Inherited techniques are well kept in clans as these techniques are what bring reputation to the family. However, this technique is an exception, thanks to an ancestor who messed things up quite a bit. Noritoshi Kamo was a clan member way back in the Meiji Era (late 1800s), who’s actions have termed him a stain on the clan.

A woman was banished from society because of her ability to give birth to half-human and half curses. Kamo took her his prisoner and experimented on her for his own curiosity. She had nine pregnancies that ended in abortion. These were known as “Cursed Wombs: Death Paintings”. Subsequently, he mixed his own blood with three of these. This resulted in the blood manipulation technique to be passed down to beings that weren’t in the Kamo clan.

Coming to the current known users, we know two. One, is Noritoshi Kamo (this one’s nice) from Kyoto Jujutsu High, who is the heir to the clan. The other one is Choso, the eldest of the Cursed Womb: Death Paintings.


Firstly, the technique is flexible in three ways, which show just how powerful this technique is.

  • Range: It is consistent in providing the user advantage in close, mid and long range attacks. This gives the user advantage in various forms of combat. Blood Edge (close range), Flowing Red Scale (mid range) and Piercing Blood (long range) are some possible examples of techniques that show skill in these three forms of combat.
  • Utility: A user can manipulate its blood, in all ways. This means that as long as the user has their own blood even outside (Noritoshi carries packets) they can use it in creative ways.
  • Forms: Blood can be hardened, strengthened, shot out in long ranges and used as nets. This gives the user the freedom of using it pertaining to the situation. For the most part this means that the user is barely at a situational disadvantage.

Secondly, the basic style, Flowing Red Scale, provides extreme strength and speed. This probably optmises convergence and blood edge, allowing their branched out techniques to be even better.

As we see with Noritoshi’s fight with Megumi, he managed to corner the latter because of how quick and decisive he was.

Lastly, damage power. This technique can definitely slice, cut, stab as much as it wants! It makes sense that its more of an offensive technique due to this nature.

While these advantages prove how strong this technique can be, its based on the user’s own capabilities, which means its not a technique that remains powerful no matter the user. On that note, here are some weaknesses of the ability.


This one should be quite obvious: blood loss. Humans only have so much blood, right? Using lots of blood in fights while making your body pump more blood with oxygen to heighten your physical skills is a double edged sword. It won’t be a surprise if its not the most durable technique out there as the user will take sufficient internal weakening during drawn out combat.

Warning: this section here on contains spoilers from the Jujutsu Kaisen manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

There is quite a difference between Noritoshi and Choso’s powers, despite Choso being inexperienced. He does not suffer from blood loss due to the nature of his being, which makes him a great candidate for using the technique. Subsequently, since there is blood, this technique is a biological deterrent.

Choso is the only user who used Blood Edge on himself, since he did not have the possibility of suffering from thrombosis. Hence, this puts a question on how strong exactly can the Kamo clan users be, because Noritoshi seems good, but definitely not on Choso’s level.

Then, there is the more technical disadvantage: when in use, blood coagulation stops. Coagulation is a more complex term for clotting. Coagulation is important for bodily function because it makes sure that any injury doesn’t excessively bleed out. When blood doesn’t coagulate, it can easily dissolve in water.

This means that if the user were to stand in a place with water, the blood that is being used externally/any blood that may leave the user from an injury, cannot be used. This is because during clotting, our blood isn’t fully liquid. It is semi solid.

Jujutsu Kaisen Manga, Chapter 104
Did you get biology class flashbacks from reading this?

Before this turns into a biology lesson, what you need to know is that if the blood dissolves into water this easily, there is no way for it to be controlled (and, even for slight injuries, the body won’t be able to provide any solace through clotting).

There is another reason why blood can’t be controlled if the user is in a place where there is water and their blood is outside their body.

As we see in Choso’s case, his blood was under osmotic pressure, meaning that the water inside the red blood vessels started to move outside of it, because there was higher concentration of water around him. This led to rupturing of the red blood cells, leaving him with very little blood he could control.

(You’re very welcome for my explanation.)

This again further stresses on the discrepancy of the technique; it seems like its only so powerful on a Cursed Womb. It is hard to say just how powerful and useful can it be when a human is using it.

What do you think about the technique and its interesting story? Would you want to see more Cursed Womb users who will use this technique in the future, or more Kamo clan members who can show us just how good this technique can be? Let us know in the comments below!

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