Attack On Titan Volume 34 Releases In Japan

The volume is available in three versions along with some commemorative goods.

Attack On Titan Volume 1

Volume 34 of Attack on Titan has finally hit the shelves in Japan today. The volume is available in three versions along with some commemorative goods. The three editions include one standard and two special editions. The special editions are “Beginning,” which includes drafts of the series submitted to editors prior to serialization, and “Ending,” which includes the drafts for chapters 138 and 139.

Kodansha had revealed the full cover for Volume 34 last month.

"Attack on Titan" Volume 34
Volume 34 cover

Additionally, the “Attack on Titan Character Directory FINAL” and one volume of “Attack on Titan Full-color edition” containing a full-color version are also available now.

"Advance Giant Character Directory FINAL"
Attack on Titan Full color edition
"Attack on Titan Full color edition" Volume 1
Attack on Titan Character Directory FINAL

A 15-stage advertisement using illustrations drawn by Hajime Isayama was also published in the morning edition of today’s Asahi Shimbun. Isayama drew a one-page manga announcing the contents of Volume 34. It is a compilation of the trailer manga that Isayama has continued at the end of the book.

An advertisement for 34 volumes of "Attack on Titan" published in the morning edition of the Asahi Shimbun.

Kodansha also delivered the 3 Attack on Titan movies for unlimited viewing work at once on a Japanese broadcast channel dTV from today June 9.

“Attack on Titan: The Movie Season 1 Part 1 ~ Guren no Yumiya ~” released in 2014, “Attack on Titan: The Movie Season 1 Part 2 ~ Wings of Freedom ~” released in 2015, released in 2018 “Theatrical version” Attack on Titan “Season 2 ~ Awakening Roar ~” will air back to back.

Last but not the least, to commemorate the completion of “Attack on Titan”, an online exhibition “Attack on Titan” online exhibition has started. Still images and videos of each of the 38 characters appearing in the same work are available on the special site of Attack On Titan, and users can relive the story of the characters. Limited official goods are on sale at the goods corner.

Source: Comic Natalie

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