10 Undoubtedly Strongest Naruto Characters Of All Time!

Naruto characters that can destroy entire armies, countries, and planets alone are featured. If you want story-wise truly strongest characters then read ahead..

Naruto is a shonen anime known for its amazing technical fight sequences. The series also boasts an intricate power system with artistic fight mechanics and continues to influence generations of shonen mangas to come. This led to the creation of characters so powerful it basically breaks the barrier of fiction. In the real world, it creates online wars amongst fans when it comes to deciding who are the strongest Naruto characters?

With that said, you might already know the answer to that. But, does your heart take over your brain while saying that your favorite character is technically the strongest?

It happens with us too but today we ripped out our own hearts to bring you a list. A list based on actual facts, logic, and well, no emotions!

In this list, we’ll rank Naruto characters on the basis of their power level, with #1 being the strongest and #10 being the least strong.

But first, let me go over the criteria that we’ve set when ranking these characters.

The criteria are as follows: Jutsu, chakra reserves, battle intelligence, physical abilities, feats, and lore. Also, characters only from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are considered by the end of Shippuden. Since this list is for strongest Naruto characters not strongest Boruto characters.

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We have to consider all of these factors when ranking Naruto characters individually, as someone like Naruto has a bigger chakra reserve than Sasuke but the latter’s battle intellect is superior to Naruto’s.

Hence, we have to weigh all of these factors equally and then make our final decision!

Furthermore, it goes without saying that we won’t be considering any characters/ characters’ feats from the Boruto series!

So, let’s embark on our adventure to seek the answer to our question, let’s see who are the strongest Naruto characters of all time in the Naruto-verse!

10) Itachi Uchiha:

We’re kicking off the list with a fan favorite! Itachi’s story of self-sacrifice touches every Naruto fan’s heart! Furthermore, his presence was always outrageously strong, making everybody acknowledge him.

Armed with an iconic dojutsu and a battle intelligence that very few in the Narutoverse can boast about Itachi stomps his way into the number 10 position.

Well, it is not just Itachi having Sharingan (and the Mangekyou Sharingan); it is also how well he utilizes it that makes him stand out from fellow dojutsu users like Shisui, Fugaku, Danzo, and Kakashi and earn a place in the list of 10 strongest Naruto characters.

So Itachi’s Mangekyo is overpowered that its mere existence makes him stronger than other legendary characters? No! Certainly not!

Itachi always had a knack for Genjutsu, as if it’s symbolizing his life decisions. The Uchiha killer’s Genjutsu abilities are near unparalleled; with only a handful of mortals having any chance of escaping it.

His strongest Genjutsu “Izanami”; the counterpart of Izanagi traps its victim in a loop of incidents in their mind while they remain motionless.

The illusion keeps replaying a certain event in a loop. While it may seem like there’s no escape, the victim has to simply accept the events that happen in the loop!

With so many crazy abilities, it’s obvious that Itachi needs a chakra reserve to pull this off! His chakra reserves are relatively average even from Uchiha standards; which have considerably large chakra reserves.

Don’t believe us? Then let his feats throughout Naruto speak for himself!

Be it killing many able Uchiha men and women during the Uchiha massacre. As an Akatsuki member, he captures many Jinchuriki almost alone. One-shots Orochimaru and Deidara with a single glaze. He also tanks Sasuke’s Kirin with his Susanoo.

Obito put his Tsuki-No-Mei plan on hold as long as Itachi was alive. That alone should be enough to prove Itachi’s mettle.

Another impossible task Itachi accomplished was defeating Naruto in Talk-No-Jutsu. He also broke out of Kabuto’s control and released the Edo-Tensei Jutsu.

A feat that earned Itachi a compliment from none other than Madara himself.

In addition, he also defeated Edo-Tensei’d Nagato and his Rinnegan. Although Nagato was controlled by Kabuto and was not fighting at his best.

Not to forget, Itachi has the sword of Totsuka and Yata Mirror with his Susanoo which makes him practically invincible.

Itachi has always managed to wow us with what he has done.

While Itachi did have formidable chakra reserves it pales in comparison against Sasuke, Madara, and many more Naruto characters. Furthermore, we can’t say that he would win against foes like Madara, Hashirama, and Hagoromo.

While this is due to the insane power creep during the Fourth Great Ninja War which rick-rolled most of the cast; we’ll leave that conversation for another day!

Itachi’s other major flaw is that he isn’t durable. During his life, he had a terminal illness; which diminished his physical abilities as well as jutsu abilities.

Hence, even though Itachi has the Magnekyo Sharingan, Susanoo with Totsuka Blade and the Yata Mirror, Izanami, Izanagi, good taijutsu abilities, near undefeatable genjutsu, and more; he can only go so far on this list, landing the 10th spot in the strongest Naruto characters list!

9) Hashirama Senju:

There’s no doubt that the first Hokage, aka the creator of Konoha, the person who brought the first wave of peace, and the mortal titled “The God of Shinobi” will be featured on this list!

Okay let me get this straight, this guy literally has zero flaws; so let me just fanboy over just how cool and strong and amazing he is!

Hashirama was a member of the Senju Clan, who are closely related to the Otsutsukis. They’re well known for their strong life force, stronger than anyone else. On top of that, Hashirama was the reincarnation of Asura, son of the Sage of Six Paths.

Due to this, Hashirama’s life force and chakra reserves were MASSIVE. In fact, the only thing comparable to Hashirama’s chakra reserve would be a Tailed Beast!

His stamina level is absurd too! He once fought for more than 24 hours straight!

He was also a master of puppets; I mean a master of creating wood structures. Due to his chakra reserves and extreme chakra control, Hashirama created his iconic line of Wood Golems, Dragons, etc!

If you’re wondering how strong they are, these organic beasts can go toe-to-toe against Kurama powered up by Madara’s Susanoo!

Cool, right? He can fight for a long time at his peak shape and fend off Tailed Beasts, he’s clearly stronger than Itachi! Well, congrats! You know the quarter of the God of Shinobi’s true strength! Yay!

So, what else can he do?

What if I told you that this guy has astonishing regenerative abilities? I’m not talking about the standard medical ninjutsu, something that far and wide succeeds what we know! He can heal nearly any injury almost instantly! He can even regenerate organs!

Tsunade, his granddaughter was also considered to be the best healer in the world during her prime, and yet she falls pale in comparison to Hashirama.

Tsunade managed to survive even after she was sliced in half by Madara’s Susanoo, all the while healing the other Kages! Even a feat such as this isn’t comparable to Hashirama’s abilities; if we go by what Madara says.

The God of Shinobi still has another ability, an ability that truly established himself as a God amongst mortals; the Sage Mode.

While in Sage Mode, all of Hashirama’s jutsus receive a massive boost. His wood creations are more sturdy, pack an even greater punch, and the magnitude of his creations also increases.

At the peak of Hashirama’s Jutsus is the “Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands”. In this, he creates a gigantic statue with 1000 hands that he can control freely.

If you’re wondering how gigantic this statue is, then let me tell you: it is bigger than Kurama and a Perfect Susanoo! It is literally the peak of ninjutsu ever created by a human!

As you can see, there’s a major difference between the powers of our number 10 and 9 on the list, with Hashirama winning overwhelmingly.

While Hashirama has zero flaws and was considered to be the pinnacle of power in the verse for ages, landing the 9th spot in the strongest Naruto characters list; which isn’t anything to be scoffed at, of course!

8) Naruto And Sasuke:

Wait. So you mean to say that the main characters of the series aren’t even in the top 5? Seriously? Well, yes! You can win any fight with these three things: Plot armor, power of friendship, and the almighty Talk no Jutsu!

Well, jokes aside, Naruto and Sasuke couldn’t make it into the top 5 strongest characters. However, they’re still plenty strong!

Many of you might not like the fact that we placed two characters in the same rankings, which is understandable. And, we assure you that we have reasons for it and this is the only shared rank on the list!

Well, moving ahead, we’ll explain this ranking for the two, both regarding the list and the shared ranking. So, let’s get on with it!

When it comes to chakra reserves, Naruto gains an easy victory, obviously. He is of the Uzumaki Clan, which blesses him with massive chakra reserves and life force.

He also has Kurama on his side, making it near impossible for him to run out of chakra unless he fights continuously for days!

Still, Sasuke’s reserves are quite large as well. Uchihas generally have high chakra levels, with Sasuke being no exception. His reserves grew a lot by the end of the series as well, far surpassing the likes of Itachi, Kakashi, the Kages, and adult Obito!

However, Naruto doesn’t win when it comes to chakra control! Naruto’s chakra control has always been on the less efficient side due to his inability to control Kurama’s chakra.

While he did improve exponentially when mastering the sage mode and then during the Fourth Great Ninja War he became one of the most proficient users of Chakra, yet Sasuke’s chakra control is superior to Naruto’s!

If we talk about Battle Intellect, then you know who’s the victor here. Sasuke is a prodigy who was well known for his amazing abilities and potential.

Even legendary ninjas like Kakashi Hatake, Orochimaru, etc acknowledged a young Sasuke’s abilities.

As he grew, his skills became even sharper. He can keep being on the offensive while analyzing his opponents and also consider external factors. He isn’t afraid of using risky tactics to gain an advantage.

With his blitzing speed and reflexes, he can use his Sharingan and Rinnegan effectively to see through his opponents. His analytical skills even impress greats like Minato and Madara, who are considered to be some of the most genius fighters in history.

But, don’t just count Naruto out of this, he’s the number 1 maverick ninja, after all! Naruto has amazing instincts and reflexes, putting him above most people directly.

Over the years, he has honed these instincts really well. After gaining the SOSP mode, Naruto’s senses even reached different dimensions!

Every single ninja has acknowledged Naruto’s ability to think out of the box and catch his enemies by surprise, either by using the simplest tricks or by creating overwhelming or complex techniques!

Now, if we were to compare them in terms of sheer power, then who do you think will win? Naruto because of his superior physical strength and ability to spam jutsus? or Sasuke due to his precise use of abilities backed up by the Susanoo and the Rinnegan’s abilities?

Well, in my opinion, they’re on equal grounds!

Naruto’s primary strength booster is Kurama, while Sasuke has the Rinnegan. Both can fight for long durations while spamming complex jutsus with few or no hand signs.

Both of them can switch things up by using any of the five basic nature transformations or simply change the world’s shape by fighting in their strongest modes; namely the Susanoo and Kurama.

Now that we’ve gone through each of their powers, all that remains is the final decision. According to me, both are of equal strength. Naruto has more stamina, but Sasuke’s faster and smarter.

Naruto has more chakra, but Sasuke’s battle intellect is superior. When it comes to overall power, both stand on the same ground due to their advantages and disadvantages at points.

This is why they’re the scariest duo in shinobi history. They’re two people who fight together as one at all times.

Even though they’d lose overwhelmingly if they were alone, they can seemingly defeat anybody together. Nonetheless, they’re scary individuals who can end the world the moment they want to, hence landing the 8th spot on the strongest Naruto characters list!

7) Obito Uchiha:

Obito Uchiha, the successor of the legendary Madara Uchiha and the person who started the Fourth Great Ninja War. While he shares the same dream as our protagonist Naruto, his way of doing it was certainly different.

Nonetheless, Obito was an immensely strong individual; especially after becoming the Ten-Tails’ Jinchuriki.

Now, this is where the real power creep starts. However, you could divide this power creep into two sections, which I’ll explain later as we get deeper into the list! Now, let’s see why Obito stands in 7th place!

While he wasn’t a complete Jinchuriki, he could still get ahold of the Ten-Tails’ immeasurable power. Obito became stronger than the Ten-Tails itself, as he can concentrate the beast’s power and attack more effectively.

Obito had instantly become powerful enough to dominate a fight against 3 Hokages including Hashirama with rather ease!

As a Jinchuriki, Obito’s reflexes, speed, and strength increase unnaturally. He takes almost no damage from attacks that could cost him his life before, causing the allied shinobi world to feel almost hopeless.

A major portion of his strength came from the Truth Seeker Balls. Obito could use 10 Truth Seeker Balls at a time. These black balls are composed of all five basic nature elements and the yin-yang release as well.

Due to this, the truth seeker balls can nullify any Jutsu they come in contact with. They are also capable of dealing massive damage, as they can take any shape to attack Obito’s opponents.

Furthermore, the damage dealt by these balls is very serious, as it turns anything it touches into dust! Even the Reincarnated ones do not heal from the truth seeker balls’ attacks.

It’s like Obito has near impenetrable defense along with an offense greater than Madara’s!

While it may seem like Obito is undefeatable simply due to the truth seeker balls, that is far from true. I say so because these balls cannot nullify Senjutsu, which utilizes Nature energy to attack!

Through the use of Senjutsu, one can deal serious damage to Obito! It wouldn’t take too long for Naruto and/or Might Guy to put an end to Obito’s tyranny if the others can create opportunities for them to hit Obito perfectly.

However, you’d be quite naive if you think that this is all that he can do. Alongside the physical boosts gained from being the Ten-Tails’ Jinchuriki and the truth seeker balls; Obito can also access Ten-Tails’ true power, i.e. its true chakra.

Obito can create a large tree that can create multiple full-power Tailed Beast Bombs.

If you’re unsure about the scale of this power, then let me inform you that Obito could wipe out the Allied Shinobi Force with a 100% success rate if it were to hit.

While it isn’t hard to hit someone with a tailed beast bomb, the old Hokages and Naruto had a few tricks up their sleeve to survive.

Nonetheless, this also displayed Obito’s regenerative abilities. Even though he was at a point-blank range of 4 tailed beast bombs, Obito regenerated back to his normal form in a matter of seconds!

Here, his regenerative abilities far surpass that of Hashirama and Naruto’s.

All of these abilities make Obito a very strong individual and his abilities from before complimenting him really well as the Jinchuriki.

Here, I am mainly talking about his intelligence and Kamui. Obito can fight in a very complex fashion naturally, as he fought many dangerous individuals in the past and was trained by the real Madara himself.

Due to all of these factors and his feats, he earns the 7th spot on our list! You can also see a good gap between Naruto and Sasuke’s power against Obito.

Even though he had only a small portion of Gyuki and Kyubi’s chakra; It takes the whole allied shinobi force, all previous Hokages and Naruto to pose a threat to Obito.

Thus, landing the 7th spot in the strongest Naruto characters list.

It should be evident that Kishimoto sensei created this massive power creep to raise the stakes high!

6) Madara Uchiha:

Just like Obito, Madara’s strongest form is the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki. However, his past “prime” would still make it into our top 10 list easily.

Being the only rival of the God of Shinobi, Hashirama, we would place him at #10 on the strongest Naruto characters list , right behind Hashirama himself!

He was so strong due to various reasons. Not only was he the reincarnation of Indra, but he was also a complete exception. He and Izuna were the first of the Uchihas to ever awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan. He was also the first Uchiha to awaken the legendary Rinnegan.

As an adult, Madara could control Kurama easily and even fuse his perfect Susanoo with the tailed beast. Madara’s chakra reserves were unusually large as well, allowing him to fight for more than a day at a stretch, comparable to the likes of Hashirama.

But, this Madara isn’t the true focus here. Even Hashirama falls pale in front of what Madara had become. Now, let’s talk about Jinchuriki Madara!

Madara is stronger than Obito simply because he had the 9 Tailed-Beasts in a near-complete form (missing one of Gyuki’s tails and the Yang half of Kurama). He also gains a few more abilities after getting his Rinnegan back combined with the Ten Tails’ powers.

Madara could use Limbos, i.e. Madaras from different dimensions/universes who were equally strong. His regeneration abilities were incomparable to anything we had ever seen in the series.

Even Hashirama’s healing speed fell pale in comparison! Madara almost instantly healed himself into a normal shape after surviving the Night Guy; a move that nearly obliterated his left torso completely.

He also had access to the Rinne Sharingan, which can initiate the Infinite Tsukuyomi. With an enhanced version of Obito’s powers plus Madara’s own power, nobody on this list so far stands a chance against the new “God”.

Hence, the universally loved antagonist lands the #6 spot on our strongest Naruto characters list!

5) Indra Otsutuski:

The real power creep starts here, as we enter the near untouchable range of Naruto characters with the grand entrance of the Otsutsukis!

In the upper echelons of the list, we finally meet the original Uchiha, Indra, whose will was inherited by the likes of Madara and Sasuke.

Being the older son of Hagoromo aka the Sage of Six Paths, Indra’s abilities are no joke! Let’s get into it!

Indra inherited most of his father’s talents. This includes his chakra reserves as well! It is said that Indra’s chakra reserves were as large as Hogoromo’s himself!

His chakra control was also very precise, allowing him to deal high damage to his opponents effectively.

To make this a bit clear, let’s consider a hypothetical situation. Imagine that Naruto has his current chakra reserves. But, his chakra control is as precise as Sakura.

Sakura has one of the most precise chakra control amongst all Naruto characters, even surpassing her teachers Tsunade and Kakashi; both of whom took up the Hokage post at one point in time.

If Naruto could control his chakra so well, he’d have to knead at least 10-15% less chakra for every jutsu he creates. This way, Naruto could potentially save enough chakra for another wave of a Jutsu barrage, making it near impossible for his opponents to survive!

Quite strong, right? This is Indra, but with even larger chakra reserves!

He was extremely proficient at sensing as well. He sensed Black Zetsu’s presence multiple times in his lifetime, making him the only person of his time to do that.

Indra is also the real creator of Ninjutsu (a derived form of Ninshu). While he did not create Ninjutsu per se, he paved the way for Ninshu to eventually become Ninjutsu.

Since he couldn’t manipulate chakra directly like Hagoromo, he created the iconic hand seals we all love!

He is also the inventor of jutsus like the Uchiha’s favorite fire style jutsus, the Substitution Jutsu, etc. These inventions were something Hagoromo could never create himself, and he was almost star-struck by his son’s abilities.!

Indra could use fire, lightning, and Ying release exceptionally well. In fact, he was so good that he could channel lightning through his whole body!

While there weren’t many jutsus at the time, Indra still boasts a pretty good move set; which allows him to switch from offense to defense easily and also provides different types of offensive abilities!

He was a capable fighter as well, as no Ninshu student ever came close to him in terms of abilities. Indra is proficient at using weapons as well. He can use shurikens, kunai, and swords perfectly.

Indra also possessed the Mangekyo Sharingan, which he awakened as an adult. His Mangekyo Sharingan’s pattern has swirling lines, closely resembling his father’s Rinnegan.

This makes a lot of sense since he is the first user of the Sharingan in history, and Rinnegan is the evolved form of Sharingan too. While it is unknown if his Sharingan and his father’s Rinnegan had any similar abilities, his dojutsu was quite strong in itself.

Like many other Uchihas, Indra’s strongest ability is the Susanoo. His perfect Susanoo was massive, as it dwarfed everything around it.

You could say that his Susanoo was overwhelmingly strong, since Sasuke’s strongest Jutsu, the “Indra’s Arrow” as you can see, is named after the man we’re talking about.

He also had an ability called “Hinokagutsuchi”, which is similar to Sasuke’s Amaterasu.

While we don’t know Indra’s abilities in the same depth as many others on the list; his known abilities, feats, and lore are enough for me to place him on the 5th spot on the strongest Naruto characters list!

4) Asura Otsutsuki:

On the fourth spot, we have Asura, the second son of Hagoromo; Indra’s younger brother and the inheritor of Hagoromo’s will!

As his brother inherited the chakra abilities of Hagoromo, Asura inherited the Sage of Paths’ “body” instead. So, let’s see what makes him stronger than his elder brother Indra and others!

Since he didn’t possess any ability like Indra, Asura’s main focus was working hard to grow strong. He also had a very strong life force.

While he had great stamina since the start, it only grew over time due to his hard-working nature.

Asura grew adept at using Ninshu over time. He had become so strong that he could fend off Indra’s lightning attacks using his natural affinity: Wind release!

To this point, Indra and Asura’s case is similar to Naruto and Sasuke’s until they received Hagoromo’s powers. Sasuke was stronger than Naruto before Naruto learned how to use the Kurama mode.

In the same way, Indra is stronger than Asura at this point. However, what changed everything was their father’s decision. Hagoromo made Asura, his younger son, his successor due to his philosophy and passed on the powers to the kind younger son!

After gaining his father’s powers, Asura could access the Six Paths Mode. The mode increases the user’s powers exponentially and provides them with more powers as well!

When using the Six Paths mode, Asura can fly, use 9 Truth-Seeking Balls and create a giant avatar with three faces and six arms. This avatar form is strong enough to defeat Indra’s perfect Susanoo with ease!

Hence, this Senjutsu mode raised his power to incomprehensible levels. If we were to simply consider the Asura before he gained Hagoromo’s powers, then he’d be at the 6th spot; just behind his elder brother.

We don’t know about the two in-depth as much as other characters due to their low screen time. However, they’ve proved that they have a strong legacy and are truly unforgettable!

Consequently, Asura can defeat everybody on this list so far decisively, earning him the #4 spot on the strongest Naruto characters list!

3) Hamura Otsutsuki:

Hamura was the younger twin of the Sage of Six Paths, Hagoromo Otsutsuki. Both of them were quite strong, as both inherited the strong chakra of their mother Kaguya. With the younger one entering the list first, let’s see what he’s got!

Hamura had massive reserves, much like his mother and sibling. Like Hagoromo, he had a great understanding of chakra as well; giving him precise chakra control!

It is said that his chakra was extremely pure, as he was the only person to awaken the Tenseigan naturally; the evolution of the Byakugan.

Furthermore, the Tenseigan can only be destroyed using his chakra! He also learned many sealing techniques and also used them as a means of teleportation from the Moon to the Earth and back!

Hamura’s main dojutsu was the Byakugan. Like his successors, the dojutsu had a near-360 degree vision, x-ray; and the ability to see chakra pathways.

His eyes are incomparable to those of the Hyuga clan, as it was said to be extremely pure and precise. Due to their high purity. his Byakugan evolved the Tenseigan naturally, albeit in his old age.

If we were to compare others on this list to Hamura so far, who do you think will win? Hamura would win easily. Yay! Power creep wins yet again!

Furthermore, Hamura was a capable user of the Six Paths Senjutsu as well. In this mode, his strength increased exponentially and he could fly as well.

He was an expert at using the Six Paths Yin power, while his twin was an expert of Six Paths Yang power at the time. He can also create a Chibaku Tensei big enough to seal the Ten-Tails!

We don’t know much about Hamura as he left Earth after sealing his mother with his brother. However, fighting toe-to-toe with Hagoromo (even pressuring him when in Kaguya’s control) and being the quintessential half for sealing the Progenitor of Chakra is more than enough to annihilate anybody on this list for far, and also earn the #3 spot on our strongest Naruto characters list!

2) Hagoromo Otsutsuki:

Just near the summit of the Naruto characters, we have the Sage of Six Paths, Hagoromo Otsutsuki! This man needs no introduction, as more than half of the characters on this list are connected to this man in one way or another!

So, let’s see how strong this man/god/celestial being is!

Hagoromo was the first person born with chakra. He had a natural understanding of chakra and had extremely precise chakra control as well; as he never used hand seals to perform even the most complex Jutsus.

While he was born with gigantic chakra reserves, his reserves increased overwhelmingly after he became the Ten-Tails’ Jinchuriki.

Hagoromo is also the creator of Ninshu, the predecessor of Ninjutsu!

He was an expert at what became medical ninjutsu, as he could heal any ailment possible with ease! He is also the first person to master all five basic nature transformations and the Ying-Yang release.

His Yin-Yang mastery stands out the most, as he could use the Creation of All Things Technique. On paper, this is a rather simple technique.

All that one has to do is mix Yin (spiritual energy) and Yang (physical energy) in the perfect amount to create anything from nothingness. Well, yeah, it isn’t even close to being easy. In fact, Hagoromo is the only person who can use this technique!

If you’re wondering about the scale at which Hagoromo can create something from just a simple thought, here is an example: Hagoromo created all of the 9 Tailed- Beasts from Ten-Tails’ chakra using this very technique.

YEAH, this guy really just thought about splitting the Juubi into nine beasts and just did it.

Also, his control over Yin and Yang’s release is so precise he instilled Souls and new personalities in the newly created Tailed Beasts. If that is not Godly power then I don’t know what is.

Hagoromo’s sealing abilities are simply incomparable too. He sealed his mother, Kaguya Otsutsuki, with his brother Hamura. Hagoromo became the Sage of Six Paths after he sealed the Ten-Tails inside himself.

Post absorbing the power of Ten tails Hagoromo who fought toe to toe alongside his brother against the monstrous strength of Kaguya went beyond his power levels. So much so that he performed the above-mentioned feats at ease during his old age.

On his deathbed, he sealed the Ten-Tails inside a massive Chibaku Tensei.

He could also use both the Mangekyo Sharingan and the Rinnegan as well. His Susanoo was massive, strong, and durable; incomparable to anyone else on this list. He could even deflect Juubi’s tailed beast bomb with his Susanoo’s blade!

Nagato said that his Rinnegan’s abilities don’t compare to Hagoromo’s, the original user of the Dojutsu.

I mean, it’s obvious, Nagato could barely contain Kyuubi in his Chibaku Tensei; whereas Hagoromo sealed the Ten-Tails using the same Jutsu on his deathbed, creating the moon. Yeah, the difference is as clear as day and night.

Think we’re done? An Otsutsuki without Sage Mode? HUH? Yeah, he has one too. In fact, he is the first sage power user in the verse!

As the son of Kaguya Otsutsuki, Hagoromo didn’t face problems when he tried to learn Senjutsu. He could master it easily and also went on to create the Six Paths Technique, which gave him the ability to fly along with many more.

This is also the ability that grants Naruto his place in this top 10 list! He can use up to 10 Truth-Seeker Balls at a time, I’m sure that you guys are familiar with these black balls by now!

That covers all of the important points about Hagoromo’s powers! I think that you can see why Hagoromo is at #2 on the list. His abilities surpass Hamura’s abilities by light-years, which even Hamura himself accepts!

He’s the reason for many placements on this list (Naruto, Sasuke, Indra, Asura, even Hashirama, and Madara to a certain extent).

His abilities scream overpowered and he has a timeless legacy as the cherry on the top! In fact, his chakra and soul are timeless in a sense too, as he traverses over time even after his death, looking over Indra and Asura’s reincarnations!

Thus, achieving true immortality. With that being said, he’s still the 2nd amongst the strongest Naruto characters of all time.

With that said, there’s only one character left, the character who is at the top! But first, let’s take a look at some characters who’d end up in a top 20 strongest Naruto characters list!

Honorable Mentions:

1) Nagato Uzumaki

2) Shisui Uchiha

3) Orochimaru

4) Hiruzen Sarutobi

5) Tsunade Senju

1) Kaguya Otsutsuki:

At the pinnacle of Naruto characters, we have Kaguya Otsutsuki; the progenitor of chakra herself. Her power is monstrous, befitting her title of a “Demon”.

Well, it doesn’t matter if someone calls her a God or a Demon, as the only thing that separates the two are their morals, and we’re only focusing on power here.

Now, let’s witness the Mother of Chakra’s power!

After consuming the chakra fruit, Kaguya’s chakra reserves grew so large that they’re still unrivaled. Her chakra reserves are so huge that they seem endless, far surpassing Madara and the Sage of Six Paths himself.

They’re so absurdly large that she fought Hagoromo and Hamura endlessly for six months!

Her ginormous reserves allow her to spam the Space-Time Ninjutsu like its shadow clone Jutsu. It’s so absurd that I can’t believe it.

Hell, it took a good few minutes for even someone as perceptive as Kakashi to understand he wasn’t under a genjutsu; Kaguya had simply switched dimensions.

Yeah, you read that right. She SWITCHED dimensions, she didn’t teleport to the other one.

If you’re one of the slower bulbs, then don’t worry. All I mean is that people like Sasuke and Obito teleport themselves to another dimension and exhaust their reserves after a few times of repetition. But, Kaguya literally replaces dimensions in a matter of seconds!

Being the progenitor of chakra, she can absorb any Jutsu that her opponents may use as well. Her healing abilities and durability surpass even that of Hagoromo! She took 9 tailed-beast Rasenshurikens to the face and it barely left a scratch!

It should also be obvious that Kaguya would have loads of jutsus to spam due to her unfathomable reserves. Kaguya can convert her hair into weapons of various sorts. She can use them as a rain of needles or can use them to capture an opponent.

Then, she can throw someone far into oblivion like they’re Team Rocket, too. Talking about those needles mentioned above, they’re strong enough to pierce through a perfect Susanoo!

The Goddess can also create countless chakra fists to annihilate someone’s pride alongside their Kurama mode and/or Perfect Susanoo. Or, she can use the All Killing Ash Bones Jutsu to disintegrate someone like Thanos; Obito didn’t feel so good after taking one of these.

If nothing works, you can always use an Otsutuski’s privilege known as the Truth Seeker Balls! Kaguya’s truth-seeker balls packed an insane amount of chakra, with each of them being capable enough to create a dimension.

Not that it matters though, she had 6 dimensions anyways.

Being the progenitor of chakra, It is impossible for Kaguya to not have dojutsus! The Goddess here has a pair of Byakugan and a third eye, the Rinne Sharingan!

Kaguya’s Byakugan is far stronger than Hyuga Clan’s Byakugan. Also, she could sense Hagoromo’s chakra inside Naruto and Sasuke through the marks on their palms.

Since Hamura had one of these seals too, she could sense him as well, even though he was long dead, that too on the moon. She can also see chakra in different colors!

The goddess also wields the Rinne-Sharingan on her forehead. The Dojutsu, with a concentric pattern and 9 tomoes allows Kaguya to use quite a few abilities along with the Sharingan’s abilities.

The Dojutsu’s strongest ability is the Infinite Tsukuyomi. The eye allows the user to cast the ultimate genjutsu, even on select individuals!

She can manipulate people stuck in the Infinite Tsukuyomi as well and can people deprive them of their chakra, personality, etc to create an army; an army of mindless White Zetsus to do her dirty work.

She can also absorb the tree’s chakra in order to grow even stronger!

The eye also allows her to teleport herself and/or others into a different dimension. Well, Kaguya did kick this up a notch, as she can even replace two dimensions!

She can also open rifts in space to teleport instantly or even use it to launch sneak attacks by sending her hands through the rift!

When surrounded by countless enemies, Kaguya transforms into the Ten-Tails herself to spread widespread havoc more easily! Talk about versatility!

With seemingly limitless chakra, overwhelming jutsus, complex dimensions, good hand-to-hand combat skills, two dojutsus, and near-instant regeneration, Kaguya stands at the top of the Narutoverse.

She has never been killed, for only sealed twice. Not to forget, the second time she revived, she was missing a major chunk of her chakra. It was flowing in all the Naruto characters living on the planet. It includes all humans, animals, plants, trees, etc. Even all the tailed beasts in the Naruto series.

In addition, the SOSP chakra which Hagoromo granted our two heroes technically belongs to Kaguya herself.

Her powers are so vast that defeating her in battle was never an option. Only a trick like sealing jutsu works against her. I guess that’s enough to explain her monstrous powers.

And such a lady was scared of Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Considering all the factors, it’s near impossible to kill this Goddess unless someone even stronger shows up in Boruto!

When talking strictly about the Naruto series, Kaguya is overwhelmingly stronger than everybody else on the list. In fact, even Hagoromo who’s the 2nd strongest amongst all Naruto characters cannot contest against his mother’s powers alone.

This shows just how ludicrous the power creep amongst Naruto characters is! As we climb the lists, it keeps becoming unimaginable for anybody to win one-on-one against the person above them on the list, which may or may not be a good thing!

Well, this completes our list for the top 10 Naruto Characters of all time! I’d firstly like to thank you for reading through this (doesn’t matter if you blitzed through it or just looked at the sub-heads)!

It took us quite a while to write this one down! So, we’re naturally interested in hearing your thoughts on our 10 strongest Naruto characters list? Do you agree or disagree? If you do disagree, then what would you change? Let us know in the comments below!

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