7 Strongest Boruto Characters Explained!

With power scaling going haywire in the Boruto series. We bring you the strongest Boruto characters

Naruto-verse has a plethora of characters that can wipe out cities to continents with a single move. With its sequel, they have upped the game by introducing Boruto characters that can destroy planets.

Although the power scaling in Boruto has gone haywire I am going to try my best to explain why the following characters are the strongest in comparison with each other and Mah Boys Naruto and Sasuke.

This list is made with respect to the latest chapter i.e chapter 67 of the Boruto manga. Thus, Naruto and Sasuke might not make it on the list.

Also, characters that are dead eg: Isshiki, and Kurama won’t be there as well.

So without further delay let’s jump into the list.

7. Naruto

Naruto using Sage Mode against Code
Naruto using Only Sage mode.

There are several reasons why Naruto is the last on the list. Also, there are several reasons why many of you would want him at least above Sasuke. To which I’ll suggest you read our article about why Sasuke without Rinnegan is stronger than Naruto. You’ll understand why Sasuke is above Naruto in this list.

However, even without Kurama, Naruto has an arsenal of skills at his disposal.

By arsenal, I mean a prolonged Sage Mode and good ol’ Rasengan and its variants.

Not to forget, the biggest missiles in his arsenal, the toad summonings. Although, in a battle against Otsutsuki’s they are pretty much of a hindrance than assistance.

Also, as per the latest chapter, Naruto likely neither has Sage Of Six paths mode nor Chakra from other tailed beasts.

If he did, he wouldn’t have resorted to Sage Mode knowing very well about its drawbacks in a prolonged fight. And he knows deep down that Code can’t be taken down quickly.

Despite these power gaps, he is still the strongest “Kage” of his generation. Just not the strongest human on the planet anymore and one of the strongest Boruto characters till now.

P.S: Hashirama is stronger than Naruto even with Kurama.

6. Sasuke

Sasuke getting stabbed by Boruto
Sasuke getting stabbed by Boruto

Even though Sasuke lost his Rinnegan, he is still considerably stronger than all the current Kage including Naruto.

One of the main reasons for saying this is he can still use his Eternal Mangekyou abilities. Even those of his stabbed left eye.

During the battle with Borushiki, we see Sasuke use his Amaterasu which resides in his left eye after Boruto stabbed him.

This means he can also use his Susanoo. In addition, Sasuke also has his own summonings as well.

Sasuke is the only person with two summonings, Snake and Eagle.

With these two summonings alone Sasuke can change the landscape of the battle.

Thus, granting him a huge advantage in battle, especially against his human species.

So Susanoo and two Summonings put him above many Kage-level characters in the series. Making him one of the strongest Boruto characters.

So Sasuke makes the list for this position.

5. Code (With Limiters)


As much as we have seen him fight in the series till now Code is a beast.

He has white karma along with his teleportation abilities. Meaning, that he can absorb all jutsus one can throw at him.

Also, according to Amado, his powers are far greater than Jigen’s. The same Jigen toyed with Naruto and Sasuke when the duo was at their full capacity while Jigen wasn’t.

All of this without his limiters removed.

With his limiters removed, Code assumes that he can take on Daemon and Eida the current strongest beings amongst all Boruto characters introduced till now. Even Otsutsuki’s.

However, we are yet to witness him fight without his limiters so I am putting him here on the list.

4. Borushiki

Boruto possessed by Momoshiki

Boruto infused with Momoshiki is undoubtedly one of the strongest Boruto characters on the planet right now.

Despite Momoshiki, considering he was at his full powers, was taken down by Naruto and Sasuke. There are mysteries surrounding him.

Mysteries such as if he was at his full power then how did Sasuke and Naruto beat him? Was he that weak?

If he’s that weak then how is his resurrection a threat to Naruto and Sasuke? Except for the fact that he will resurrect in Boruto’s body.

Isshiki is stronger than Momoshiki considering he drove Kurama to commit suicide. Meanwhile, Naruto and Sasuke beat Momoshiki when Naruto had half of his chakra absorbed by him.

That puts Borushiki even at full power below Isshiki and now extension Kawaki.

Then on the first page of the manga, is Kawaki way stronger than Boruto?

Another mystery around Momoshiki is Boruto’s Jougan. Is it due to Boruto’s modified body? Or did Momoshiki already have it?

If he had it then why didn’t he use it against Naruto and Sasuke? Was it due to Momoshiki foreseeing the future that Boruto would be the one who could achieve the legendary dojutsu?

Several such questions arise and make us think about his intentions. And linked to his intentions are his powers.

So for now I am placing Borushiki in this position on the list of strongest Boruto characters.

3. Kawaki

Kawaki karma

The reason why he’s above Borushiki is because he now has a Karma that is purely a weapon with ALL abilities of Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Kawaki even displayed those abilities in the battle against Code. He even countered Code’s priced Time-space ninjutsu.

Not to forget, Kawaki blew a hole in Boruto’s chest and was overpowering him when Momoshiki was controlling Boruto.

This makes Kawaki a threat equivalent to Isshiki Otsutsuki.

The only thing that is keeping him from going against other Boruto characters is his overprotective toxic love towards Naruto.

2. Eida

eida strongest Boruto characters

Although Eida’s abilities can be countered by Kawaki and Boruto, the fact that she has Code and Daemon tied to her around her waist makes her dangerous.

Not to forget, she can easily influence Naruto, and Sasuke just by being present in front of them.

Also, she’s yet to reveal her true fighting prowess. Although Eida herself says she dislikes fighting, Amado her creator, claims her fighting prowess to be way above Jigen. Even against Code with his limiters removed she is said to be on the same level as him.

Consequently, the fact that her shield is the strongest in existence in Narutoverse i.e. Daemon, makes her take the second spot on the strongest Boruto characters list.

1. Daemon

Daemon The strongest of Boruto characters

Initially, there were doubts about his abilities having some kind of loophole such as range or him being aware of the incoming attacks, etc.

All of these were cleared in the last chapter. Daemon deflected a full-scale blast by Kawaki that was intended to destroy Code.

The power of the blast was so high that post-deflection, Kawaki who launched that blast was knocked out.

And in the circumstances, Code pulled Daemon onto the battlefield were all so instantaneous that Daemon had no time to understand what happened. Even Eida didn’t have enough time to react.

Also, Daemon was asleep when he was pulled in by Code.

So when Code pulled Daemon, he was unaware of his surroundings yet deflected an attack that wasn’t intended to hit him.

This makes Daemon a monster with an unparalleled power hax.

He can reflect all attacks that are pointed at him or intended towards him. Thus, making him an invincible shield.

Not to forget, Amado mentions that his powers and Taijutsu skills are way over Jigen and Eida.

Daemon is currently at the top of the list of strongest Boruto characters.


Although these are the strongest characters alive there is one character who can take up at least Naruto and Sasuke’s spot on the list.

That is Kabuto (since he’s a perfect dragon sage).

This completed my list of the strongest Boruto characters. Let me know if you think someone else deserves to be on the list.


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2 thoughts on “7 Strongest Boruto Characters Explained!”

  1. The Boruto Karma sucks.

    That thing is waaaaaay too OP.

    It gives him an overall boost to his abilities, Space-Time Jutsu, CHakra absorption and he can even access the battle experience of Momoshiki, which is severall hundres to thousands of years.

    Am i really the only one who thinks, that this is totally unfair and undermines, the message of Naruto?
    The Message of Naruto was allways (except after Madara becaome Rikudo-Madara and Hagomoro gave Naruto and Sasuke godlike powers), that training, willpower and hard work surpass talent.

    But Boruto is a genius and gets all Techniques and undeserved power ups, served on a silver plate (or more like a golden plate, since he never did anything to even deserve 0,001% of the Power Up)

  2. Daemons Power were kinda rewritten.

    In ch 71, it was said, that he need to touch someone with his palms to reflect Attacks and killing intent.

    But on several occasions, he didn’t touch anyone and things got reflected.

    If they say: He must touch someone to reflect attacks and killing intent back to the person he touches. Then it is a humongous Plot hole, they are not able to explain. (Since it was shown: The sword guy got beheaded, because his intent was reflected, but daemon did not touch anyone.)

    If they say: The condition for him to activate his reflection is just touch anyone, to activate the reflection, like just pushing a button…then i have only a single question for Kishimoto (he took over druing the Isshiki fight), Kodachi and Ikemoto: Just what have you smoked? It was definetly bad stuff.

    Daemons Power was an asspull and now they are trying to fix, this overpowered Ability, which is in my eyes, just a bad copy of Accelerators Vector manipulation.

    And Eida shouldn’t be on this list. Amado upgraded Delta and made her stronger than Code with his limiters. Her desintegration Beam, is linke the ultimate weapon against anyone.


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