Can Naruto Beat Hashirama Without Kurama? (2021)

Ever since the release of Boruto chapter 55, Naruto fans are mourning the death of their beloved Nine-Tailed Fox, Kurama. Due to this major death, Naruto has lost a major source of his powers. Thus, taking away his God-like powers. This has fans speculating, how strong Naruto is without Kurama? Also, fans keep asking which characters can Naruto defeat now that he doesn’t have Kurama?

If you were also wondering the same, then don’t worry, we have you covered. But instead of mentioning which characters can Naruto defeat we will be doing which characters Naruto can’t defeat or will have high difficulty to win against. For obvious reason, even without Kurama, Naruto is still pretty powerful than many characters. So we will be doing a series of blogs focusing on characters that Naruto can or cannot defeat post-Kurama’s death.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Can Naruto Beat Hashirama Without Kurama?

In a straight-forward answer, I’d say, No, Naruto can’t defeat Hashirama without Kurama. Let’s take up a battle scenario of Naruto without Kurama vs Hashirama, with all their feats shown till now, and compare their power levels. So that we get a clear idea of who is winning and how?

Naruto Without Kurama VS Hashirama Senju

To understand Naruto’s feats let’s first know what kind of powers he has without Kurama. Later, we will see how strong Hashirama was at the end of his life.

Naruto as he is right now still has many power-ups that put him above many beings in the Naruto universe.

Naruto’s Powers Without Kurama:

Sage Of Six Path Mode

Yes, Naruto still has Sage Of Six Path Mode even without Kurama.

Some of you may say that now since Kurama is dead, Naruto can’t access this mode. It’s not true, here’s why:

Hagoromo’s own chakra before he became the jinchuriki of ten tails is very powerful. He defeated Kaguya with his brother Hamura before he absorbed the ten tails. Thus, his own chakra is unique and different. Which is strong enough to take on Kaguya-level beings. After he became jinchuriki of ten tails, his powers multiplied many folds. This doesn’t mean his own unique chakra got altered. He had his own chakra along with the chakra of ten tails. So when Hagoromo gave chakra to Naruto and Sasuke, that chakra consists of Hagoromo’s chakra and chakra from all tailed beasts. That’s how Naruto got chakra from Gyuki and Shukaku as they were the only ones who hadn’t transferred their chakra to Naruto during his first meeting with all the tailed beasts when Son Goku ate him.

Thus proving, Hagoromo’s chakra also has his own chakra mixed with the tailed beast chakra. Hence, Naruto received chakra from tailed beasts as well as Hagoromos’ own chakra that night. Hagoromo being half Otsutsuki is channeling natural energy/sage chakra within him. This leaves us with the possibility that even though Naruto doesn’t have Kurama he can still access Sage Mode.

So saying Naruto can’t access sage mode seems highly impossible. Also, not to forget, Naruto has Ashura chakra too, another quarter Otsutsuki.

He also has the ability of flight granted by Sage Of Six Path Mode.

Along With Sage Of Six Path Mode, Naruto has another Sage Transformation i.e the

Toad Sage Transformation.

In this mode, Naruto has tremendous varieties of abilities and was able to take down all paths of Pain and the Third Raikage. With powers ranging from Super Strength to Sensory Abilities. Toad Sage Mode allows him to track down any enemy countries’ away and deal severe damage once in range. However, this mode has a major drawback which is its time limit. Naruto constantly has to channel Senjutsu chakra through his body and to do so he has to stay still. Which is highly difficult to do in a battle.

Although, Naruto can overcome this by creating Shadow Clones who will keep on providing him Senjutsu chakra. However, during his battle against Pain, Naruto could only let two shadow clones mold Sage chakra and use only 3 shadow clones in the battle to avoid disturbing the one’s molding sage chakra. This limit is also a major problem during a fight. Even if we assume that this limit has increased post-Fourth Shinobi War arc fighting against someone of Hashirama’s intellect, strength, and battle experience could prove fatal.

Naruto can overcome this limit by letting the old toad couple fuse with him as they did with Jiraiya since Kurama was the one who would reject the fusion. But now with Kurama gone, this could be a possibility. However, the whereabouts of the old couple post Pain arc is unknown.

Summoning Jutsu

Ever since the beginning, Naruto has always relied on his toad summons to help him during major battles. Such as during his fight against Gaara, Pain, Ten-Tails. He even ate and trained with them. Toads can help him against a fight with Hashirama’s wooden golems. However, Naruto cannot summon all the toads at his disposal but Hashirama can spam wooden golems. Also, against Hashirama’s Buddha statue a full-grown toad looks like a tadpole.

Remnants Of Other Tailed Beast Chakra

Naruto Lava Release

Again, a controversial topic amongst fans as some believe that Naruto doesn’t have tailed beast chakra in him. However, they are all wrong. Naruto still has other tailed beast chakras in him. As it is evident from the Naruto vs Delta fight in Boruto, where Naruto uses a Lava Release Rasenshuriken. This proves that Naruto has the other tailed beasts’ remnants chakra and is also able to use their chakra natures.

This gives a major boost to Naruto as he can now use all types of chakra natures thanks to all tailed beasts having different chakra types. In addition to that Naruto has also mastered Yin and Yang release and has a nerfed down version of Hagoromo’s Creation Of All Things Technique. Which Naruto uses while healing Kakashi’s left eye after Madara steals it.

Precise Chakra Control

naruto rasengan

As compared to Naruto from the Shippuden arc, the current Hokage Naruto is on a whole different level. Earlier, Naruto used Shadow Clones to create Rasengan but now he can easily create it without any shadow clones.

He can spam Rasenshuriken’s all day thanks to his huge chakra reserve. However, imbibing Senjutsu with Rasenshuriken is something we are yet to see. But we already saw Naruto use a Sage Jutsu Rasengan against Juubi Obito. So the possibility of Senjutsu Rasenshuriken is not entirely out of the equation.

In addition, Naruto has mastered all nature styles. He has also mastered Yin and Yang technique. Thanks to all the tailed beasts in him and Sage Of Six Path Mode.

Also, Naruto can spam Rasengan barrage over any of Hashirama’s wood jutsu. He can even create a Rasengan almost as big as a tailed beast. So that has to deal a good amount of damage.

Also, he can enter sage mode almost instantly.

These feats put Hokage Naruto way above his own past self in Shippuden. This proves that Hokage Naruto is still a force to be reckoned with. However, our first Hokage is a being who’s called the God Of Shinobi.

Let’s jump right into his feats and powers. 

Why is Hashirama Senju So Powerful?

Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage, the God Of Shinobi, is a being whose powers were considered a myth. However, in reality, even Madara Uchiha accepted Hashirama’s superiority in strength and Ninjutsu.

We as fans only know that Hashirama had immense strength, the highest level of proficiency in Medical Ninjutsu, wood release, and unknown Sage Mode.

But how and why he acquired those powers?

Hashirama and Madara were child prodigies. Through their childish games, they honed and mastered their skills. Further, when Hashirama found out that Madara is his enemy, he further developed his skill to counter the Mangekyou Sharingan. He had powers like:

Wood Release

Hashirama is famous throughout the Naruto world for his Wood Release. Created by merging water style, earth style, and yin-yang style (to create a living forest). It is a jutsu unique only to him. He technically built the entire forest around Konoha in his battle against Madara and otherwise.

His wood release jutsu is so overpowered that Madara after reincarnating used it to trap the Gokage and kill them. Madara was able to do so with just a few of the Hashirama cells imbued in his body. Just imagine the scale of the jutsu when Hashirama himself casts it.

He can use this Jutsu to create wooden golems as big as Madara’s Susanoo and that is not even his most powerful attack.

His normal wooden golems can suppress Kyuubi and release him from Madara’s control.

His wooden dragon can absorb chakra from his opponents and transfer that chakra to himself. That is how he suppressed all tailed beasts and distributed them to other villages.

Due to his efficiency in wood release and war experience vs Uchiha clan and Madara himself, it is given that Hashirama has a way to counter the genjutsu and mangekyou abilities of Madara Uchiha. And he has defeated Madara in a one-on-one death battle. Thus, he can use the wood release in so many ways that can halt various powerful genjutsu and other mangekyou abilities. A feat that Naruto can’t boast about and actually has a weakness towards it.

Medical Ninjutsu

Hashirama’s medical ninjutsu abilities are so high that it makes Tsunade, who can survive being impaled by Susanoos’ sword, pale in comparison.

As stated by Madara, Hashirama could heal his wounds within seconds without weaving any signs. This too without any external factor like Kurama Chakra does for Naruto.

He fought a death battle with Madara who was amped up with a Susanoo armored Kurama and survived. He further went on to live a normal healthy life post that.

However, his life-span was cut short due to these healing abilities. His healing abilities work in such a way that he would split his cells on a cellular level and rearrange them to form new tissues. Thus, healing himself. However, a human can split his cells up to a certain limit. Due to him constantly battling throughout his life, he overused this ability and that shortened his life-span.

Though, post his death Orochimaru exhumed his body and stole cells from his dead body. Which further granted Yamato his wood release.’

Also, a piece of flesh stolen by Madara during his fight with Hashirama led the Uchiha to cultivate his cells and increase his lifespan to a hundred years. This also led him to save the life of Obito Uchiha who showed no side effects of degrading eyesight and lack of chakra even though he overused his Mangekyou ability. All thanks to Hashirama cells.

The cultivation of Hashirama cells by Madara led the latter to create a mindless clone of the former. Which Madara used to create white zetsus’.

Not to forget, Madara injected himself with Hashirama cells and awakened Rinnegan.

Immense Chakra

Due to the Senju clan being direct descendants of Ashura and Hagoromo they are born with exceptionally strong and immense chakra. On top of that, Hashirama was born with an even stronger chakra which was more than a tailed beast. During the Fourth Shinobi War, when Hashirama sees Naruto in his Kyuubi Chakra Mode, he exclaims that Naruto has as much chakra as himself.

This could be due to the fact that Hashirama was also a reincarnate of Ashura. But then so is Naruto and with Kurama in him, his chakra levels matched an Edo-Tensei Hashirama.


During his fight against Madara, Hashirama is shown using a Sage Mode which is unique to him. This mode of his has similar limitations as with Narutos’ sage mode. However, the sheer scale and size of wooden golems Hashirama can create without going into Sage mode grants him enough time to cultivate Sage Chakra.

This is a major drawback for Naruto who has nothing to counter Hashirama’s wood style.

Even if Naruto had Kurama in him, the sheer size of the Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands Jutsu of Hashirama, it would have been very difficult for Naruto to beat him.

Battle Scenario

So in a battle between these two Ashura reincarnates, the scale tips a bit towards Hashirama. Judging from the feats and current chakra levels, Sage Mode, and other power hax like Sage Of Six Path for Naruto, it is still likely that Naruto would lose this battle. Here’s why:

The Sage Of Six Paths chakra and Remnants of Other Tailed Beast in him grants Naruto precise chakra control and mastery over all Nature types. However, Hashirama has wood release that can absorb chakra.

Naruto can use Multi Shadow clone Jutsu to tackle this but the sheer size and damage radius of Hashirama’s Jutsu is much vast so Naruto’s Jutsu can be destroyed in a single attack.

Naruto using Toad Sage Mode in combination with Sage Of Six Path mode as he does while using Kurama chakra might have a chance against Hashirama but then again, we don’t know how much chakra does Naruto still has.

Even if we consider Kakashi’s dialogue of Naruto having 100 times more chakra than him and Hashirama’s dialogue of Naruto with Kyuubi chakra having equal chakra as himself, currently puts Hashirama at the top. Because without Kyuubi Naruto’s chakra level has dropped drastically.

Though the battle will be epic, it’ll eventually boil down to who has the highest chakra as none of the fighters are novices in battle and both are considered unpredictable.

Our Verdict

Hashirama Wins With High Difficulty.

Do you think it should be otherwise? Let us know why in the comments we would love to discuss these with you. Also, stay tuned for the next blog, Can Naruto Without Kurama Beat Sasuke Without Rinnegan?

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