What Was Muzan’s Goal & Objective In Demon Slayer?

Muzan Kibutsuji in Demon Slayer

For fans who have only seen the anime of Demon Slayer (and are eagerly waiting for the movie), there is a question that nags them constantly. Why is Muzan the way he is. What is his motive? Well fret not, we shall try to answer the question for you!

The following part of the article contains spoilers from the Demon Slayer manga related to Muzan. Brace yourselves!

How did Muzan become a Demon?

Muzan became a demon because of the incomplete treatment he received from a generous doctor. The was trying to save him from dying due to an unknown mortal disease. However, Muzan ends up killing the doctor.

First let’s see who Muzan really was. He was a young frail boy born with a sickness. He was informed that he wouldn’t live to be even 20.

The medicines then did nothing to cure him. Later on a doctor visited him claiming to have a medicine which can cure him. Desperate to live, Muzan took that medicine but his health didn’t improve soon.

In a fit of rage, Muzan killed the doctor and committed his very first crime, only to realise that the medicine had actually worked and made him immortal.

But he had one weakness, he couldn’t step out in the sun. This was due to the fact that Muzan killed the doctor before his treatment could be complete. He also came to know that he craved for human flesh to satiate his hunger, but he had no qualms about killing humans.

Thus Muzan turned into the very first demon mankind ever knew of.

What was Muzan’s goal?

Muzan was driven by his fear of death and he turned into a demon. This helped him overcome his mortality but he realised that he could not venture out in the sun. Thus, Muzan’s main goal was to be able to conquer the sun and be perfect being.

The doctor had been using the rare Blue Spider Lily to cure Muzan. So in order to get rid of his weakness to the sun, he began searching for the rare flower. However, his efforts were in vain. So he then changed his objective into creating demons who would be strong enough to conquer the sun.

With years of experimenting on himself and other humans he started making more demons. He fervently ventured down a darker path, aiming to conquer the sun. With this single objective on his mind, Muzan went on destroying lives after lives. In the end, one of the demons he created ends up conquering the sun before him.

The only thing that could stop him was the Nichirin blade of a Demon Slayer. Thus, his second goal became killing all demon slayers. He and his demons, especially the upper moon demons were specifically tasked to destroy demon slayers from the face of earth. His plans were again thwarted when Muzan faced Yoriichi in battle.

Yoriichi brought Muzan to the point of death in their first and only encounter.

This instilled a fear of Sun Breathers in Muzan. So his third goal became to eliminate all Sun Breathing technique users. Whom he recognised by their Hanafuda earrings.

While killing Tanjiro‘s family was on a whim but that did intertwine his fate with another Sun Breather who would eventually become his downfall. So that became his third goal.

Yoriichi and Muzan Kibutsuji
Yoriichi almost killed Muzan

With these three goals in mind, Muzan paved his path to become one of the most powerful and arrogant villains you’ll find in anime. He’s not as bad as Gilgamesh though. Though his other goals were kind of picking out thorns from the side before plucking the Rose. That is, to conquer the sun.

With this ambition achieved, Muzan would finally be free from all kinds of shackles. It was the weakness of his human body that turned him into a demon.

And hence he detested all types of weakness, in humans and even in demons. This particular behiaviour is displayed when he kept on killing the lower moon demons for their failures. So you can say that Muzans’ ultimate goal was to become a perfect being without any weakness.

What else do you think was in Muzans to do list? Did he have any other ultimate objective? Let us know in the comments.

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