Top 20 Best Revenge Anime Series Of All Time That Will Leave You Satisfied!

Best Revenge Anime

Revenge is a powerful emotion that drives people to great lengths to seek justice and right the wrongs done to them. It is a common theme in anime, where characters overcome obstacles and defeat enemies to achieve their ultimate goal of revenge.

Whether it’s for personal gain, justice, or to protect the ones they love, revenge is a powerful motivator that often leads to some of the most captivating and thrilling anime series.

In this article, we will be exploring the top 20 revenge anime series of all time. From the classic stories to the modern hits, these anime series are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat with their intense action, intricate plotlines, and unforgettable characters.

Get ready for a thrilling ride filled with drama, suspense, and, of course, revenge.

20. Masamune Kun no Revenge

Masamune Kun no Revenge

This anime follows the story of a young man named Masamune Makabe, who is determined to exact revenge against a girl who made his life miserable in his childhood. Masamune has undergone a transformation, both physically and emotionally, to become the perfect man he believes will make the girl regret ever hurting him.

The story is further enriched by the unique and interesting characters that populate it. From the selfish and ruthless antagonist to the loyal and supportive friends to the complex and charismatic protagonist, Masamune Kun no Revenge has a deep and engaging cast of characters to draw you into its story. This story is unlike most others in this list and the revenge is of a different kind.

No of episodes: 12
Release Date: Jan 5 , 2017

19. Rising of the Shield Hero

No of episodes: 25 + 13
Studio: Kinema Citrus
Release Date: Jan 9 , 2019

Rising of the Shield Hero

Naofumi Iwatani is unwillingly summoned to another world as a hero where he is shunned because he is the “Shield Hero”. To top it off, he’s framed by his companion and fellow hero and cannot go back to his world. Losing his trust in this world , Naofumi becomes a cold and cynical man, broken by the allegations against him, hell bent on making the people pay for their wrongdoings against him.

The anime starts off brilliantly by keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats biting their nails as he prepares for his revenge. And revenge he gets. The whole scenario plays out beautifully truly making you feel hate for the characters.

The anime however ranks lower on the list of best revenge anime as the revenge aspect plays out through the beginning of the series and it gradually progresses into a common isekai-harem anime. Nonetheless, if you are looking for satisfying revenge, Rising of the Shield Hero is definitely worth your time.

18. Redo of Healer

No of episodes: 12
Studio: TNK
Release Date: Jan 13 , 2021

Redo of Healer

Next up in our list of best revenge anime is Redo of the Healer; an anime series that explores the themes of revenge, power, and redemption. The story follows Keyaru, a powerful healer who was betrayed and used by those he trusted. After being given the ability to redo his life, he sets out on a mission of revenge against those who wronged him.

One of the key themes of the series is the impact of revenge on those who seek it. Keyaru is driven by a deep sense of anger and a desire for justice, but as he begins to exact his revenge, it becomes clear that his actions have consequences that go beyond what he initially intended.

The series raises important questions about the morality of revenge and the impact it has on those who seek it.

It also has a lot of ***** content (wink wink).

17. Hell Girl

No of episodes: 26 +
Studio: Studio Deen
Release Date: Oct 5 , 2005

Hell Girl

Hell girl is a unique revenge anime in this list as it is follows an episodic story. The plot revolves around a website which at the stroke of midnight allows the user to enter the name of the person they have a grudge on. Hell girl , Ai Enma will then send their soul to hell, but the price to be paid is steep as the user will also lose their lives.

While the MAL Reviews are mostly mixed with one user saying that – “Anyway, this anime is one of those where you’ll either love it or hate it. This is a series that got me hooked on the first episode, but if you aren’t enjoying it by the third or fourth, then you most likely won’t get into it.” and another stating that it was predictable, the studio has listened and given it a more thrilling plot in the 2nd season.

16. Blade of the Immortal

No of episodes: 13 + 24(ONA)
Studio: Bee Train , LIDENFILMS
Release Date: Jul 14 , 2008

Blade of the Immortal

If you’re looking for a thrilling and action-packed anime filled with intense sword fighting, then Blade of the Immortal is a must-watch.

Set in feudal Japan, the series follows the journey of Manji, a notorious swordsman who has been cursed with immortality. To atone for his past crimes, he joins forces with Rin, a young girl seeking revenge for the death of her parents. Together, they embark on a dangerous journey filled with battles against powerful foes and a quest for redemption.

The series explores themes of morality, revenge, and the consequences of one’s actions, making it a thought-provoking watch. The animation is stunning, and the action sequences are masterfully choreographed, making Blade of the Immortal a thrilling viewing experience for any revenge anime fan.

15. Gun X Sword

No of episodes: 26
Studio: AIC ASTA
Release Date: Jul 4 , 2005

Gun X Sword

If you’re a fan of anime with a unique blend of science-fiction and western elements, then Gun X Sword is a must-watch show. This thrilling anime is set in a world filled with mechanical giants and power-hungry villains, and follows the journey of Van, a vengeful swordsman on a mission to hunt down his fiancé’s murderer. As he travels, he meets Wendy, a young girl with a mysterious connection to the criminal.

Together, they face off against dangerous foes and unravel the truth behind Wendy’s past. With its dynamic characters, unexpected twists, and non-stop action, Gun X Sword anime offers gripping tale of revenge. The animation style is stunning and the action sequences are pulse-pounding, making this show a visual treat as well.

14. Talentless Nana

No of episodes: 13 + 13(ONA)
Studio: Bridge
Release Date: Oct 4 , 2020

Talentless Nana

Talentless Nana is an anime about a high school student named Nana Hiiragi who transfers to an elite school on an island for prodigies with supernatural abilities. Nana, however, has no special powers, and instead must rely on her wits and detective skills to uncover the secrets of her new classmates and uncover the truth behind the series of mysterious murders happening on the island.

The series is full of thrilling plot twists and turns as Nana outwits her enemies. It is a suspenseful story that captivates readers as they follow Nana on her journey filled with unexpected surprises. The manga also explores the idea of justice and morality in a world where power can be abused. The story is a complex blend of perspectives where the hunter can easily become the hunted.

13. Rokka no Yuusha

No of episodes: 12
Studio: Passione
Release Date: Jul 5 , 2015

Rokka no Yuusha

This revenge anime is set in an ancient world, where the Demon God has been revived and six heroes, known as the Braves of the Six Flowers, are chosen by the Goddess of Fate. Adlet Mayer, the self-proclaimed “Strongest Man in the World,” is one of the chosen heroes, and he and the crown princess, Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra, set out on a journey to fight the Demon God.

However, when they meet the other heroes, there are seven instead of six, and everyone begins to suspect Adlet of being an impostor. Adlet is put on the run and must use his wit and skills to identify the true impostor before it’s too late.

The story of Rokka no Yuusha is an exciting one, as Adlet is determined to get revenge on whoever has framed him. As he embarks on his journey, he must face many obstacles and enemies. He must use his bravery and strength to overcome them and get his revenge.

Overall, Rokka no Yuusha is an exciting and thrilling anime that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you’re looking for an anime with a revenge story, then look no further than this.

12. Dororo

No of episodes: 24
Studio: Tezuka Productions , MAPPA
Release Date: Jan 7 , 2019


Dororo is an anime series that follows the journey of two unlikely allies: a young orphan boy named Dororo and a mysterious swordsman who is missing various parts of his body. The swordsman was once a baby who was sacrificed to demons by his father, a greedy samurai lord who sought power and prosperity. The demons granted him his wish, but at the cost of his son’s limbs, senses, and skin.

Despite his physical limitations, the swordsman survives and trains to become a skilled warrior, armed with prosthetics and weapons. He sets out on a mission to defeat the demons that took him as a sacrifice and reclaim his humanity. Along the way, he meets Dororo, an orphan who becomes his friend and companion. Together, they face numerous challenges and battles as they journey through a harsh and unforgiving world filled with demons.

Dororo is a story of redemption, friendship, and survival in a world plagued by greed and corruption. It’s a thrilling adventure that will captivate viewers with its intense action scenes, emotional moments, and beautiful animation.

11. Arifureta

No of episodes: 13 + 12
Studio: Jul 8 , 2019
Release Date: asread., White Fox , studio MOTHER


Are you looking for an epic adventure with a thrilling and emotionally charged revenge story? Then look no further than Arifureta! Follow protagonist Hajime Nagumo as he is transported to a fantasy world and faces life-threatening situations. With the help of his newfound friends, he discovers the power of revenge and uses it to his advantage.

His transformation from a kind, naive boy to a cold hearted ruthless powerhouse is really worth watching. As fun as it is, the story eventually becomes like any other isekai, with Hajime gaining a harem. Nonetheless, it surely is a fun watch but its minor shortcomings place it lower in the list.

10. Afro Samurai

No of episodes: 5
Studio: Gonzo
Release Date: May 3 , 2007

Afro Samurai

If you’re a fan of intense and action-packed anime, then Afro Samurai is the show for you. This anime follows the journey of Afro, a skilled samurai on a quest for revenge against the man who murdered his father. Armed with his father’s Number Two headband, Afro must fight his way through a countless number of enemies and obstacles as he strives to reach the Number One and claim his retribution.

The art style is dark and stylish, fitting perfectly with the show’s theme of revenge. The animation is smooth and fluid, making the fight scenes a visual feast. The soundtrack, by Grammy-winning rapper RZA, complements the on-screen action and adds to the overall atmosphere of the show.

If you’re looking for a thrilling anime with a compelling story and non-stop action, then don’t miss out on Afro Samurai. Its unique blend of samurai and hip-hop culture, combined with its intense tale of revenge, make it a must-watch for any anime fan.

9. Attack on Titan

No of episodes: 75
Studio: Wit Studio , MAPPA
Release Date: Apr 7 , 2013

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is an epic story of revenge set in a dystopian world. It follows the story of Eren Yeager and his friends as they fight against the titans, giant humanoid creatures who threaten to destroy humanity. The story is full of thrilling action and suspense, and its characters are strong, complex and compelling.

Eren’s thirst for revenge against the Titans who destroyed his family is what drives the story forward and keeps us hooked until the end. While the story initially is based around vengeance, it eventually opens up to a bigger narrative involving world politics and psychology making the story even more intense.

Viewers will often be left wondering who is right and who is wrong as all characters have their own set of valid reasons to attack their opposing side.

It’s an exciting, captivating tale that will make you root for the characters.

8. Vinland Saga

No of episodes: 48
Studio: Wit Studio , MAPPA
Release Date: Jul 8 , 2019

Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is a series that follows the story of Thorfinn, a young man who embarks on a quest for revenge against a cruel and powerful warlord. The story is set in the 11th century AD, during a time of war and conflict in the Viking Age. The story follows Thorfinn’s journey as he seeks to avenge his father’s death and reclaim his family’s honour.

For those looking for an intense and engrossing revenge story, Vinland Saga should be at the top of your list. The action-packed manga follows Thorfinn’s journey as he encounters a variety of enemies along the way. Each battle is intense and thrilling and Thorfinn’s skill and determination are sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

However, there is one difference. Vinland Saga narrates the story of how Thorfinn overcomes his revenge. It’s portrays complex character development and is one of the best slow burn character oriented anime out there.

The story does a great job of exploring the emotional and psychological effects of his quest. While at the start of the series, Thorfinn is a warrior driven purely by revenge, indiscriminately killing many in the process , he later changes his ways and becomes a mature leader with a different goal.

7. Kaze no Stigma

No of episodes: 24
Studio: Gonzo
Release Date: Apr 13 , 2007

Kaze no Stigma

Kazuma Yagami is a master of Fuujutsu, the ability to control the wind. After being exiled from his noble Kannagi household four years ago, Kazuma returns to find that several of his family members have been murdered with Fuujutsu.

Though he is the prime suspect, Kazuma must now work with the family he once hated to uncover the true identity of the killer. The story of Kazuma Yagami is one of revenge, as he seeks to clear his name and find justice for his family. With the help of his cousin Ayano Kannagi, Kazuma must use his Fuujutsu abilities to uncover the truth and put an end to the mystery of the murders.

The intense plot of this anime and its gripping revenge story makes for an exciting and thrilling viewing experience. As Kazuma embarks on his quest for justice, viewers will be taken on an emotional rollercoaster as they watch him battle his inner demons and face off against the mysterious murderer. With intense action sequences and a story full of twists and turns, this anime is sure to keep viewers hooked until the very end.

6. Black Butler

No of episodes: 36
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Release Date: Oct 3 , 2008

Black Butler

If you’re looking for an exciting and intense anime series with a good helping of revenge, then Black Butler is the perfect pick for you. It follows the story of a young Earl, Ciel Phantomhive, who’s parents are killed in a mysterious fire. In order to get revenge, he makes a deal with a demon who takes the form of a butler and together they go on a journey to find the person responsible and seek justice.

The anime is full of thrilling moments and intense fight scenes as Ciel and his butler, Sebastian, battle against the many enemies who stand in their way. There’s also plenty of mystery and suspense as the pair try to uncover the secrets behind the mysterious fire. Not only that, but the series also explores the moral implications of revenge and the inner struggles Ciel faces as he strives to achieve his goal.

The visuals and music are also stunning, making the series a great watch for anime fans. So if you’re looking for a series with a dark and revenge-driven story, then Black Butler is definitely worth checking out.

5. Gun Grave

No of episodes: 26
Studio: Madhouse
Release Date: Oct 7 , 2003

Gun Grave

Gungrave is an anime that tells a tale of revenge and redemption, following the journey of two friends, Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowel. The duo finds themselves entangled in the web of Millennion, the largest and most notorious mafia syndicate in the area. They soon become a part of the organization, with Harry ambitious to reach the top and become the supreme leader under the guidance of the powerful Big Daddy.

As the story unfolds, the audience is drawn into a world of friendship, betrayal, and greed, with Brandon’s unwavering pursuit of revenge being the driving force of the narrative. This quest for vengeance stems from his desire to protect the woman he loves from the grasp of Big Daddy, a figure of immense power and control.

The anime is filled with pulse-pounding action sequences and a captivating storyline that keeps the audience engaged. The characters are richly developed, adding depth to the story. If you’re looking for an anime that combines intense action, a complex plot, and a satisfying conclusion, Gungrave is a must-watch.

4. 91 Days

No of episodes: 12
Studio: Shuka
Release Date: Jul 9 , 2016

91 Days

What would you do if you saw your family murdered in cold blood before your eyes? Meet Angelo Lagusa who decided to exact his vengeance against all those from the Vanetti mafia family. Follow Angelo’s story as he befriends the members of the mafia to get closer to his target, and his transformation from a naive young man to a hardened criminal.

The series is full of thrilling action sequences as Angelo uses his cunning to track down the criminals and exact his revenge. It is a gripping story that will have viewers on the edge of their seat, eager to see the conclusion.

3. Berserk

No of episodes: 25
Studio: OLM
Release Date: Oct 8, 1997


Berserk is one of the greatest dark fantasy manga and anime series of all time. It follows the journey of Guts, a lone mercenary seeking revenge against those who have wronged him. The series is renowned for its intense violence, and its exploration of the human psyche and consequences of one’s actions.

The characters are complex and multi-dimensional, with their motivations driving the story forward. The series explores the psychological toll that revenge takes on those who seek it, and does so in a unique and captivating manner.

Despite its dark themes and graphic violence, Berserk is a masterfully crafted story that will keep you engaged. It’s a must-see for fans of manga, anime, and good storytelling. While the manga is undoubtedly at the top spot, the anime adaptations have done it justice, making it a worthy runner-up.

2. Code Geass

No of episodes: 50
Studio: Sunrise
Release Date: Oct 6 , 2006

Code Geass

The story revolves around our protagonist, Lelouch Lamperouge, a high school student, a Britannian student studying in Japan. Lelouch is also the exiled prince of the very same Holy Britannian Empire that is now oppressing the people of Japan. So when Lelouch is given a supernatural power called Geass by a mysterious girl, he decides to overthrow the Empire.

Along the way , there are many mysteries and plot twists the he encounters changing his perspective and making him more ruthless. This

1. Gankutsuou : Count of Monte Cristo

No of episodes: 24
Studio: Gonzo
Release Date: Oct 6 , 2004

Gankutsuou : Count of Monte Cristo

A beautiful remake of the famous book of the same name, Gankutsuou gives the story a spin , being set in the far future. The basic premise of the story being betrayal by the lead’s closest friends, he comes back stronger than ever to take back everything he had lost.

Being very well received by fans with one MAL review stating that “Being able to make your heart break one moment and your blood boil the next, able to leave you breathless in your seat with your heart pounding in your chest, these are proof that you are watching something amazing.

It is clear that Gankutsuou, if not at least meeting your expectations, it will blow them away and leave you speechless.” One of the most unique things about the anime is its art style , which is off-putting at first but then you will get used to it and love it. Overall , the anime has done a great job in not only adapting the original story but also one upping it in many ways, which cements its place in our list as number 1.

Which of these revenge anime titles have you seen? Which ones are your favorite? Let me know them in the comments below!

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