15 Best Anime With Assassins & Hitmen That Are Not To Be Missed!

Top Assassin Anime

Assassins and Hitmen are specialized killers who only know the language of blood and blades. The only purpose of their lives is to kill and not get killed. But every assassin or hitman has a backstory of psychologically disturbing events in their lives, which ultimately makes them the one.

Their lives are dark, tortuous, and secretive, with some days being the last ones to live. Anime loves assassins and hitmen; the world of anime is incomplete without such surreal characters of violence and vigilance.

Top 15 Anime with Assassins & Hitmen

Our list of anime with assassins and Hitmen focuses on the sharp fighting skills and predatory aura of assassins. So, get yourself seated and enjoy the listicle on these badass anime.

15. Akame ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill

A tale of corruption and poverty that hits you hard even before you anticipate it. A straightforward series about a village boy named Tatsumi, who travels to the Capital City to raise money for his poverty-stricken village, but ends up being recruited by the assassin group “Night Raid” to fight against the corrupt government.

This anime featuring assassins is a brutal and harsh portrayal of corruption in governments. Akame ga Kill is a power-packed, action-packed anime to start off with. The characters are both brutal and intense at the same time, with their own motivations and backstories, giving the anime the pitch it needs.

Speaking of Akame, she is a silent but icy demon, alluring yet frightening with her sword blade. Akame, as a female assassin, is a well-built character with accurate direction, justifying her power as an assassin.

The animation and action scenes are intimidating and give you goosebumps (at least they gave me), and all the swords and blades are sharp-edged and ruthless to see.

The plotline of this anime on Hitmen is surprisingly engaging, with a whirlwind of turning points that keeps you on the edge. Akame ga Kill understands the jarring realities of life and death and does not shy away from them.

This anime pumps your blood, scares you, and makes you breathless while keeping you captivated till the end.

14. A Kite

A Kite

An extremely controversial two-episode film from 1998 that depicts extreme gory violence and sexual harassment by portraying the story of an orphaned girl named Sawa.

As a result of a gory double murder, Sawa loses her parents at a very young age. The detectives Akai and Kanie investigating the case become her guardians, who later in the anime film turn out to be the murderers of her parents.

Akai forcibly begins a sexual relationship with Sawa and also gives her a pair of crystal earrings, containing the blood of her parents. For their ulterior motives, these two corrupt detectives train Sawa to kill anyone they order him to kill, from rapists to high-profile people.

A Kite, being a controversial film, was banned in many countries. This anime on assassins is termed a “shocking story of violence, abuse, and perverted self-justification” as it graphically showcases the gruesome realities of sexual abuse, mental and psychological tortures, and as if this was not enough, turns innocence into cold-blooded killings.

The animation is dated but justifies the 90’s animation with fewer reds and blacks. We also see the soft side of Sawa, when she develops romantic feelings for Oburi (another trained killer by the corrupt detectives) and her attachment to crystal earrings.

13. Principal Princess

Principal Princess

Inspired by the Victorian Era, a group of teenage girls, including the princess, take on the fictional city of Albion.

Divided by a great wall, they use guns, blades, and cunning to save this British Commonwealth town from espionage, intrigue, and violence. They stay undercover at the prestigious Queen’s Mayfair Academy.

All the spy girls have exceptional skills and complexly layered motivations for the mission. Together as a team, they form a solid, engaging team the anime Assassin can be said to have a unique plotline approach in the assassin genre.

The best part of this anime is its animation, with amazing backgrounds of Victorian London and smooth but classy swordfights and action scenes.

The makers did a great job of mixing elements such as history, technology, and action that give this anime a touch of futuristic approach with speedy car chases, steampunk spy gadgets, and seduction.

Speaking of the plotline, it was not strong enough to keep you captivated; it could have been much better, as only some parts of the anime take you to the edge of your chair.

Overall, the approach of this Assassin anime was great to watch, with visual excellence.

12. Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl

We all like to have second chances in life, but what if the chance we get is not what we hoped for?

A narrative based in Italy portrays the lives of girls in an ostensibly Social Welfare Society sponsored by the Italian government. These girls are rescued and, in the name of a second chance in life, trained as assassins and hitwomen.

They are converted into half-robots to carry out the government’s dirty work, through cybernetic enhancements, which give their bodies strength and make them highly resistant to pain and suffering. Coupled with their individual handlers, they are called “Fratello”.

In spite of their modifications, they are still children at heart who crave to be loved and taken care of. However, with each bullet these girls fire, they lose a bud of humanity.

The traumatic tale unfolds into the struggles of past tragedies, terrorism, and future dangers, with their inner battles. Well, Gunslinger Girl possesses a simple and sober approach to anime on assassins in plot and execution.

The only aspect that makes it unique is realism, which gives viewers a sense of moral dilemma and whether the sacrifice made was worth it. The animation is acceptable, with justifiably directed scenes of terror, war, and fights.

Because of the episodic approach to anime, the characters do not come out fairly. The enemy aspect of anime could have been better in a way that had more story to it. More or less, it is similar to the anime “A Kite”.

This anime on Assassins is for open-minded people, and with its originality and integrity, it manages to be likeable.

11. Canaan


Three badass women, one anti-terrorist summit, and one dreadful virus—great to make one fast-paced action anime!

Though the anime has a very simple plot, it is worth watching. This anime on Assassins is based on the plot of a visual novel titled 428: Shibuya Scramble.

It follows the story of three women: Canaan, (the main protagonist), a Middle Eastern assassin; Alphard, leader of the terrorist group and Canaan’s nemesis; and Maria, a victim of a biological terrorist attack and an old friend of Canaan.

The anime begins with Canaan saving Maria from terrorist assassins in Shanghai when the latter has come to cover the anti-terrorist summit in Shanghai. These terrorist assassins are known as “Snakes”; they are led by Canaan’s nemesis Alphard and are involved with the “Ua Virus”, the biological weapon that Maria was infected with during a Shibuya terrorist attack.

The anime has similar sequences to the visual novel, which are fashioned by fantastically directed action scenes. The special aspect of this anime is that all three characters have intertwined previous baggage, which is a great addition to this terrorism-based narrative.

The anime on Assassins is captivating, with “you cannot miss” action scenes with guns and fights.

10. Black Cat

Black Cat

Black Cat portrays the story of a hardcore, ruthless hitman, Train Heartnet, popularly known as “Black Cat’, who does not have any meaning or feelings for human life and works for a powerful secret organisation called Chronos.

But things begin to change when a girl named Saya Minatsuki enters his life, and a bond forms between them. Will Train ever realise that being a human is much better than being a hitman?

Black Cat is one of the most popular anime on Hitman. The art and animation both complement each other and are quite enjoyable, with some funny touches. The romantic aspect of the anime is promising, as it proceeds with an engaging but somewhat predictable plot.

All the actions are accurately designed, resulting in realism, though they were produced in the 2000s. The characters of the anime deserved more screen time, as they were so many and beautifully characterised. The humour element of the anime is a gem, while the emotional element is heart-touching

This anime on Hitman has the capability to hook you, which is why it is so popular. Black Cat will appeal to fans of action and adventure anime with a sense of humour and humanity. It makes you chuckle with its humour and is mildly tense as the tale progresses and with key sequences.

9. Noir


What will you do if someone unknown from far away shares the same mysterious past as you? Go on a self-discovery mission with her!

Girls with Guns is the central theme of the anime on assassins. Mireille Bouquet, a professional assassin, and Kirika Yuumura, a Japanese amnesiac, go on a personal adventure to discover the truth about their history.

They appear to be superficially linked at first, but there is evidence and clues throughout the series that there is more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye. On their quest to discover more about Kirika’s lost memories and her connection to Mireille, the two set up an alliance and began carrying out assassinations under the code name “Noir.”

Throughout the series, they are drawn into more dangerous traps by a shadowy organisation known as Les Soldats.

The format of this 26-episode anime on Hitwomen actually plays a justifiable role for our heroines, as they have someone new to kill in every episode while relating their self-discovery journey to each other in almost every episode.

The best aspect is that, throughout the series, there is an atmosphere of guessing, whenever a new clue is dropped, making it highly engaging for the viewers.

With a realistic approach, the animation and art of the anime are commendable. It is one of the most stylized animes one might ever see. The cast is small, but the characters have solidity to vouch for. Noir is one of the most satisfying anime to date.

8. Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

Never judge a city by its lights; it is in the dark where the secret lies!

Fukuoka appears to be a quiet town at first glance, yet crime is prevalent behind the scenes. It has become a battleground for professional murderers, with urban legends claiming that one specialises in killing professional killers.

Assassins, detectives, vengeful individuals, informants, torture experts—when stories about these and other underground professionals are revealed, a “killer of professional killers” arises.

It is a more realistic and gritty anime on assassins than your normal “good vs. bad” one. It is both unusual and fascinating to see. Nothing too clichéd, but yet nothing too odd or out of the ordinary. In certain respects, it can be said that everyone is the villain in their own way, planning to achieve their own motives.

It depicts the complexities of real-life human characters without masking what it means to be alive.

The characters are so lively that they give you a sense of attachment to them. On the other hand, art does not live up to expectations, and animation is just as you expect from anime on assassins and hitmen.

What is rich in this anime on Assassins is the jazz touch to the background scores of all 12 episodes. This anime from 2018 is stylish, devious, undeniably dangerous, and darkly comedic while not having a complex plot or lots of twists. You might be surprisingly alluring.

7. The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

I found this anime on Hitman, with its out-of-the-box approach to the reincarnation of the world’s greatest assassin, undeniably interesting and engaging.

The world’s finest assassin is reincarnated into a noble son of an aristocratic family in another realm by a Goddess to save her Magical kingdom from the hero who is prophesied to destroy it.

With the synergistic effect of his vast knowledge and assassination skills from the modern world allied with the secret magical powers of the fantasy world, he undertakes his new mission in his reincarnation.

This is an extraordinarily gripping anime that seamlessly combines action, magic, adventure, and assassinations with a captivating narrative. The story is powerful and cool.

With loads of magical guns and blades and killing art, this sets the stage for a top-notch anime. Art and animation are unmistakably solid and grasping, accurately designed to give us amazing fighting scenes. The character development is great because each character gets equal screen time.

As the show comes to light, we see the main protagonist, Lugh, the reincarnated assassin’s journey of growth and self-discovery, while emotional connections are formed between the characters, making it more compelling. The overall viewing experience is enhanced by great sound that compliments every scene.

Prepare to be captivated by this thrilling and fascinating tale of reincarnation, self-discovery, and atonement that will stay with you long after the last episode.

6. Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal

Immortality is a real curse, the anime proves it.

Manji is a swordsman infamous for killing 100 innocent men (including his sister’s husband), However, there is something far more frightening than his dark reputation: he is immortal; due to the handiwork of eight-hundred-year-old nun Yaobikuni, who placed bloodworms capable of healing almost any wound in Manji’s body. Manji decides to kill 1,000 bad people to make amends for his misdeeds.

Yaobikuni agrees to this idea, stating that if he is successful, she will remove his curse of immortality. Soon after making this pledge, Manji encounters Rin Asano, a 16-year-old girl who asks Manji for help in murdering those who murdered her parents.

Reluctant at first, owing to her lack of strength, Manji changes his mind and agrees to protect Rin for four years. Together, the two embark on a perilous journey of bloodshed, vengeance, and redemption, each to fulfil their own life’s motives.

I love the plot of this anime on Hitman; it is amazing to see a man like Manji, with such a dark personality, help out Rin while protecting her and managing to fight with other assassination groups. The historical Japanese theme is well-suited to the plot.

The character development is commendable, especially how Manji awakens the little bit of goodness left in him for Rin. The graphics, art, and sound are all enticing to the eyes. The major reason why the anime takes you with it.

If you are not scared of the ruthlessness this anime shows, then it is worth watching.

5. Gungrave

Gungrave an anime on Assassin

Highly recommended, an epic anime about betrayal and redemption.

Brandon Heat, who was deceived and slain by his best friend, Harry MacDowell, has been reawakened after thirteen years. He is reincarnated as Beyond The Grave through necrolyzation and embarks on a mission for vengeance against the criminal syndicate.

The story then flashes back to Brandon’s childhood, following him and Harry as they ascend through the criminal underworld, recounting the events that led to their final split.

The anime on Hitman is based on the third-person shooter video game under the same name, Gungrave, an epic story of friendship, betrayal, and avarice

The character of Brandon is shown as a soulless, ruthless Hitman, who has been awakened to work as an assassin for a mafia organisation. The plotline of the anime is made powerful and realistic, through fantastic art and graphics, which really give you goosebumps and blood-pumping thrills.

The futuristic approach to the anime is the gem given to it, enhancing its captivity. The background score amplifies the watching experience, no doubt you will be stuck to the screen for hours.

Obviously not for children, Gungrave is one of the masterpieces in the history of anime on assassins.

4. Darker than Black

Darker than Black

The series is set in a universe where “Heaven’s Gate” arose in South America and was followed by “Hell’s Gate” in Tokyo, changing the sky and causing devastation to the landscapes. These Gates are spaces in which the laws of physics are ignored.

Contractors, or people with exceptional powers, appeared shortly after. Their abilities are gained at the expense of their humanity: they lack emotions, including guilt, and aversions to murder.

The series follows Agent Hei and his Syndicate colleagues as they investigate the secrets of Hell’s Gate in a dramatically changed version of modern Tokyo.

With two seasons, this anime is most popular with viewers rewatching it. Characters are the best thing and strength of the anime. They are deep, well executed, have their own stories and motives, and are unexpected during the series.

The animation and art style are fabulous, with every character having their own unique style. Speaking of the action, the fight scenes are longer than expected but enjoyable. From the very first episode, you understand why the series is called “Darker than Black.”

This anime on Hitmen has an episodic approach to it, which is surprisingly not extreme because of the fluidity of the plot. In and out, Darker than Black did a satisfactory job and is highly liked by anime lovers, with some even expecting a second season.

3. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

All of us have hated our teachers at some point in time. But killing them…This proves that in the world of anime, anything is possible, Think it, and here is an anime for you!

Assassination Classroom is something way more than you can think of in this anime on assassins. I bet if you watch it, it will be a crazy experience. Collaborating school life, assassination and aliens, here is anime for you.

The story is about the Class 3-E students of Kunugigaoka Middle School who do not excel academically. On the other hand, having destroyed the moon, an octopus-like professor  “Koro-sensei”—has threatened to destroy the Earth by March of the following year.

The students are tasked with the mission to destroy the professor. In light of their mission, the students have found that killing him is not at all easy. Koro-sensei has ingested with powers of moving at speeds of up to Mach 20 and can resist almost every earthly weapon.

Ironically, he also proves to be one of the best teachers Class 3-E has ever had. But, ironically, Koro-sensei is a good teacher who aids the students both in their academics and their talents as assassins.

The anime is narrated by one of its main characters Nagisa Shiota, who makes a list of all the professor’s weaknesses to kill him. The anime is a slow starter, gradually picking the plot, so initially, the anime is boring. The anime is filled with a lot of elements- humour, the growing phase of school students, school life, facing challenges, finding purpose in life, and finding one’s strength.

Though, the anime is less noir and more plain with a comedic approach but enjoyable.

2. Golgo 13

Golgo 13

A true assassin series I must say, that’s why it ranks in second place.

This anime on Hitman is actually ruled and driven by only one character, that is our main protagonist the Assassin, Golgo, or Togo Rodrigues, a man of mystery, and the world’s most prominent intelligence agencies can’t determine who Golgo really is, or just where he came from.

This whole 50-episode anime is about his individual assignments, which are not connected- each episode has its own plot. The only aspect of the anime, that makes you watch it is the animated personification of the Hitman in the series.

He is everything that is needed to be a professional assassin. He is always willing to take assignments from various agencies with his customed armor M16.

This anime on Hitman just has something in it that makes you look forward to Tougou’s next assignment and keeps you wondering how is he going to demonstrate his prowess. When his enemies underestimate him for any regular assassin, you just get the proud feeling “That’s my Golgo!

If you are a fan of super-manliness, protagonists having nearly inhumane skills and anime with old-school art and animation you get all wrapped up in this one show, you should definitely watch.

1. Phantom: Requiem For Phantom

Phantom: Requiem For Phantom

A mistake that changed his life and now it’s too late!

A Japanese visitor, a young man, unintentionally sees a Phantom’s latest murder one day. Desperate to escape, the visitor seeks refuge in a remote building. But soon a Phantom is revealed to be a young lady called Ein and the commander of Inferno “Scythe Master,” catches and brainwashes the visitor.

Now, this once-peaceful visitor is given the name “Zwei,” and is taken as a puppet of Inferno, the mafia organization, with no memory. Drawn into a world of lies, deception, and brutality, Zwei must battle to survive, hoping to restore his memories and leave this world where he is perpetually on the verge of death.

This 26-episode, crime and psychological-themed anime on Assassins and Hitmen, is must watch. The two main protagonists Zwei and Ein are shown to choose a path that will change their lives excessively, unlikely he wanted to go on this path but more like they forced him to.

Love is also portrayed showing that both of the protagonists have feelings for each other but their nature of work makes it hard for them.

The art is great but the animation is mediocre; the Fighting and shooting scenes are exceptionally good. The anime takes you inside a sinister soap opera, complimenting the impact of watching the anime. Every character of the show has their own solid and unique role towards the brilliancy of direction and captivating narrative; characters are developed with depth.

With some twists and turns with in-house politics within the ranks of the inferno the anime is exciting and enjoyable.

It was a thrilling experience. After watching one episode, you’ll just want more and more because each episode leaves you hanging. In our opinion, this is the best assassin anime ever!

Do comment down your views below and if there is any anime on Assassin/hitmen that you feel should have made the list, then feel free to tell us below.

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