Tokyo Revengers Live-Action Film Actor Kento Nagayama Gets Arrested On The Grounds Of Marijuana Possession

New Tokyo Revengers live-action film actor Kento Nagayama, who played the role of Keisuke Baji, has been arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, as reported by NHK.

kento nagayama tokyo revengers

The actor was arrested on the suspicion violating the Cannabis Control Law by possessing marijuana in his apartment Meguro Ward, Tokyo.

The investigators from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department raided his apartment on the night of June 15, where they found the marijuana, leading to his arrest on June 16.

The police is currently investigating the details surrounding the possession, including the sources on how he obtained it.

Kento Nagayama is a Japanese actor. He has appeared in more than 30 films since 2008. Nagayama has two elder brothers who are also actors: Tatsuya and Eita Nagayama.

Source: NHK

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