Shueisha Had Declined Toei’s Proposal To Animate Dragon Ball Super Anime For 4 Years

Shueisha is indirectly responsible for the delays in the Dragon Ball Super Anime production.

Shueisha VS Toei

Dragon Ball Dai Budokai co-author, Antonio Sánchez-Migallón Jiménez, tweeted that Shueisha Inc., the publishing company for Dragon Ball Super manga, told Toei Animation (the animation company for the anime), to halt the anime’s production. The reason Antonio cited for this was the lack of manga content Shueisha had at their disposal to animate. He also added that due to the above reason Shueisha is indirectly responsible for the delays in the production for Dragon Ball Super anime.

He further implied that Shueisha Inc. ultimately calls the shots when it comes to Dragon Ball Super anime and not Toei Animation.

Check out the tweet here:

Since his statement was controversial, the tweet went viral amassing fan reactions on it.

While some fans supported Shueisha for taking the initiative. This is due to many fans believing that the manga being superior to the anime as it addresses major plot points in a better way than the anime did. They also believe that the manga also fleshes out characters better than the anime.

Twitter user @Cipher_db, seemingly blames Akira Toriyama, the original author of the manga, and his habit of forgetting things, forcing Shueisha to take this step.

Ian further added that Toriyama’s habit of forgetting things makes him do changes at the end moment which results in crisis for him and production staff.

He further added that if the manga is completed it helps Toriyama convey his thoughts better to the anime production staff without causing any issues. It also leaves him free to focus on Dragon Ball movies.

One Twitter user, @BlackStorm97, outright denied to believe Antonio and his claims to which Antonio replied that his statement is true.

Several fans supported Shueisha for their decision,

Antonio also mentioned that he wants the Anime to release soon. Albeit, in 2D and in 2023.

One person asked Antonio the source of this news but he refused to give it away as he believes that the leak could put the source in a jeopardy.

Do you think Shueisha is right in ordering Toei to stop pursuing them? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Twitter.

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