Overlord Light Novel To End With Volume 18

The light novels were previously slated to end in the 17th volume.

Overlord AINZ

The afterword in the second part of author Kagune Maruya and artist so-bin’s Overlord light novel volume 16 revealed that the series will come to an end in two volume, i.e., volume 18 of the light novel.

The 16th volume of Overlord light novel released in Japan on July 29, 2022.

Maruyama had previously planned to end the story of Ainz Ooal Gown and Nazarick in volume 17 of the light novel.

However, according to an update posted by the author earlier this year, the draft of the ongoing arc of Overlord spanned out to 700 pages, forcing him to split it into two volumes, 15 and 16.

The author also posted a special message on the anime’s official twitter account, the celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Overlord publishing its first light novel volume.

He thanked fans who had followed the series so far and said that he will continue to deliver better things in the future.

“I’m Maruyama, who is always checking in Akihabara to see if anyone is really buying on the release day. Good evening, or hello. Unfortunately, I have not been able to visit Akihabara yet due to the Corona disaster. Ten years ago today was the first day I went to check out a bookstore in Akihabara on my way home from work, and it all seems to have happened so fast. So, the tenth anniversary! Thank you to everyone who has followed me this far! I will continue to do my best to deliver even better things in the future!”

Kugane Maruyama began the original Overlord light novel series online in 2010, and Kadokawa’s Enterbrain imprint began publishing the series in print with illustrations by so-bin on July 30, 2012. 

Satoshi Shio began the manga adaption of the light novel, with art by Hugin Miyama, and started serializing in Kadokawa Shoten’s manga magazine, Comp Ace, on Nov 26, 2014.

Source: ANN, Twitter

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