Naruto Gets Crowned As The Most Popular Kids’ TV Show In 83 Countries

Dragon Ball came fifth in the list.


A new research revealed Naruto anime as the world’s most popular kids TV show in over 83 countries.

According to a comprehensive study conducted by data analysts at TheToyZone, Naruto has secured its place as the most sought-after kids’ TV show in a staggering 83 countries, surpassing all other contenders in popularity.

Naruto‘s global dominance extends across continents. It holds the top spot in North America (10 countries including Canada & Mexico), South America (7 countries including Brazil & Argentina), Europe (22 countries including Germany & France), the Middle East and Central Asia, and even Africa (22 countries).

Notably, Naruto’s home country, Japan, also features the show as the most popular children’s program.

TheToyZone attributes Naruto‘s global success to its engaging story, well-developed characters, exciting action sequences, and powerful themes like friendship, perseverance, and selflessness.

While Naruto emerged victorious, it was followed by CoComelon, a children’s Youtube channel featuring nursery rhymes and sing-alongs, taking the crown in 49 countries.

Dragon Ball also made it to the list, coming in 5th place.

On the other hand, the most popular kids’ TV show in the United States was Adventure Time, whereas in India it was Motu Patlu.

The top 5 most popular kids’ TV show can be viewed below:

  1. Naruto (83 countries)
  2. CoComelon (49 countries)
  3. Peppa Pig (6 countries)
  4. Tom and Jerry (5 countries)
  5. Dragon Ball (4 countries)
most popular kids' tv show

The research was undertaken by TheToyZone, which began with the creation of a meticulous seed list comprising 6,638 kids’ TV shows sourced from a variety of networks including Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney, CBeebies, and Netflix.

They then enriched list with data from Wikipedia and stacker.com, after which they used Ahrefs to determine the average Google search volume for each show in every country. This comprehensive approach allowed them to identify the most searched-for kids’ program in each region.

Source: TheToyZone

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