Naoya Zen’in Quickly Earns The Jujutsu Kaisen Fandom’s Wrath

Naoya Zen'in

The Zen’in family is portrayed as one of the three huge and powerful families of the Jujutsu World. However, behind this exterior of glory and galore is a hellhole. That too, for many members born out of this family itself.

There are newer and worse facts that keep coming into light about the Zen’ins. As if placing an amount on and ‘buying’ a child for his abilities from an estranged member wasn’t enough to tell us how horrible they are.

The latest addition to this mess is Naoya Zen’in, an heir-in-line for the clan after Naobito. If you ask me, the previous clan head correctly modeled the place for him: a power-hungry position full of misogyny and disregard for everyone else.

Meet the power-hungry Naoya Zen’in

Is it just me or you feel that chapter 138 had two deliberate references to Haikyuu? I rejoiced when I saw Naoya in the first panel thinking “he looks like Kita Shinsuke!” (only to be let down later, LOL) and the old man with the will named Furudate. HMMM.

Naoya Zen'in

Anyway, Naoya started his journey in this story on the worst note possible. The first thing he did was deliver the news of Maki’s terrible condition with a vicious expression, which was still OK but the second? Unforgivable. He immediately proceeded to bash our beloved Maki-san.

He talked about the twins in an overly objectified manner, showing how little (or even none) concern the Zen’in clan has for women.

Naoya has no respect for the clan leader, his brothers, or his uncle either. He is solely fixated on earning the most powerful position in any way possible. He also seems to be a manipulative person.

His first thoughts after knowing Naobito’s will are ways to reach the position. He arrives at the optimal solution, too: kill Megumi and Itadori in one go. All the more reason to hate him, no?

Naoya and the clan’s misogyny

Naoya’s deep-rooted grudge also seems to be coming from the time Maki was in the clan. It must be remembered that Maki was supposed to serve the clan leader, which in this case is…you guessed it. Maki was supposed to “walk three steps behind” Naoya Zen’in.

It certainly makes sense now why he is this clear in his hatred. He even prefers Mai to Maki because she “knows her place as a woman.”

I mean, I am pretty sure Naoya is just the representative of the clan’s ideologies with him being in line for the clan leader, after all. Patriarchy and misogyny are very prevalent in the family.

All the women in the family seem only to be tools to serve the men. There came along a few more shocking revelations about the clan that show us just how bad the Zen’ins mistreat and use the women to further the line.

Naoya talks about Maki and Mai

But I am looking forward to (being even angrier) Naoya’s role in the story. I say that because all the characters have been written very well in Jujutsu Kaisen. I trust that the mangaka will definitely create a good story with this new character. And give the badass women we all love a chance to crush this guy into a pulp while Yuji and Megumi look over. 🙂

Fans react to Naoya

Let’s check out the fandom’s pulse because there were quite some interesting Reddit reactions to Naoya. Just for the record, I feel the same way.


Well, do you think that any redemption would work for Naoya? Personally, no. I hope Maki & Mai wipe the floor with him! 😀 Read the latest chapter on Viz and comment below!

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