Kugisaki Nobara’s Straw Doll Cursed Technique In Jujutsu Kaisen Explained!

Nobara is one of the most notable characters in Jujutsu Kaisen. And her powers are fascinating to watch too! Well, I mean, if you don't consider it as just putting some nails in dolls. Read ahead to find out how Nobara uses her technique to exorcise curses!

Kugisaki Nobara

Nobara is one of the most notable characters in Jujutsu Kaisen. The series loves to portray powerful and confident women, and Nobara is no exception. She is level-headed and has her own morals and goals. But, she still remains a funny character in a relatable way. And her powers are fascinating to watch too! Well, I mean, if you don’t consider it as just putting some nails in dolls.

But what exactly are Nobara’s powers? And what are its applications? Read ahead to find out how Nobara uses her technique to exorcise curses!

What is Straw Doll Cursed Technique?

In the Straw doll technique, Nobara attacks her enemy using a toolset of nails, a hammer and straw dolls. Her cursed energy flows through nails, and she can manipulate them as she wishes. This technique is Nobara’s innate cursed technique, and she uses it as an offense. Its attacks are short and medium range.

Her technique is actually inspired by the wara ningyo rituals that have existed in Japan for a long time. You can read more about them by clicking this link!

Strawdoll technique

Nobara can lodge the nails in her target and blast her cursed energy through them to attack. She can also choose when her cursed energy flows through the nails to attack at the right moment. For example, in Nobara’s initial exorcism in the story, she used a hammer to send the nails flying into a mannequin’s head. Once they were in place, she snapped her fingers to release her cursed energy and end the curse.

The nails Nobara can manipulate can also float in the air because of her cursed energy. This property helps her in nailing her intended target easily. In fact, once these nails pierce her opponents, she can deal severe damage to them.

When it comes to damage, the Black Flash technique is a trick that can exponentially increase the power of an attack. As much as they would like, not all shamans can use the Black Flash because it requires a high level of focus. However, in the Origin of Obedience arc, Nobara successfully used Black Flash with her cursed technique.

Nobara used Black Flash

Nobara channeled her cursed energy through the nails in a very short time during her attack. She pierced Kechizu and landed enough damage to injure the Death Painting critically. However, she could only do it because, during this fight, she was extremely focused and had entered a sort of “zone.”

What are Resonance and Hairpin in Straw Doll Technique?

Nobara’s power, the straw doll cursed technique has two extension or sub- techniques, Resonance and Hairpin.


Hairpin is a basic attack of the Strawdoll technique, but it can damage Nobara’s opponent a lot. For Hairpin, she first makes sure to pierce either the opponent or any object around the attack area. With the snap of her fingers, a huge amount of cursed energy flows through the nails and creates explosive blasts.

Nobara achieves these detonations by making excessive amounts of cursed energy flow into the nails. Once the cursed energy exceeds the limits that the nails can handle, they explode. It makes for a strong attack against her opponents.

During the Kyoto Sister School exchange event, Nobara knew that she could not catch up to Nishimiya without some sort of disturbance. So, she created a quick plan in her head. Under the pretense of missing the target with the nails, she kept lodging them into the trees surrounding her and Nishimiya.

Hairpin against Nishimiya Momo

As soon as Nishimiya was off-guard and Nobara had lodged enough nails, she snapped her fingers. A range of cursed energy blasts went off all around her opponent, forcing her imbalance. Nobara grabbed this opportunity and caught hold of a bristle from Nishimiya’s broom to use Resonance.


Resonance is an aspect of the Strawdoll cursed technique that is reliant on a connection with her opponent. The straw doll Nobara carries acts as a medium. A fragment of anything directly related to her enemy is required to establish a connection with the curse she wants to exorcise via the medium. The biggest advantage of Resonance is an unlimited range to the attack once there is a connection with the opponent.

Nobara uses Resonance quite frequently throughout the story. In her fight against Nishimiya in the Kyoto Sister School exchange, she used one bristle from her broom for resonance. She placed the bristle on the straw doll and hammered a nail into it, disabling Momo’s flight.

Nobara Momo

In the Origin of Obedience arc, she used Resonance to land a heavy blow to Eso, who was fleeing away. She used his severed hand, placed the straw doll on top of it, and pierced it with a nail. The blow of her nail gets magnified when it reaches the target, rendering Eso an easy target for Yuji.

Using herself as medium in the fight against Eso:

However, the most notable use of Resonance is in her dual fight with Yuji against Kechizu and Eso. Resonance can impact all the opponents linked with a connection. The curses’ Supreme Rot technique started once their blood was in their opponents. This fact made Resonance the perfect counterattack for the technique if the user is crazy enough.

Well, in this situation, Nobara was. What happened here was similar to her using the straw doll. The blood of Eso and Kechizu was the link her technique needed. Instead of the doll, she used herself as a medium. The nails pierced her skin, and the blood in her body amplified the attack to both the curses.

Nobara Resonance

Hairpin and Resonance combined attack

This section of the article contains spoilers from the manga, read ahead at your discretion!

Nobara often uses Resonance and Hairpin as a combined attack. While the degree of damage depends on various factors, Nobara’s technique is quite effective against multiple enemies.

And surprisingly, one of them was Mahito. We already know that physical attacks don’t hurt Mahito, unless they damage his soul. Only Yuji could affect Mahito with his physical attacks because he could understand how souls work.

However, after Nanami told Nobara about Mahito’s technique, she was sure that her technique would work on him. In the Shibuya Incident arc, Nobara was up fighting against Mahito. Well, it was his double, but Nobara did not know that. She pretended she did not have a plan against Mahito, and just like against Nishimiya, she was throwing her nails randomly. But she did have one, and it was genius.

Nobara Mahito1

When she had scattered enough pins at a place she targeted, Nobara forced Mahito to reach there too. She herself climbed at a higher spot, and from there, she dropped a single pin and used Hairpin. The explosion caused all scattered pins to turn upright, and as soon as that happened, she jumped at use Hairpin on all of them.

Amidst so many blasts, she injured Mahito, but her main plan was different. Taking advantage of the situation, she pierced Mahito with her nails and used Resonance. This plan was a BRILLIANT one because Resonance only needs a medium and a connection to work. Mahito’s body was the medium, and his soul was connected to his body.

Nobara used Resonance on Mahito

When she used Resonance on the body double, it landed a major hit on Mahito’s soul and his real body. The damage to his real body oscillated back to the double, and the impact of Nobara’s technique lingered for a long time. Thus, where everyone else’s techniques would fail, Nobara’s worked.

The attack was so effective that Mahito dubbed Nobara as his natural enemy alongside Yuji. What did you think of Nobara’s powers and her techniques? Let us know in the comments section!

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