Hololive Terminates Vtuber Uruha Rushia’s Contract For Leaking Information

Rushia's YouTube channel and membership service will be shut down, deleting all her work, around the end of March 2022.

Uruha Rushia

Cover Corporation, the parent company of Hololive, announced the termination of their Virtual YouTuber Master Agreement with VTuber Uruha Rushia on Thursday, Feb 24, 2022. Rushia was accused of breaching her contract by leaking information to third parties.

“Regarding Uruha Rushia, it has been apparent for some time that she has been distributing false information to third parties and has been leaking information, including communications regarding business matters,” Cover Corp wrote in their press release.

Cover Corp did not state exactly what information was leaked, the press release stated that they were able to confirm that Rushia engaged in acts that violated her contract, leaking information that she was supposed to protect.

According to the them, her actions have caused the company to suffer reputational damage by publicizing falsehoods to various related parties.

“…we, as a company, have determined that it has become dificult to continue managing and supporting her and have elected to make this decision,” the press release said.

The company also said that Rushia’s YouTube channel and membership service will be shut down, deleting all her work, around the end of March 2022.

Cover Corp thanked the fans for the support that they shown for Uruha Rushia over a period of two and half years, since her debut as the third generation of ‘hololive’. They also apologized to the fans for having to take such a decision.

The company further stated that they will take extra efforts to make sure that similar incidents do not happen again in the future.

Rushia has not made a statement yet on her termination. The announcement also drew mixed reaction from the fans, as many slammed the “aggressive termination”.

Her most recent tweet came on February 14, in which she apologized for rumours circulating about a possible relationship with popular online musician ‘Mafumafu.’

Cover Corp had earlier released a statement on Feb 14, 2022, regarding this issue saying that the private life of the talent is left up to the individual. They also asked others to refrain from spreading misinformation and harrasment, citing the harsh emotional stress it put Rushia and the other talents under.

However, they had hinted about investigating and internally looking into an “outburst of misleading information to third parties, as well as a leakage of information including those of fellow business correspondents”.

As of the publishing of this article, a Japanese YouTube video claiming to contain information directly from Rushia has gotten over 1.7 million views.

Uruha Rushia was one of Hololive’s biggest VTubers with nearly 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube. She made her debut on July 18, 2019.

Her official English profile describes her as “a necromancer from the Underworld Academy who is not good at communicating with people. She does not want to be alone, however, which is why she talks to the spirits and the damned.”

Rushia is the world’s highest Superchat earner of all time, according to Playboard’s research on YouTube’s Superchat statistics. As of February 14, 2022, she had earned around 379 million yen (US$3.2 million) in total. In January alone, she earned 17 million yen (almost $150,000 USD).

Source: Cover Corp

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