Hololive Production Terminates Yozora Mel’s Contract Over Violations

COVER Corporation, the parent company of Hololive Production, announced the termination of its Virtual YouTuber Master Agreement with Yozora Mel, a member of the first generation of hololive who had been an integral part of the virtual talent agency for 5 years and 8 months, on Jan 16, 2024.

Yozora Mel contract termination

This decision comes after the company discovered that Yozora Mel engaged in actions that violated her contract.

The confirmed breaches in question involved Yozora Mel leaking sensitive information acquired from the company to external parties, and as a result has made it difficult for hololive Production to continue managing and supporting the talent.

The termination will result in the closure of Yozora Mel’s YouTube channel and membership by the end of February 2024.

COVER Corporation emphasized its commitment to taking the matter seriously. They stated their intention to further instruct their affiliated talents on compliance matters to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The company also expressed gratitude to fans and partners for their continuous support throughout Yozora Mel’s activities.

Checkout the full statement below:

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continuous support of hololive production.

We regret to announce that as of January 16th, 2024, we have terminated our Virtual YouTuber Master Agreement with Yozora Mel of hololive.

It has been confirmed that Yozora Mel has been engaging in acts that violated her contract by leaking information that she acquired from the company to third parties. As a result, we have determined that it has become difficult to continue managing and supporting her and, with agreement from the talent, we have elected to make this decision.

To all our fans and partners, we deeply appreciate all of the great support you have provided throughout the activities that Yozora Mel has engaged in over a period of 5 years and 8 months since her debut as part of the first generation of hololive. It is with regret that we must report this matter in spite of the long-standing activities of Yozora Mel. We sincerely apologize for the information we are providing at this time.

We will be closing Yozora Mel’s YouTube channel and membership by the end of February 2024. We are taking this matter very seriously, and we intend to make further efforts into instructing our affiliated talents on compliance matters, so that similar incidents do not happen again in the future. We hope for your continued support and patronage of the talents of hololive production, as well as our company.

Thank you.
COVER Corporation

This wasn’t the first time a member of Hololive was terminated for breaching contract. Uruha Rushia, too, was dismissed for distributing false information to third parties and for leaking information, including communications regarding business matters.

Source: Official Website