‘Your Name’ Movie Producer Confesses To Have Paid Over 20 Underage Girls For Sexual Favors

Your Name producer paid 20 underage girls

The Wakayama Prefectural Police revealed on May 8, 2024 that Your Name. movie producer Koichiro Itou has been referred to prosecutors for additional violation of Child Prostitution & Pornography law in Japan, after it came to light that he had paid an underage girl for sexual intercourse.

The latest case involved a 17-year-old high school girl from Yokohama. Investigators believe Itou knew the girl was a minor when he paid her 30,000 yen for having sexual intercourse at his residence in December 2023.

He is also suspected of taking and saving photographs of the act.

According to to investigators, Itou admitted to paying at least 20 girls on social media for sexual favors.

I met at least 20 underage girls on social media and paid them to have sex.

Another victim of his was a 15-year-old high school girl, with whom he engaged in child prostitution for over two years, sending her 20,000 yen each time in return for sexual favors.

The police revealed they identified the victims through the images on his smartphone. The producer has been arrested thrice till now on suspicions of breaking the Child Prostitution and Pornography law.

Itou was originally arrested on Feb 21, 2024 after investigators found that he coerced a 15-year-old high school girl from Nagano who he met on an SNS platform to send her nude selfies.

Itou was aware that she was a minor.

This incident occurred in September 2021 and he is believed to have offered 12,500 yen in cash in order to get the images.

Koichiro Itou is a consistent collaborator on Shinkai works at Comix Wave, including Your NameWeathering with You & Suzume. He has worked on the director’s previous movie instalments. He met the director first while he was working on The Place Promised in Our Early Days.

Source: Asahi, Yomiuri Shimbun

    • Bruhh that is legit the producer guy what are talking about

      I’m surprised that you are disgusted by the photo and not what he did!! You are disappointing and disgusting

      • Makoto Shinkai is the person most affiliated with Your Name and other CoMix studio productions considering that it was his works that got adapted to these films. I think OP meant that this article is deceptive because people who casually pass over this article would be lead to believe that this Itou guy was someone in Makoto’s role.

        It’s kind of unfair for Makoto’s work reputation to be nuked because of what this sicko did.

        • I’m not sure I understand what point is trying to be made unless the point is the 100% literal “it’s unfair that that could happen theoretically” in which case…
          Yeah that would be unfair.
          That said it’s also a very strange point for someone to raise as criticism of this article, the person being charged for these crimes is a producer on those movies, the writer (by my analysis) is just pointing out some of the most prominent works this person has produced.

          If there were anything in here that was unfair towards Makoto or anyone else that would be one thing, but theres just not.

          Also to return to the origin of all this the initial comment is about the photo itself being misleading which I can’t rationalize whatsoever.
          Thats one of the movies the dude produced 🤷

          • the point is that this article doesn’t make it clear enough that it’s only a producer who did this – not Shinkai – who was the actual creator of the movies listed in the article. it doesn’t even mention Shinkai until the second last sentence and even then doesn’t make it clear that he is the actual creator. someone who didn’t know this could easily get the impression that “the guy who made all those awesome anime movies is a sex offender” and the author looks to have done this intentionally.

            it’s like trying to give the impression that kevin smith was a sex offender because harvey weinstein produced a bunch of his movies.

          • Yeah, not really saying that anything about the article writing is wrong – perhaps that why you thought it was a strange point. The fact of the matter is that Itou was a part of the executive staff which worked on the movie and did what he did. The writer did what they we’re supposed to do this case.

            The fact that it could happen in a theoretical capacity doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen at all. It’s quite reasonable to think that those with a passing interest would think that what Itou did would have serious impact towards the studio and the staff behind it when reading an article like this. I think its a very naive and narrow way to think that there aren’t unintended consequences.

  • I agree with Chip, the photo used is deceptive considering the person in the thumbnail is not the person which the article is about. This is my first time on this site but based on this one article it gives me the impression that this site engages in misleading info or even slander based on the fake thumbnail. Will definitely NOT be revisiting this site again.

    • The photo used is of Koichiro Ito, and this article IS about Koichiro Ito. The photo is when Ito attended the film fest in Doha, Qatar in 2013 (Ajyal Youth Film Festival).

      p.s. There is nothing misleading about this article or any other article on the website. If you found any misleading info point it out to us with sources.

    • The person in the photo is NOT Makoto Shinkai. Maybe double check before commenting?

      • Maybe read the article first before saying anything, or at the very least read the first two lines if it’s that difficult to read.

  • Oh my gosh! What kind of world do we live in where heinous men like this are attracted to girls of child bearing age! We need to start shaming men even more for being biologically wired to be attracted to developed girls. Think about how traumatized these girls are for trading sex for money. Monsters like this should be in prison for life for doing something their ancestors have been doing for thousands of years.

    Oh, by the way Ami, the photo you’ve used for your article is inaccurate. Try harder next time sweety.

    • what the hell did I just read. it’s people with awful, harmful ideas like you in this community that give the rest of us such a hard time speaking openly about our interests.

      if you genuinely think that an adult paying high-school age kids for sex isn’t abusive or taking advantage of them, I don’t even know what to say.

      • Brother, you share a hobby created by foreign men who until last year lived in a culture where the lowest age of consent (in certain prefectures) was 13. Japanese (and many other people) don’t have the same western values you do.

        • The age of consent was never 13 in Japan. That law is/was exclusively between people very close in age, the same as what the US calls Romeo and Juliet laws, we do not prosecute an 18 year old for having sex with a 17 year old or otherwise close in age (usually 4 years, varies by state, just as theirs varies by prefecture.)

          Japan’s actual “general” age of consent varies between 16-20, higher than ours.

          • Literally google “age of consent japan” and it was raised from 13 in 2023, June 16 2023, written by Japan Times

            I know this is fluid in many areas of Japan and ultimately comes down to parental consent but as for Westerners, the age of consent was 14 back in 2021 in Hawaii and was the same way across most of America in the 1950s, presumably because people didn’t live as long

            I’m not condoning this person’s actions, and I personally don’t think the age of consent should be less than 20

            it’s just interesting to me how 17 is considered well into adulthood depending on who and when you ask

    • We also used to advertise cigarettes in cartoons, we used to prescribe heroin to people as cough medicine barely over 100 years ago.
      You know why every gas pump say “unleaded” on it?
      Because we used to have “LEADED” gas right up until we realized it was creating toxic fumes that we just recently found out actively lowered a SIGNIFICANT portion of the populations IQ

      When we realize that we as a culture have been chronically engaging in behavior that’s detrimental we alter it, we don’t just sit around and say “we’ve been paying child prostitutes for sex since the Middle Ages, it’s no big deal.”

      • Please refer to my comment to Concerned Parent.

        I don’t believe hard wired biological sexual attraction to prime child bearing age girls is “behavior that is detrimental”. What IS detrimental is the below replacement levels demography as well as dipping fertility rates and higher mean age of childbirth rates. What is detrimental is shaming males of your society for something that they can’t control that is considered normal in most other sane societies.

        • No one hires an underage prostitute with the intent of having children, nor do most people care if you are merely attracted to someone who is a minor but sexually mature as is biologically natural.

          They do care when you actively attempt to groom or have sex with a minor, as doing so is more likely than not inherently manipulative and harmful, and removing or lowering the age of consent would make it far easier for sex traffickers and abusers to operate.

          I’m not sure what “sane societies” you are referencing but Japan’s laws are stricter than the US. The only places with drastically higher birth rates are in Africa or the Middle East, either as a result of third world conditions and/or theocracies that effectively enable the sale of child brides, where women have no rights. Feel free to move to one of those places and convert to Islam, though I think you’ll find that despite their tolerance of child brides, their views on prostitution and promiscuity are much harsher than ours.

    • England has had age of consent laws since the 1200’s (being of “birthing age” does not mean they can consent and hasn’t meant that for almost a thousand years), and as we developed psychology in the early late 1800’s we came to understand brain chemistry and adolescent development.

      A 14-year-old girl does not have the cultural context of actual adulthood to consent to a sex-for-play relationship. As another man with an actual moral compass, the power dynamic of a 50-year-old famous man hunting down young high school girls and then pressuring them into sex is predatory and disgusting. There are literally thousands of escort cafes all across Japan that would allow someone famous like him to go in and discretely pay for sex with beautiful women in their 20’s or 30’s, there’s no reason for him to prey on high school girls.

      He’s a predator and he will be facing jail time, as he should.

      • Statute of Westminster I set the age of consent to 12 years old in 1275. This is hardly a convincing argument and in fact lends to my argument that our ancestors were porking each other when sexually mature.

        You seem to be under the impression that those under the age of 18 (could be higher knowing your types) don’t have a brain capable of understanding sex and consent. I argue that biologically ready people can in fact understand and consent. After all, that’s what they’ve been doing for thousands of years and you are the direct result of that.

        You are correct that the average 14 year old doesn’t have the “cultural context of adulthood”, but that is because our society in only the last handful of decades has infantilized our post industrial population into perpetual children even far past the age of their prime. We (especially older women) also viciously shame men for being biologically wired to be attracted to fertile girls. And of course this doesn’t apply to males of non-western societies, only males of YOUR society. So, what about other, non-western societies? Why can a 16 year old girl can consent in one place on the planet but not another? Seems like a double standard that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

        Research shows that most heterosexual men find adolescent girls attractive, but don’t have a willingness to report so. You say you’re a man that has a moral compass. Have you ever seen someone below that age of 18 and been attracted to her? Be honest. If so, then you’re a hypocrite. As I’ve said, a few handful of decades of a western social experiment don’t trump thousands of years of biology.

    • Your ancestors also used to bleed people to cure them, put asbestos in paint and your mother gave birth to you, lots of mistakes were made in the world, chomo.

      Go suckstart a 12 guage.

      • A few decades of a western social experiment don’t trump thousands of years of biology and selection. Men are hardwired to be attracted to sexually mature girls. God forbid the sexes show an interest in each other before they’re 21 years old, right? You wouldn’t want to be seen as a pedophile, right?

        You people are ridiculous and spit in the face of fact and biology. Do you tell everyone who is attracted to fertile and sexually mature girls to blast their brains out? If not for that same attraction, your bloodline would have ceased long ago. Maybe your brainpower would be used better to figure out how to save your dying demography instead of shaming men for something they can’t control.

    • I appreciate your comment and your concern but the photo couldn’t be more accurate. And I certainly do my research well and hard before publishing any articles. The person in the photo is producer Koichiro Ito. It’s from when he attended a film festival.

  • It’s mindblowing how half of the comments are incels defending what this bastard did. To the point of (wrongly) focusing on the picture to try to discredit the article lol

    • That isn’t what the comments are about.

      the problem is that the article gives the impression that Itou is the creator of the listed movies and doesn’t make it clear that he is only a producer. Someone who didn’t already know that Shinkai was the creator of “Your Name” and the other listed movies could easily get the impression that “the guy who made all these lovely anime movies that i like is actually a huge creep” when that isn’t the case at all.

      It’s like implying that kevin smith is creep because harvey weinstein produced a bunch of his movies. no one is defending Itou, they are just (rightly) saying that the author needs to make it much more clear that Itou merely secured funding for these works and had nothing to do with their concept or creation.

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