Here’s How LiSA’s Husband Suzuki’s Alleged Cheating Scandal Unfolded

The 20year old Boasted About Her Relationship With Suzuki And Revealed It On A Locked Account

Tatsuhisa and Lisa scandal

It’s always a bright day when two people in love announce that they got married, even more so when it’s two titans of the anime entertainment industry. And it’s always a bright day for the paparazzi when the very same heavyweights end up being part of a scandal that rocks the industry altogether. Or we simply hype it enough to create big waves. It’s the pandemic, you got nothing better to read.

It was announced in January 2020 that anison superstar, LiSA, known for singing the themes to Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Sword Art Online, My Hero Academia and many more, has tied the knot with OLDCODEX singer Tatsuhisa Suzuki, who also voice acts Ranmaru Kurosaki in Uta no Prince Sama and Makoto Tachibana in Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club, among many more.

However, it is alleged that Suzuki has been cheating on LiSA with a female fan in her 20’s who works at a recording studio, with a report becoming public on July 30 on Bunshun Online. This entire article is based on their report, so you might as well read that. But you’ll miss my crass comments on whatever happened.

Coming back to the story, Bunshun even had pictures of Suzuki with another woman going into a hotel in Tokyo. If that’s not solid proof, then I don’t know what is. So, for people who are still in the dark, here’s how the scandal unfolded in front of the public eye, managing to shock many a fans and followers alike!

I know that my boss is secretly thanking Bunshun for helping the website get a few extra clicks. Also, here’s a piece of friendly advice; if you are a certain famous someone and can’t keep your thingies in your pants, then at least have the common sense to be wary of investigative media like Bunshun. How careless can you get? For real! They clicked photos!!

Domestic Discord Started Just After Year And A Half Of Their Marriage

According to reports, it seemed that Suzuki had a drinking problem from a long time ago. Suzuki was a bad boy when he was all sloshed. Is this the ‘good girl bad boy trope’? Seriously, what’s with this trope?

Well, as a result of his drinking habits, LiSA had to face her husband’s indifference resulting in an unstable relationship right after a few months of marriage. That’s not the definition of a happy married life.

LiSA’ had seen her parents divorce at a young age (the male, her father, apparently being the culprit here too. Ughh, men) That’s why she had hoped Suzuki who had supported her a number of times will not break her expectations and her yearning for a “happy couple” will be satisfied.

Unfortunately, rumors started spreading in the industry after a year and a half of their marriage that the couple had been experiencing “domestic discord”.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki is (or was, considering the current scenario) a rising star in the voice actor industry as well as the music industry so to say. He is the voice of characters such as Ban (“Seven Deadly Sins”), Draken (“Tokyo Revengers”), Anos (“Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha”). I’m taking bets on whether he gets to keep these roles. Lemme know your thoughts in the comments.

Lately, he seems to be quite attached to the delinquent character he plays as “Draken” as he has updated his personal experiences playing the character quite a few times on social media platforms. That said, one of the studio officials reported Suzuki is not the type to go “hard school” in his private life.

But he definitely had his eyes on a 20-year-old “A-ko” who worked at his recording studio in Tokyo.

A-ko Got Involved With Suzuki At the End of Last Year

A-ko is a quite famous name among her acquaintance, for she has been asked out by men in the industry more than once. A-ko was in charge of recording in the studio. At the end of last year(2020), Suzuki started seeing her at a hotel named “M” in Shibuya Ward, which already had a music studio.

Apparently, a fan of anime and voice actors, she already had a crush on Suzuki’s voice. So, it was only a matter of time when both of them would eventually meet in the same line of work.

A-ko Boasted About Her Relationship With Suzuki And Revealed It On A Locked Account

The gall of this woman, you say. This is when the cat got out of the bag. A-ko did a very poor job of hiding her kinship with Suzuki. She updated her private social network pages quite often giving insights about her daily endeavors with the voice actor; thereby spilling the content of her (sleazy?) private life to the industry. Sneaking cannot be done publicly after all. You can’t have them both gurl!

One of the tweets as provided by an industry insider said:

“I’m staying at M again today. But I wonder if someone will come to join me. Tatsuhisa has already gone home.”

(Posted on May 7)

Despite being the “No.2” of Suzuki, A-ko seems to have taken pride in being able to ba(n)g the ‘bad boy’. A close friend of A-ko reported their relationship started around spring. Ever since, they met at their secret spot about once every two or three weeks.

When A-ko’s friend asked her about what she was doing, the 20-year-old replied that it’s nothing to be ashamed of “because all the voice actors are players”. And she had kept this secret from LiSA safely (well, not anymore). Furthermore, she boasted to her friend that on the day of A-ko’s birthday, she was going to have Suzuki come over and celebrate at the hotel. Did she have him wrapped around her fingers?.

A-Ko Celebrated Her Birthday At “M” With Suzuki

A-ko’s birthday was on May 23rd. The day before, on May 22, Suzuki was spotted in the studio attached to “M”. He was recording a new song by the band “OLDCODEX”, in which Suzuki is the vocalist.

Suzuki entered the studio at 1:00 p.m. followed by his bandmates. At the same time, A-ko was also working at another studio in Tokyo.

Shortly after 6 p.m., Ako left after work and headed for “M”. They met at the smoking-room when Suzuki was on break. Taking a look around him, he gently handed Ako the card key for the hotel room he had reserved in advance and left the room. After a few moments, A-ko left the room and headed for the room that Suzuki had reserved.

According to some regulars of M, the hotel is designed so that the elevator does not work without a card key, and Suzuki reserved a double room on the upper floors. It is a popular room for young people because it has a panoramic view of the night of Shibuya, with a dimly lit fully open interior. Well, they had good head for it, if not in decision making, then at least in hotel rooms!

There was also a park in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, and street drinkers often went rampant during the state of emergency.

At 9:30 p.m., Suzuki high-fived with the band-members before heading to the hotel lobby where Ako was waiting with the card key. They got into the elevator and entered the room wary of the surroundings.

According to A-ko’s friend, the duo stayed at the hotel till 11 pm that day, celebrating her pre-birthday. However, it seems A-ko’s friend is not happy that Tatsuhisa went back home before it was midnight. Although A-ko was devoted every time she was called by Suzuki at not only the hotel but also at his home (the wife’s gotta be angry you know) when LiSA was away.

Suzuki Called A-ko At His Residence

On July 17, LiSA shared her excitement on Twitter after a two-day live performance in Nagoya. The day before, however, Suzuki had called Ako to his home when his wife was away. He couldn’t resist it.

According to Bunshun, on that day, Ako finished her studio work and headed to Shibuya. She roamed around at a department store near hotel “M”, keeping an eye on her phone for Suzuki’s message.

At 7:30 p.m., Ako left the store and went to Shibuya Station. Traveling via train, she left the station and showed up in front of the luxury apartment where Suzuki and LiSA lived.

Tatsuhisa and A-ko in the parking lot

It seems, Suzuki became bolder changing their rendevous spot from “M” to his house. According to A-ko’s acquaintance, her friend was really happy to be invited to her crush’s house, and to top it off, Suzuki treated her with an exclusive first release of the TV anime “Free!”‘s new song for her. At 9:30 p.m., about two hours after entering the apartment, Ako left Suzuki’s home and got into a taxi, and went home.

A new post update on her locked account shows:

“That’s right, since LiSA was at Nagoya Live yesterday, so it was okay to go to his house”

Written by Ako on July 17

As a matter of fact, it was not the first time, Suzuki invited her to his home, alone. A-ko was spotted heading to Suzuki’s home on June 5 in the morning. They met at the basement parking lot of the apartment building, wary of the surroundings. But they were oblivious to the fact that their actions had garnered attention, and soon enough all hell was going to break loose.

Rain down on these knaves, ye paparazzi forces!

A Curious Bunshun Strikes Tatsuhisa Suzuki Directly

On July 28, the interview team hit Suzuki directly after he had finished his work.

Initially, Suzuki received the team gracefully, however his facial expression changed when a member mentioned the name of “A-ko”. The voice actor frantically walked away as he was questioned about his affair with the 20-year-old.

When he was shown the photos of them together, Suzuki called a taxi and went away. He should run away from the affair, running away from photos do no good!

Half an hour after encountering Suzuki directly, A-ko, who texted “yabai,” deleted all posts about Suzuki that she had posted so far on her locked account. The next morning, when the members tried to speak to A-ko before going to work, she ran away silently. They both have the same response mechanism.

Fans Rushes To Support LiSA And Suzuki On Social Media

After the news from Bushun went viral on Twitter on July 30, fans rushed to comfort their favorite artist. While some made puns like “Betrayal of The Red Lotus” referring to the record-breaking song “Gurenge” which translates to Crimson Lotus for LiSA, Suzuki was name-called as the “demon” from the popular anime “Demon Slayer”.

However, there are fans who totally denied the infidelity and rushed to comfort the celebrity couple, accusing Bunshun of intruding on the celebrities’ private life.

Even though Bunshun had proof as pictures and tweets from A-ko’s private account, fans are in total denial that the website is in the wrong and filmed only the weakest moments of Suzuki Tatsuhisa.

On the other hand, many netizens are also very angry about this, hoping LiSA can get a divorce and it’s okay if she doesn’t apologize in public for her disgraceful husband.

No statement from LiSA about the infidelity has been recorded yet. However, fans suspect this will create a great ruckus in their work-life and might affect the release schedules of LiSA and Tatsuhisa’s respective works. And for some reason fans were right.

LiSA And Suzuki Go On Hiatus, Suspend All Public Activities

Mere days after Bunshun Online claimed that OLDCODEX frontman Tatsuhisa Suzuki cheated on his wife, J-pop superstar LiSA, the duo released separate statements on Wednesday that they will both be taking a leave of absence from the public eye due to “physical and mental fatigue.”

She had to change the sheets back home, and also her husband, if the allegations are true.

This canceled all upcoming appearances and concerts that the two were set to appear in, including OLDCODEX performing at Animelo Summer Live on August 29.

The report on LiSA’s website said that the singer is currently under heavy physical and mental fatigue and won’t be able to perform this weekend in Fukuoka. Her staff apologized for the inconvenience and said that refunds for anyone attending “LiVE is Smile Always~LADYBUG~.”

On the other hand, the website for OLDCODEX said that Tatsuhisa Suzuki, who performs as the vocalist, said that he has been in “poor physical condition since the other day.” The single for the upcoming Free! film will be released on September 15.

Due to the declared hiatus, Suzuki offered to step down from the role of Kōtarō Higashi/Ultraman Taro in the anime Ultraman‘s second season.

As a public figure, Suzuki Tatsuhisa’s derailment is distressing for his wife and fans who have supported him. After all, he have to pay the price for what he did if all this proves to be true.

As to whether LiSA will choose to divorce or apologize for her husband afterward, fans will respect both her choices.

Tatsuhisa Attempted Suicide, “No Apology” Explained

Right after Bunshun Online flashed the news of Tatsuhisa being involved in adultery with a co-worker, and her being spreading updates in her locked social media account, fans started aggressively bullying LiSA’s husband. There is no clarified statement, but the comments were harsh enough to push a man to cry for help.

Tatsuhisa is reported to commit suicide in early August, shortly after the infidelity report. Suzuki’s agency will not comment, but says “he is in poor physical condition”.

Caught in all this, LiSA didn’t get any chance to apologize to her fans or Tatsuhisa’s. LiSA rushed to the hospital in Minato Ward, Tokyo, where he was put on ventilation for at least 2 weeks.

LiSA Will Appear For “LiVE is Smile Always ~Ladybug~” In Hokkaido

After canceling the Fukuoka concerts scheduled for August 7 and 8, the official website for singer LiSA announced on Thursday that the singer will resume her “LiVE is Smile Always ~Ladybug~” arena concert tour in Hokkaido on August 28 and 29.

The site also revealed that she will slowly resume her activities after she announced a hiatus earlier this month due to mental and physical fatigue. The announcement noted that she is now slowly recovering.

Tatsuhisa Will Continue Voicing Makoto Tachibana

After the report of Tatsuhisa Suzuki suspending public activities due to “physical and mental fatigue,” his role in the upcoming two-part Free!-the Final Stroke- anime films were in flux, especially when the production committee decided to cancel the release of today’s trailer due to the use of OLDCODEX’s theme song, of which Suzuki is the singer. But today the production committee announced that Suzuki will continue to voice Makoto Tachibana.

The franchise’s production committee announced on Tuesday that due to the group OLDCODEX’s hiatus, the September 15 release of the first film’s theme song has been put on hold. As a result, the planned release of the film’s new full trailer on Thursday at 11:00 p.m. (10:00 a.m. EDT) was also canceled.

LiSA Ends Her Hiatus, Ladybug Tour Resumes From November

Japanese singer LiSA, who recently went on hiatus, updated her Twitter and expressed her gratitude to her fans. She also confirmed that her Ladybug tour is continuing in November.

Lisa resuming

The tweet translates as:

Thank you for a lot of smiles, claps, and kindness. #LADYBUGツアー [Ladybug Tour] will be in this November, Fukui next time. Thank you.


She performed her latest concert LiVE is Smile Always~LADYBUG~, on August 28 and 29, 2021.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki Presents Written Apology For His Actions

On August 30, OLDCODEX vocalist and LiSA’s husband Tatsuhisa Suzuki released a written apology on the official website of his office, I’m Enterprise.

Tatsuhisa Suzukis written apology

The written apology translates as follows:

I am very sorry for any inconvenience or concern caused to everyone due to my irresponsible and inappropriate behavior.

I am very sorry for my actions happened this time, and I strongly regret that I have caused trouble and concern to various people for acting foolishly.

In the future, I will respond more carefully than ever with awareness of how much my behavior will have a big impact on the surroundings in each and everything, and I will move forward once again and act in good faith.

Again, I would like to express my deepest apologies to everyone who has supported us till now.

We are very sorry.

I’m Enterprise has also commented on Suzuki’s apology as “This case was caused only because of Suzuki’s own lack of pride and responsibility, and his ignorance of the magnitude of the impact of his actions bear on all concerned places. He sincerely takes it seriously and will deeply reflect on the weight of responsibility and the magnitude of what he had lost, due to his action without awareness.”

Suzuki also released an apology statement on OLDCODEX’s website regretting his actions and taking full responsibility for the concern he has caused to his fans.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki Replaced As Anos’ Voice Actor In The Misfit Of Demon King Academy

The stage panel for Shu‘s The Misfit of Demon King Academy at Dengeki Bunko Winter Festival Online 2021, announced that Yuichiro Umehara will replace Tatsuhisa Suzuki as the voice of the lead character Anos Voldigoad. The announcement was made on Sunday, Dec 12, 2021.

LiSA Gives Non-Negotiable Conditions To Accept Suzuki’s Apology, Renuion Of The Couple

LiSA made Suzuki promise her to cut off all connections with the woman he had affair with including moving to a new house and getting new furniture as non-negotiable conditions to forgive his husband’s misdeeds.

Tokyo Revengers Anime to Replace ‘Draken’ Voice Actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki

The official website for the television anime of Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers announced on Monday, Dec 27, 2021, that the anime is replacing Tatsuhisa Suzuki as the voice of Ken “Doraken/Draken” Ryūgūji, after discussions between his talent agency and the anime’s production committee.

OLDCODEX to Disband After Contributing 2nd Free! The Final Stroke Film’s Theme Song

The official website for the musical unit OLDCODEX announced on Monday that the unit is disbanding. The website also announced that the unit is contributing the theme song for the second Free! The Final Stroke film, which will open on April 22.

OLDCODEX vocalist Tatsuhisa Suzuki recently took a hiatus from “all entertainment industry activities” in August. OLDCODEX and Suzuki’s agency made the announcement shortly after singer LiSA, Suzuki’s wife, also announced a hiatus “from some of her activities” due to mental and physical fatigue.

Source: Bunshun Online, News Post-Seven, LiSA Website

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