Hajime Isayama Reveals Attack On Titan Was Supposed To Get A Prequel Manga


In a recent revelation, Hajime Isayama revealed that Attack On Titan manga was supposed to get a prequel but had to subsequently cancel it. He cited concerns over potentially disrupting the continuity of the main storyline as the primary reason for scrapping the project.

This piece of information was revealed in the newly released ‘Attack on Titan FLY Artbook‘. In an interview featured within the artbook, Isayama disclosed his original intention to pen a prequel to the main series. He revealed that the prequel was slated to unfold a century before the events depicted in the main storyline.

However, despite his initial enthusiasm for exploring the rich history of the world of Attack On Titan, he admitted that the daunting task of ensuring perfect continuity posed a significant obstacle. This was one of the major reason why he abandoned the idea.

Actually, at first I was developing a story that would take place 100 years before the main story. However, when detailing such an episode, if there is any discrepancy with the main series, it won’t make any sense. As such, I needed a lot of determination to actually draw it, so I didn’t make any progress writing it“.

The reason he decided to go with Levi one-shot was to address a lingering curiosity among fans: the peculiar manner in which character Levi holds a teacup. This was something Isayama had previously promised to draw.

Events at the Angouleme International Comics Festival made me realize that the first priority of this one-shot is to make the fans happy. Therefore, rather than the original idea, I decided to make this a one-shot piece that would reveal something I had said I would draw before but hadn’t drawn yet: ‘Why does Levi hold a teacup in such a weird way?’

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Attack on Titan Fly, the first and the final artbook of the series, released in Japan on May 1, 2024.

The artbook contained an interview with Hajime Isayama, along with various illustrations. Bundled together with the book was the latest one-shot manga on Levi, titled Bad Boy.

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It was serialized in Kodansha’s monthly magazine Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine from September 2009 to April 2021, with its chapters collected in 34 tankobon volumes.

As of September 2023, the manga has over 120 million tankōbon copies in print worldwide, making it one of the best-selling manga series of all time. It has won several awards, including the Kodansha Manga Award, the Attilio Micheluzzi Award, and the Harvey Award.In North America, the series was published in English by Kodansha USA.

Season 1-3 of the anime was produced by Wit Studio and season 4 by MAPPA.

The fourth and the Final Season’s Part 1 started airing on Dec 7, 2020, while Part 2 premiered on Jan 9, 2022 in Japan. Crunchyroll and Funimation were streaming the episodes simultaneously as they aired.

Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 Part 1 aired as a one-hour special, and released on March 3, 2023.

Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 Part 2 aired on Nov 4, 2023.

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