Gojo Vs Sukuna: Is Gojo Satoru Stronger Than Sukuna?

What happens when the strongest of Jujutsu Kaisen go up against each other? Read our analysis of Satoru Gojo vs Sukuna!

If there is one thing that everyone – die-hard Jujutsu Kaisen fans to casual watchers – has relentlessly discussed and dissected, it has to be the strongest against the strongest. Gojo vs Sukuna.

Or rather, who would actually win this great clash. Since the start, the story established quite firmly that Sukuna and Gojo are powerhouses with no fear.

And of course, Gojo just had to go ahead and say that he could defeat Sukuna so confidently. It’s not like Sukuna is any different, either, and wants to wholeheartedly fight the jujutsushi who welcomed him so graciously.

Their annoying attitudes aside, their powers are every bit interesting and badass. So, when Gojo made that statement, the fandom went into a frenzy to analyze their fight, and well, nobody has come to a conclusion yet.

We are here to do the analysis and find out who will be the winner of Gojo vs Sukuna? Let’s dive into this hot debate, shall we?

Before that, don’t forget to brush up on Gojo’s technique and Sukuna’s technique!

Gojo vs Sukuna: Is Gojo stronger than Sukuna?

For something so talked about, there sure is very little to speculate upon for this showdown.

The problem begins with Sukuna’s unknown technique(s), and the bare minimum fights the both of them have fought.

So, neither do we know their arsenal of powers, nor do we know the full potential of their powers. Where do we begin pitting them against each other, then?

The one point of comparison available to us is their fights against Jogo.

It is a bit unfortunate for Jogo, but both Sukuna and Gojo obliterated him quite easily despite only casually fighting.

On an arbitrary basis, we can say that Sukuna with 15-fingers in a Gojo vs Sukuna battle is around the same level as Gojo toying around.

Gojo Megumi 1

However, here is the issue with that assumption: Mahoraga. 15-fingers Sukuna had no problem in defeating the most powerful shikigami of the Ten Shadows Technique.

And according to Gojo, it was something like this that took down a Six-Eyes and Limitless user in the past. Is that why Sukuna is interested in Megumi?

Does this imply 15-fingers Sukuna truimphs in Gojo vs Sukuna battle? That would mean any more fingers and Gojo has to say goodbye.

Honestly, we can’t jump to that conclusion so easily. Gojo is indisputably a step ahead of the Six-Eyes and Limitless users in the past. Don’t believe us?

Well, for starters, Gojo had the ability of the Hollow Purple attack that is unknown to most people, including the Gojo clan. He also perfected the Infinity to assist him the best in fights.

As Gojo said, everyone knows about Inherited Techniques that are passed down. So, there’s certainly a reason why he could stand so tall above others and shock them.

Even so, we haven’t seen Gojo use the full extent of his powers yet. If the man could cook up something like a 0.2 seconds domain expansion, he’s bound to have more tricks up his sleeve.

Gojo power

What is more interesting is Akutami’s comments on Gojo. The mangaka said in the fanbook (unofficial translation) and an interview that Gojo is the ceiling of power in Jujutsu Kaisen.

There is literally nobody stronger than him. Whew.

Gojo vs Sukuna: who wins?

The power scaling is still ambiguous, but still, let’s try estimating who wins.

First, we begin from what we know, Sukuna’s Slash and Cleave. Since this is a physical attack, there might be no better counterattack for it than Gojo’s Infinity.

As we saw from the man himself, nothing that he doesn’t want can cross the infinite distance from him.

So, a Slash and Cleave attack might be rendered useless, but what about the attacks like Maximum: Meteor?

Jogo had a 15-fingers Sukuna admit that he’d not have survived that attack if it had hit him, that is. And Gojo’s biggest strength is not getting hit by any attacks, so we can agree the Meteor wouldn’t have harmed him.

There’s one more possibility we’re not sure of.

Gojo’s Infinity does not work in a domain expansion, and we’re very aware of just how powerful and swift Malevolent Shrine is.

Sukuna's domain at Shibuya

The attacks of Sukuna’s domain are faster than Mahorga’s regeneration speed, that’s for sure. So, even if Gojo is fast, he cannot evade attacks from all directions and impossibly high speed.

But when it comes to domains, Gojo is not one to lose. His Infinite Void is one of the most powerful domains in Jujutsu Kaisen. It also seems that there is no way anyone can escape it.

Even if Sukuna is a curse, his sentience leaves him open to being a victim of endless thoughts in Gojo’s domain. Everything and everyone in Infinite Void is there or even alive at Gojo’s discretion.

So, the battle of Gojo vs Sukuna comes down to one (or maybe, just maybe, two) possibility: who manifests their domain first.

However, we must also wonder if Infinite Void can overwhelm Malevolent Shrine or not. The vice-versa seems highly unlikely because, as we discussed, anyone in Infinite Void will lose the ability to think or act straight, let alone fight.

We don’t know how these domains compare to each other since both their hosts also have infinite cursed energy.

Considering human limits of casting a domain, we can say for now that Sukuna might win in a domain expansion battle in Gojo vs Sukuna fight.

What about speed, then? Both of them are incredibly fast, that’s certain. We cannot forget Sukuna’s sudden appearance next to Panda at Shibuya during his fight with Jogo.

Talking about Gojo. He is more than just fast – he can teleport to short distances as well. It enables him to appear at random places to attack any way he wants.

The winner of speed in Gojo vs Sukuna battle is Gojo, for sure.

Gojo attacks Juzo

It seems pretty easy so far, right? Well, let’s make it a bit tougher by talking about attacks.

Sukuna’s primary attacks are Slash and Cleave, and they are invisible, but it doesn’t matter here. Even Gojo can use his technique for invisible attacks like he did against Juzo.

What about Sukuna being the King of Poison, then? In the Hidden Inventory arc, Gojo said that it’d take some time, but he would be able to distinguish poisonous objects.

Gojo can probably counter poison now

With his rapid speed of learning, we can safely say he can counter any poison at this point.

Moreover, aside from his Blue, Red, and Purple attacks, we don’t know much about his other invisible attacks or how he can weaponize Infinity.

Now, it’s time to address the elephant in the room: Sukuna’s hidden techniques. Ever since Sukuna used the fire arrow against Jogo, fans have speculated if he has an arsenal of cursed techniques.

If he does, he might also possess one that could beat Gojo. What makes this belief stronger is Sukuna’s thorough knowledge about techniques, just like Kenjaku.

His quick thinking and knowledge might give him an upper hand against Gojo. And there is also his Binding Vow with Itadori we have no clue about.

Before coming to the conclusion of the fight, let’s discuss one more thing.

Should Gojo be able to beat Sukuna?

There’s been a lot of talk about could they beat each other, but nearly not enough about if they should. Critically speaking, if Gojo does beat Sukuna, it’d discredit a lot of plot points.

That end would immediately take out any meaning from the character development of Itadori, Megumi, and others. It’s not ideal for the plot in that way alone.

Gojo had previously said that he wants to raise a strong generation of sorcerers because him being strong alone isn’t enough. This generation’s fight against Sukuna is THE time to realize their strength and potential.

Gojo's reason for becoming a teacher

Gojo beating Sukuna would defeat Gojo’s core purpose for becoming a teacher in the first place.

Further, we are all assuming that Sukuna will definitely be the final villain of Jujutsu Kaisen. But such assumptions can prove worthless often because Akutami really enjoys bending rules.

We should probably also ask ourselves if Gojo vs. Sukuna would even happen or not. Gojo’s biggest enemy seems to be Kenjaku, considering his history with Geto Suguru.

As for Sukuna, the manga is setting up a showdown between him and Megumi from the very start. And of course, we have the protagonist, Itadori, and pre-protagonist, Okkotsu, as well.

It seems more and more unlikely that this anticipated fight might not ever take place.

To sum up, I think Gojo’s words weren’t all that hollow.

In my opinion, if the fight ever happens, Gojo will win against Sukuna because we haven’t seen him get serious yet. He is the strongest sorcerer for a reason, although he might be lousy, as he says.

What do you think would be the outcome of Gojo vs Sukuna? Let us know in the comments who wins and why!

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  1. Gojo doesn’t create infinite space/distance, he is just dividing the finite distance into small infinite fractures by using red and blue, plus he cannot affect people directly with this.
    And he is a power ceiling of the series, for now at least, there’s a reason why Gege hasn’t revealed much about Sukuna yet but i do wholeheartedly believe that Sukuna would outlast him in a fight and eventually win, he is more experienced and knowledgeable about the cursed energy. He shouldn’t be underestimated.


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