Chainsaw Man Episode 5 Review: Who’s The Real Dog?

Denji's self-instrospection and Aki's backstory are the highlights of this episode. But a certain Devil lurks in the shadow that might keep their misery from ending...

Chainsawman Episode 5

Chainsaw Man is one of those anime series that keeps getting better with every episode drop and let me tell you, if you didn’t like me for nitpicking the previous episode, then boy would you be happy to read what I have to say here!

The cliffhanger of Episode 4 was perfect for leaving anime-only(s) hungry for the next as Denji begins to fondle with Power’s breasts. But it turned out to be mere breast pads.

Denji’s bewilderment is the most intriguing part of this scenario. If you’re the kind to read all of Fujimoto’s one-shots in addition to his longer works, you’ll see the extraordinary amount of work he puts into depicting a character’s self-introspection.

One of my professors in college recently posed a crucial question to the class “At what point you feel satisfied the most? What was more meaningful: the realization of your goal or the path you travelled to get there?” The second choice was chosen by the vast majority of the group.

Why? He said it’s because our minds make up an unrealistic image of what success looks like. We have all sorts of fantasies of what it could be. But once it is achieved, we realize that we fell for the ol’ “the grass is greener on the other side” illusion. And that is exactly what Denji felt.

He too came to the same conclusion that the real reward lies within going through the expeditions themselves. Because in the material world, we don’t have a clue what to do after achieving our targeted goal. It goes on and on indefinitely until we get frustrated with the rat race.

Makima isn’t free from these shackles as well. To the surprise of many, Chainsaw Man Episode 5 indicates further to the notion that she is the real dog and not Denji!

Chainsawman Episode 5

Consider the following sentence she states while biting Denji’s finger – “Remember this (the bite). So that even if you can’t see, you’ll be able to tell it’s me, from how hard I’m biting”. It’s a common canine mentality to not want to be forgotten by its owner. Hence, it resorts to such gestures in an effort to forestall such an outcome.

During these scenarios, Makima ain’t as expressive as in the Manga due to her singular type of face expression. But it compensates with extra shots of her cake and breasts (hehe).

What I specially love about the adaptation is its religiosity in sticking to the source material and Episode 5 is no exception. Every dialogue is on point, including the voice acting.

Denji feels like he’s discovering water for the first time after feeling her Boobs. He nearly choked and broke out in a cold sweat from the intense levels of pleasure. Kikunosuke Toya convinces us that he is truly Denji by imitating his voice and mannerisms to a tee. Each timbre is appropriate and essential.

When we talk about essential, I have to mention how the Anime’s treatment of Aki’s past made me remember how shocked I was when I first read the Manga. Including the list of cities and the number of fatalities could have increased the impact, but… eh, it was fine.

The animation in this Episode was a considerable jump from its predecessor (to which Fujimoto himself agrees). The 2D frames of Denji and Arai walking with a 3D background was a great combo. And while we’re on the subject, I’d fail in my duty if I didn’t mention the absolute masterpiece of an Ending theme.

ED Director Hiromatsu Shu continued the innovative streak he displayed in the closing sequence of Da Wang Rao Ming. It baffles me how he managed to condense the series’ overarching themes—death, infinity, sorrow, and madness—into a minute and a half of stellar visuals.

It not only foreshadows the Devil they’ll face in Episode 6 but other things way into the future. I’ve explained all of it in another post, so do check it out!

Overall, Chainsaw Man Episode 5 is a fantastic rendering of three pivotal chapters from the original. This 23-minute animation successfully combines deep philosophical and psychological insights with heartbreaking tragedy and amusing wit. The best episode so far in my books.

Chainsaw Man Episode 5 rating: 10/10

So what do you think of Chainsaw Man Anime Episode 5? Let me know in the comments below!

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