Can Code Really Become An Otsutsuki In Boruto? Explained

After receiving White Karma and Will Of Isshiki, Code has set on a path of Vengeance. He is aiming to destroy Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto, Kawaki, and Amado. Despite his immense powers and being stronger than Jigen Code might go for becoming a full-fledged Otsutsuki. And for him to become an Otsutsuki Isshiki has left him a straight path.

When Isshiki confronts Code, he explains to the enhanced human that despite not being able to become a backup, Code can become a brand new Otsutsuki due to Karma’s powers. The requirement for this to happen is that Code needs to consume the Chakra fruit post its cultivation on Earth. This fruit will have data of all beings who live and died on this planet since time immemorial along with Isshiki. Thus granting Code, the abilities/powers of everyone post-consumption of Chakra fruit.

Divine tree New Otsutsuki

But to nurture and harness the chakra fruit and grow the divine tree Code will have to make a sacrifice. The candidates for sacrifices are none other than Kawaki and Boruto. As they are almost 80-100% Otsutsuki now. So feeding them to the Juubi will be much simpler than carrying out Kaguya’s entire plan once again. 

Sacrifice Boruto and Kawaki

However, some might think that since Code has white Karma and has Isshiki’s powers and Will, he is already an Otsutsuki. Although it makes the Code a pseudo-back-up, he is unable of undergoing a complete Otsutsuki transformation. Along with the immense powers of Otsutsuki, the white karma is capable of only carrying the Will of the caster. 

Is Gaining The Powers Of Otsutsuki Mean Becoming An Otsutsuki?

The answer is No, gaining powers and becoming an Otsutsuki are two different things. To become an Otsutsuki you will have to combine the Ten-Tails powers with yourself or be born as one. Feats completed by only 4 people till now. They are Madara, Obito, Hagoromo and Hamura.

Now with the reveal of another Juubi being there in the Otsutsuki temple and him being way too stronger than Jigen, the path for Code to become an Otsutsuki is clearer than ever. 

However, when Isshiki tells Code to become an Otsutsuki he tells him to become an Otsutsuki God:

Otsutsuki God

This God-like being from the Otsutsuki lore has been consuming countless planets since time immemorial. It consumes the data of the planet through the chakra fruit and gathers knowledge and power throughout the universe.

The existence of such a being itself is scary and if such a being comes to earth it’ll be impossible for Earths’ defenses to defeat it. One such trivia about this God-like being is that it is said to have Jougan. The mysterious eye which Boruto possesses.

Although, there have been no revelations whether such a being exists or not. Do you think Code or Boruto could reach this level? Will they become Gods? Let us know in the comments.

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1 thought on “Can Code Really Become An Otsutsuki In Boruto? Explained”

  1. No.

    Reson: He would need to cultivate the Shinju and eat the Chakrafruit. Cultivating the Shinju means, the Planet becomes a lifeless husk. He would also need to feed Kawaki or Boruto to the Jubi.

    But in the Flashforward we saw them alive and fighting. And i don’t think, that they will make Code the Antagonist for so long.


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