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What Is Jougan Eye In Boruto? How Did He Get It?

Jougan Boruto

Along with the flash-forward scene that we witnessed at the very beginning of the series, there is one more thing that is driving the theories in the Boruto Fandom, the Jougan.

What is the Jougan In Boruto?

Known only to the Otsutsuki clan, Jougan, literally meaning “Pure Eye” is a unique dojutsu. The clan’s members have often called it “troublesome”.

In the manga, the dojutsu is featureless in appearance with a barely visible pupil whereas, in the anime, Jougan eye is blue in colour with a darkened sclera and a visible pupil.

How does Boruto get Jougan?

In the anime, Boruto first awakened the Jougan while fighting Nue with Mitsuki but it was involuntary. Toneri Otsutsuki might have helped Boruto to awaken the Jougan via a prophetic dream. But it has not been specified as to why Boruto has the pure eye in the series.

However, we speculate that Toneri did not grant the unique dojutsu to Boruto, he only helped him to activate it. We speculate that Toneri was able to help Boruto to awaken the Jougan as the dojutsu has connections with the Otsutsuki Clan.

The same can be said about Boruto’s lineage too (implying that Boruto could awaken Jougan naturally but it would take a lot of time).

His mother Hinata Hyuga is a direct descendant of Hamura Ohtsutsuki and received his chakra in Naruto: The Last Movie. Hamura’s Chakra is essential to activate/destroy the Tenseingan.

The necessary thing to activate Tenseigan is to combine Ohtsutsuki chakra with a pureblood Hyuga chakra. So in theory, Hinata can activate Tenseigan, which has enough power to destroy and rebuild the moon.

While chakra cannot be passed down in most cases, Hamura Otsutsuki’s chakra is an exception. It is said that Hamura’s chakra has been passed down to generations in the Otsutsuki and Hyuga clan.

Now, Naruto, Boruto’s father is a reincarnation of Ashura Ohtsutsuki. He also received chakra from Hagoromo Ohtsutsuki and has chakra of all the tailed beasts inside him.

On top of that, he has a very strong life force thanks to his Uzumaki lineage. So he and Hinata could have potentially passed their immensely powerful genes over to Boruto.

This passing of genes has been seen in all Kyuubi Jinchurikis and their offsprings. Especially Kushina Uzumaki and her descendants i.e Naruto and Boruto.

An example would be the whiskers on Boruto and Himmawari’s face.

 Jougan Powers and Abilities:

  • Perceive the flow of chakra, enabling Boruto to see the visible changes in one’s chakra and also track a target through their chakra and can see the chakra pathway system clearly and determine its most key point. 
  • It can also see through invisible barriers that connect between dimensions and open portals from one dimension to another as well.
  • It can also perceive negative emotions, like Naruto and also see spirits (Nue’s form and Momoshiki’s soul).
Nue’s chakra flow as seen by Boruto

What does the Jougan mean for Boruto?

I believe that the Jougan will be crucial in the future of the story as Boruto is prophesied by Toneri to be the one who shoulders the fate of the world and becomes the one who stands at the pinnacle of power, above the shinobi and the Ohtsutsuki.

The Jougan could very well be an original dojutsu that was wielded by the ancient Ohtsutsuki.

This could mean that Boruto right now has the highest potential of becoming the strongest being in existence without his karma powers.

His karma powers would be an addition to his arsenal. Momoshiki also mentioned/foreshadowed this when he stated that these eyes would take everything from Boruto.

I cannot stop thinking that this might be similar to Naruto’s destiny as a Jhinchuuriki; to bring sorrow and destruction but managed to change it.

Boruto could either manage to change his destiny like his father or end up like his Uncle Neji, who succumbed to their destiny.

This would explain why Jougan makes Boruto a potential threat to the Otsutsukis.

We still don’t know a lot about Jougan’s powers and their limitations; will it have the same effect as the Sharingan when overused? Will it help Boruto create new jutsus and techniques?

I reckon that we will find answers to some of our question’s soon as the fight with Issihiki Otsusuki has come to an end and we are very close to the time skip.

What are your thoughts on the Jougan? Is it going to be overpowered? Underwhelming? Just another battle shonen power-up?

Comment your thoughts down below!

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  1. my guy this is bullshit Naruto is just a jinchuriki his powers cant be passed genetically you didnt tell us why Boruto gat the Jougan

    • It’s clearly mentioned that Naruto’s LINEAGE was passed. I never said Kurama’s powers were passed. Again, read it properly, we have a heading that delves into how Boruto might’ve awakened the Jougan.


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