Bubble Original Movie Unveils Official AMV With Opening Theme

The movie is set to release on Netflix on April 28, 2022, globally.


The official Twitter account for Netflix Anime released an official music video on Thursday, Apr 28, 2022, for the upcoming original anime movie Bubble.

The AMV features the opening theme for the film titled “Bubble feat. Uta (TeddyLoid Remix)” by Eve.

In addition, the ending song “Jaa ne, Mata ne” is performed by singer-songwriter Riria, who voices Uta in the film.

Tetsuro Araki is directing the film at Wit Studio, with Gen Urobuchi’s script and Takeshi Obata’s character designs. The soundtrack is being composed by Hiroyuki Sawano.

The cast of the movie includes:

  • Jun Shison as Hibiki
  • Riria as Uta
  • Alice Hirose as Makoto
  • Mamoru Miyano as Shin
  • Yuki Kaji as Kai
  • Sayaka Senbongi as Usagi
  • Tasuku Hatanaka as Denki Ninja
  • Marina Inoue as Undertaker
  • Shin-ichiro Miki as Kantō Mad Lobster

Previously, Wit Studio’s Bubble released a new trailer giving more insights into the story of the movie. Furthermore, the film is being adapted into a manga.

“Futari Bocchi Sensou” creator Erubo Hijihara is in charge of the manga adaptation on Shonen Jump+ app.

The movie is set to release on Netflix on April 28 2022, globally. However, it will release on May 13 in Japanese theatres.

Source: Twitter

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