What Is The Goal Of Curses In Jujutsu Kaisen?

The world of Jujutsu Kaisen is primarily divided into three entities: non-shamans, shamans, and the most feared cursed spirits. The world works in that way, shamans protecting non-shamans by exorcising cursed spirits. There are different levels of curses as well, with the special grade curses being the rarest of them. But in recent events in Jujutsu Kaisen’s world, a lot of these aforementioned special grade curses have banded together to bring calamity to the human world.

But what is the objective of their alliances? What do they see in the future?

The goal of the curses

The goal of the curses or cursed spirits is to become the real humans and wipe out all the other humans. They want to lay waste to the civilization and bring forth the age of curses. Their reason? Nobody wants the shorter end of the stick.

Curses they might be, but special grade curses can speak, think, and live for themselves. The insurmountable difference in the power of two sides, the curses and the shamans is undoubtedly an eyesore for all the curses alike. But an even more significant irksome factor that lies deep in their minds is the presence of weak and pathetic humans. Humans who need protection, who are good-for-nothing, and humans who can never compare to the curses.

True humans

Humans are by nature cunning creatures who hide their emotions and true feelings behind masks. But their actual feelings and their true nature, which are revealed only behind backs, give birth to these curses. So, the curses represent the truth of human nature and deserve to live as true humans.

How do the curses plan to achieve their goal?

As mentioned earlier, the curses have teamed up together to obliterate and overpower the human world. But they have also contracted a fishy character to their side, Geto Suguru. This man knows a lot about everything and everyone in the Jujutsu world. He also devises crafty plans for the curses to exploit the weaknesses of the colleges and jujutsu sorcerers.

His plan for the dawn of the age of curses is simple (well, not really). A: Instead of wasting their energy on killing him, they should focus on sealing Gojo Satoru in the special-grade cursed object, Prison Realm. And B: They must get Ryomen Sukuna on their side.

Prison Realm

Why? Gojo Satoru is the most powerful shaman in the Jujutsu world today and is powerful enough to beat Sukuna even with all of his 20 fingers. Without any sort of handicap, he can exorcise a bunch of special-grade curses within a short time. Basically, it would be K.O. for the curses with Gojo roaming about freely. Secondly, the favor of Sukuna is a must because he is the most infamous and powerful curse from hundreds of years back. Even if all the curses were to die, the king of the curses could lay waste to the human realm all on his own.

Manga spoilers ahead!

The curses carried out the plan devised by Geto at Shibuya on October 31st. They created multiple barriers and diversions, working in teams and sparing none. In the last chapter, the battle seems to have come to a temporary end with several casualties. The biggest losses being Gojo sealed in the Prison Realm and a massacre by Sukuna when he overtook Itadori’s body.

Of Geto Suguru

Geto Suguru is definitely one of the most unpredictable and complex characters in Jujutsu Kaisen. Ever since his first appearance in the anime, he has been shown as a sketchy person with cunning schemes up his sleeve. The Jujutsu Kaisen prequel gives us insight into what his life was before the current timeline. But unfortunately, there has been no answer to the biggest riddle: what are his real motives?

Geto Suguru

In the recent chapters, it was revealed that his brain was actually that of the notorious and evil sorcerer, Noritoshi Kamo. However, nothing is known about this man either. How did he end up leading the curses? And just why does he know of everything in the Jujutsu world so deeply from ancient times to now?

It seems like there is much more to him than his facade of being in cahoots with the curses, and there are ulterior motives behind his actions. Is this ‘brain’ even Noritoshi Kamo? There have been several discussions that this Brain-kun is someone else entirely and may even be from the time when Sukuna was wreaking havoc. Did he have a role in the destruction previously? And what does he aim to do with Sukuna’s favor?

What are curses in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Curses are born out of the cursed energy seeping out of human bodies in the form of negative emotions. This energy accumulates over time and takes different forms. However, these are all invisible to a common human’s eye and can only be seen by shamans. The history of curses runs deep, as indicated in the story, and are said to be existing alongside humanity since time immemorial.

The curses often latch onto humans leading to disappearances and deaths in the present times as well. After two major events in the Jujutsu world: the death of the king of curses Ryomen Sukuna and the birth of the user of Six-Eyes and Limitless techniques Gojo Satoru, the curses side had gotten significantly weaker. They had been hidden in shadows for a long time, but ever since Itadori Yuuji consumed Sukuna’s finger, there has been an increase in the upheaval in the Jujutsu world.

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