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The story of a brave brother and sister pairing is rare in the history of anime and manga. With a supernatural theme, Demon Slayer introduces us to Nezuko Kamado, the female lead of the series who is not only a beauty but also can fight equally by the protagonist Tanjiro Kamado’s side.

Nezuko Kamado is a pivotal character in the Kimetsu no Yaiba series, and here are 15 facts about her that all Demon Slayer fans should know:

15. Nezuko was under a spell

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Nezuko even after becoming a demon cared deeply for the people around her. While Tanjiro was training to be a Demon Slayer, Master Urokodaki kept Nezuko under a spell in her slumber state. He chanted to her- She must protect humans as a family and never eat them no matter what. Though her brother was against it at first, later when Nezuko met the demons Tamayo and Yushiro, she treated them as her family members as well which relieved Tanjiro.

14. Nezuko’s eye colour changed after her transformation

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At the start of the series we see, Nezuko having red and black eyes with a pink undertone quite similar to her siblings. But as she got transformed into a bloodthirsty demon her eyes changed to stark pink. Such eye color transformation is also noticed in Rui and his group which explains it as one of Nezuko’s demonic features after the transformation.

13. Nezuko recharges by sleeping

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Unlike any other demons made out of Muzan, Nezuko Kamado does not rely on human blood. She doesn’t need even a drop of blood to keep her going. However, she needs enough sleep to restore her energy. Even when she was harassed and lost liters of blood for her body, Tanjiro’s cry and pleading made her face away from such an inhuman act. This is a great feat of her, that saved Nezuko from instantly getting executed by a Hashira.

12. Nezuko didn’t lose her consciousness even after becoming a demon

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Though Nezuko couldn’t resist her demonic instincts at first, later when Tanjiro screamed at her soul, she responded with tears. This shows, that her human side is still intact though in a mess. But after Giyuu struck unarmed Tanjiro down, Nezuko went against him and made a stance to protect Tanjiro. Her brave inner consciousness didn’t waver to protect the weak even when she was severely hurt. Giyuu was astonished to see such a sight and thought they could change the future of this cruel cycle of killing.

11. Nezuko is special than other demons

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Muzan’s blood turned Nezuko into a great demon. She has a lot of special abilities which is absent in other demons. Nezuko can grow and shrink herself at will. At one time, she can fit in a basket or become a kid to dodge the swords. On the other hand, she can grow huge and strong like an adult demon. She has really strong legs, enough to kick ass of a few bulky demons. Later on, she also develops her own Blood Demon Art rivaling that of the Upper Moon Demons.

10. Kibutsuji Muzan is Nezuko’s  master

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No wonder that cute Nezuko can beat up demons on her own. Muzan Kibutsuji has himself shaped Nezuko Kamado into a fine demon without his knowledge. The immense power she carries is the token of the King of Demons himself. But there is a drawback that acts as a boon as Nezuko cannot speak in her demon form. So she is free from the curse of Muzan.

9. Nezuko’s family could afford her only a single kimono

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The Kamado family was so poor that they hardly had enough to feed themselves than buying new clothes. That is why when Tanjiro has a flashback of human Nezuko, he is reminded of how she put others’ lives before hers and wore the same old pink kimono forever. Tanjiro breaks down in a scream and promises her to give everything he couldn’t do for others ending her compromise once and for all.

8. Nezuko is the Yang to Tanjiro’s Ying


Even though at first Tanjiro wanted to treasure her kid sister as if she is a weak human, moving down the road he realized Nezuko is not a weakling anymore. She is a strong badass demon who fears no one. So they formed the tag team of a Demon and a Demon Hunter to slay bad demons and protect mankind. For Nezuko throughout the series her abilities continue to grow, eventually helping her brother overcome death battles.

7. Nezuko was asleep for 2 whole years

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After meeting with Urokodaki, Tanjiro started training while Nezuko entered a long slumber. She slept so hard for two years, Tanjiro almost thought she was dead. Her comatose mode was the result of immense bloodloss after Muzan turned her into a demon. This long sleep also helped her regain physical strength while Urokodaki hypnotized her ear to protect mankind.

6. Nezuko awakened her Blood Demon art at Mt. Natagumo

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Kamado Nezuko’s Demon Blood Art is fire-based where her blood turns into fire instantly outside her body. The Exploding Blood turns into pink flames which can only set fire on demons when Nezuko uses it. This was awakened at the battle of Natagumo, when Rui almost finished off Tanjiro. Bakketsu(Exploding Blood) also gives a power up to Tanjiro’s sword and his Kagura dance making decapitating troublesome demons child’s play.

5. Nezuko was her town’s beauty

Yes, we all agree in unison. Nezuko is the imotou we want to protect at any cost! Not only can she literally kick demons in the face but also her kawaii-ness has no bounds. If she was the talk of the town I am sure no one will deny that. No wonder Zenitsu falls in love with her at first sight. And how dare Yushiro call her an eyesore huh!

4. Nezuko can turn Tanjiro’s nichirin red

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In the battle against Rui, when Tanjiro unlocked a new breath; Dance of the Fire God- Waltz, he was also given a boost by Nezuko. Nezuko used her Blood Demon Art which gave Tanjiro’s sword a new appearance. The pitch-black sword turns blazing red, with immense speed and strength increasing the efficiency of his Fire breathing style. We might find more information on this in the later seasons.

3. Nezuko was Muzan’s health insuarance plan

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Kibutsuji Muzan was terrified of the bearers of Hanafuda earrings. So, Muzan personally went to kill off the Kamado family as the King of Demons wanted to assure his protection from any threat. After the death of Tanjiro’s father, he sought the next chance to eradicate the children and the weak mother while he could. And he turned brave Nezuko into a demon to make sure if any member of the family returns, Nezuko will eat them. But, turns out Muzan’s words actually backfires.

2. Nezuko lost her verbal ability after becoming a demon

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It might come as a shock, but in the Demon Slayer series so far Nezuko has very few dialogues. After becoming a Demon she lost her ability to talk properly only to express her feelings by growling and roaring in anger. Later on, when Giyuu gave her the bamboo muzzle she could only respond to Tanjiro with cute Nezuko noises. The last time she expressed her actions with words in the series, is when she used the Exploding Blood Technique. Other than that, she continued much of her journey without interacting verbally.

1. Nezuko’s name is perfect for her character

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The first kanji of Nezuko’s name means “red bean” (禰豆 ねず nezu) which is a clear symbolism in Japanese culture which means “warding off demons(oni)”- a ceremony called “Setsubun”(Bean Throwing Festival). Whereas the second kanji is a common feminine suffix, which translates to “child” (子こko). So, her name is apt as she wards off every demon who comes after Tanjiro and protects him. Also, 五禰豆(gonezu) is the name of the Snowball flowers shown everywhere near her house in the mountain; resulting in her becoming a beauty who drives off demons for good!

I hope we enlightened you with some exotic facts about our best girl Nezuko chan! Check out more facts about Kamado Tanjiro here! Let us know in the comments which other characters you want us to cover. Till then, Mata ne! ^-^

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