Will Shikamaru Die in Boruto?

In Boruto chapter 64, Code and Boruto continued their battle in the outskirts of Konoha. Meanwhile, we see Naruto and Ino’s sensory unit trying to locate Boruto. As soon as Naruto tracks down Boruto’s whereabouts Shikamaru confronts Naruto and asks him to join the battle. To which many fans including us ponder the question,will Shikamaru die in Boruto?

Why we think so you ask? Well there are multiple reasons,

1. Shikamaru isn’t a Taijutsu master and his jutsu’s won’t work against Karma.

Shikamaru is a skilled analyst and strategist. He killed Hidan and, in a way, Kakazu using only his wits. Also, the zombie duo didn’t have broken abilities like absorbing chakra and jutsus, high speed regeneration, teleportation and everything that comes with Karma.

He will obviously come up with a plan on the go while battling Code. However, Code has Eida with him, who can keep on informing him about whereabouts of everyone on the field. So whatever plan Shikamaru comes up with, Eida can nullify them.

In addition, nobody in Konoha has full grasp of Code’s powers except Amado. However, bringing Amado in front of Code is like Team Konoha doing a self-goal. Although, this can help Shikamaru survive this small battle, for now.

2. Nerfed Naruto can’t protect Kawaki, Boruto and Shikamaru simultaneously.

Daddy Naruto
Call Me Daddy- Naruto!

After so long we see Naruto enter Toad Sage Mode in the series. The sage mode grants tremendous abilities to Naruto, however, it is useful only during one on one battles. In the battle Naruto needs to focus on absorbing senjutsu chakra, however, this won’t be enough despite having 2 more clones to gather it for him.

This is due to Code being an Otsutsuki level threat and Otsutsuki are known to have very high chakra reserves. So kneading chakra while protecting others is a nigh impossible task.

In addition, in the last panel, we see Boruto falling due to some side effects of the pills. This could mean Boruto either faints on the battle field or Momoshiki could re-emerge. In both scenarios, the situation only gets dire for Naruto.

Since Shikamaru and Kawaki are pretty much useless in this battle. There’s a chance that Shikamaru can die on the battlefield. It could be while trying to protect Kawaki since without Karma he’s basically a civilian. This will be a good way for him to die since Kawaki is always wary and untrustworthy of Shikamaru. So Shikamaru sacrificing himself for the sake of Kawaki will further push the latter to become a loyal Konoha member.

3. Strategic importance of Shikamaru’s death

Shikamaru dead

As mentioned above, Shikamaru is a tactical and strategic genius. There are less than a handful of people in Naruto-verse who can match his intellect. Every nation in the world also witnessed this high intellect during the Fourth Ninja War. So every nation in the world is wary of Shikamaru. So is Kara the organisation.

They were lying dormant throughout the entirety of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Their only focus was to get Isshiki a compatible vessel. However, that doesn’t mean they are unaware of the global politics around them.

Thus, if Shikamaru dies, it’ll be like cutting of the brain of your enemy. Also Naruto will lose an important ally who keeps many threats coming onto him away and provides him with a logical and sane advice when needed. In addition, Konoha’s defence systems are all overlooked and co-created by Shikamaru. He and Sai placed soldiers at strategic points so that they can see and respond to any threat.

Hence, there’s a high possibility that Code might take the opportunity to kill Shikamaru and further butcher down Konoha’s security.

Overall, Shikamaru’s death is a major blow to Konoha and Naruto in turn.

4. Kakashi’s return in the Boruto manga!

Kakashi return in Boruto

During an interview Masashi Kishimoto and Ikemoto mention that Kakashi has a major role to play in the future. Now a man of Kakashi’s stature can’t be called back on duty for any whimsical or idiotic reasons.

In the past, Naruto has mentioned that Kakashi has higher intellect than Shikamaru, better nose than Kiba and better fighter than Rock Lee. Albeit, the last one is debatable ever since Might Guy showed his true power. But the other two are highly likely possible.

This is further proven when Kakashi’s strategy is shown working on Kaguya during the fourth ninja war. Also, Kakashi has first hand experience fighting an Otsutsuki and LIVE. Although, at the cost of Obito’s life.

So Kakashi’s quick thinking, strategic mindset and experience fighting an Otsutsuki will come in handy.

Do you think it is the right time for Shikamaru to die? How do you think will Naruto react to this? Will the flashback to kid Naruto playing with kid Shikamaru and kid Choji make us bawl? How will Ino and Choji react to this and how will they avenge their best pal? Will Shikadai ever be able to fill in his father’s shoes? Let us know in the comments!

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