Why Does Yhwach Want To Kill The Soul King? What Is His Goal?

Is Yhwach Soul King's son

The sworn enemies of the Shinigami, the Quincies are back for vengeance and they have returned stronger than ever. As the mysterious ambitions of their leader Yhwach, also known as the Father of Quincies are portrayed by his invasion on the Soul Society and taking out notable figures such as the Captain Commander Yamaji himself.

It is later revealed that his true intention is to kill the Almigthy Soul King himself, the prominent godly figure of the Bleach universe.

Apparently Soul King is also Yhwach’s supposed father and the latter wishes to take his place, in turn taking control over the three realms of the world and shaping them in his own way.


But why would Yhwach want to commit such a heinous act? On the other hand, can this act of patricide be considered wicked at first place, if one thinks from the eyes of the Quincy Lord?

Let us find out more about the ambitions of Yhwach and his perspective which involves basically the destruction of the world.

Spoiler Warning: Massive spoilers for the Bleach Manga will be discussed, so read at your own risk!

Who Is Yhwach In Bleach?

Before we talk about his ambitions, let’s solidify Yhwach’s origins first which will help us understand his role.


The Quincy Lord didn’t have a name when he was born. Not only a name, but he couldn’t use any of his senses, any of his limbs and couldn’t speak. Although lacking all aspects of a normal being, people loved and treasured him; for he had the power of granting his soul to anyone who touched him.

This power would provide the person with something that they didn’t have, be it a limb or personality.

All who touched him would receive a part of his soul and at the moment of their deaths, the fragments given out would return to him and grant him the missing traits that he lacked.

He slowly developed his senses and limbs to take the proper form of a person. When he started to hear, he learnt that people used to call him with an unusual name which he decided to pick up as his own, that being Yhwach.

Jugram further explains that Yhwach found a better way of sharing his power in a more effective way, that being through a Schrift in which he engraves a letter onto the soul of someone which also signifies an ability.

He used such techniques to build up his army of Sternritter and the Wandenreich empire. His influence over the story has been vital despite being introduced in the last arc.

As it is revealed that Ichigo’s Zanpakuto spirit Zangetsu was basically a younger form of Yhwach due to Ichigo containing Quincy powers through his mother.

However in the manga and in the anime, it is mentioned that Yhwach was born out of nothingness, then why did he call the Soul King his father?

How Is Yhwach The Son Of The Soul King?

There is a very shocking moment amidst the total chaos of the invasion. When Yhwach takes care of the Royal Guard led by the “War ThreatIchibei Hysoube, he finally steps in front of the Soul King who was stuck inside a crystal. Before stabbing him he refers to the Soul King as ‘father’.

Now, there is no clear evidence of him being the actual son of Soul-King himself but we can make educated guesses for their relationship.

Obviously the first possibility of him actually being the biological son of the Soul King is one of them and one of the best points to prove that is the power that Yhwach was born with as mentioned before.

The Soul King himself is a being with mix heritage just like Ichigo. He is a shinigami, quincy and a fullbringer. However due to the way Shinigami’s treated him he held a resentment towards them which is made evident when Yhwach made an army of black eyeballs after absorbing the former’s powers, it only attacked the Shinigami and didn’t harm the Quincies.

The ultimate power to give someone something that someone lacks is reminiscent to a god.

The second possibility is the symbolical way of referring to someone as father. As the Soul King is the primal ancestor to Quincies and other races alike, it may be possible for Yhwach to be referring him to as an ‘all-father’ to everyone.

Furthermore, Yhwach calls himself the Father of the Quincies and in the same way he also referred to Ichigo as his son. Every Quincy has a soul fragment of Yhwach as we can see the physical manifestation of Ichigo’s Zanpakuto Zangetsu was nothing but a much younger Yhwach.

So since Yhwach respects Soul King so much to call him his father. Then Why does he…

So Why Does Yhwach Want To Kill Soul King? What Is His Goal?

To understand Yhwach’s goal first you have to know about the Soul King’s past which we have discussed in here. Or you can click the link below. We recommend reading the following article first since you’ll understand the atrocities the Soul King had to which is very important to understand further explanation.

The Soul King being misused and mistreated by the very Shinigami themselves led to the creation of the three worlds and his separate limbs namely arms and his heart gained sentience and took the form of powerful beings.

After committing such a sin and the wrong doers flourishing without any consequences.

Hence, Yhwach took it upon himself to set free the Soul King from his immense shame and misery of millions of years and punish the shinigami’s that sealed the Soul King away and made that his own life-goal.

He took it upon himself to destroy and recreate the world in such a way that death wouldn’t exist. Although seeking such a Utopian world would require a lot of sacrifices which Yhwach was ready for.

Is Soul King Stronger Than Yhwach?

Both of the Quincy Lords are some of the strongest characters to ever exist in the universe of Bleach, much stronger than likes of the strongest Captains, Arrancar or Hollows. Both beings are similar to gods and their powers know no bounds.

Measuring the Soul King’s powers can be challenging as we know little about him but it is quite certain to the fact that he is omniscient and omnipotent.

He destroyed the raging hollows during their rampage and the five noble clan heads were so afraid of his power that he was mutilated and kept as a power source to the three worlds of the Universe, acting as a lynchpin.

His individual limbs gained sentience and also became some of the strongest characters of all time as well.

Yhwach on the other hand has gained enough experience and validation to arguably become the strongest character of all time. For instance, he survived the deadly fiery Bankai Ryujin Jakka wielded by Head captain Yamamoto twice and defeated individuals like Kenpachi.

Not only he commands strong fighters but also had two out of the three limbs of the Soul King namely Pernida Parnkgjas and Gerrard Valkyrie under his control. He also defeated Mimihagi the right hand of the soul king and absorbed it’s power.

He has gifted countless individuals with mind boggling powers and is strong enough to absorb the Soul King’s power. In fact after the Soul King’s death, Yhwach’s corpse was used as an alternative to act as the new Soul King.

Looking at the feats of both the individuals, it is certain that Soul King is stronger than Yhwach. However he doesn’t take any actions which led to his mutilation and humiliation.


Yhwach was a Godly being whose ethereal powers helped countless individuals. This may possibly be a result of him being the actual son of the Soul King from whom he inherited such powers.

There is also a fact that Yhwach was a potent successor or possibly a reincarnation of the Soul King but no matter his origins, his powers were very similar to God himself. He wanted to kill the Soul King and take it’s place as the ruler of the universe by creating a world where death wouldn’t exist.

Yhwach wanted to free the Soul King from the million years of humiliation that the latter had to suffer for by his sword enemies, the Shinigami.

In the end, Yhwach was able to achieve his goal albeit not in the way he hoped it to. After Ichigo killed Yhwach, his mutilated corpse was now the new Soul King after the former Soul King’s death.

Yhwach’s body was sealed in a similar fashion like that of the first Soul King and acted as a lynchpin to separate the three worlds and continue to cycle of life and death.

Do you think the shinigami’s were right or are they wrong? Let us know in the comments below.

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