Why Does Mahito Want Sukuna To Form A Binding Vow With Itadori In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Mahito and Sukuna have a laugh at Itadori's expense

While using Junpei to push Itadori to his limits, Mahito mentioned multiple times that he wanted Sukuna to form a binding vow or contract with Itadori. The youngster’s death was supposed to be a breaking point for Itadori. This would then force him to resort to Sukuna’s help. And he wouldn’t get any help unless he enters into a formal contract with him. 

Not just that, this contract would be in Sukuna’s favour. From what we have seen, Sukuna, for now, does not seem to be allied with the cursed spirits. But then Mahito and Getou are very eager to have him on their side. What could be the reason for this? 

Why do Getou and Mahito want Sukuna to form a binding vow?

Mahito and Getou want Sukuna to form a binding vow with Itadori because they want both of them as allies in the war against humans. Sukuna being a cursed spirit may choose to oppose the humans, but the same can’t be said for Itadori. Hence, forming a contract in Sukuna’s favour would nullify the threat that the young Jujutsu sorcerer would pose. 

Itadori and Sukuna In Jujutsu Kaisen

Cursed spirits, especially the high ranking ones like Mahito and Jogo have set a goal to wipe out humanity and take their place. According to them, humans are fake and need to be eliminated. In order to achieve this goal, these curses sought the help of Getou Suguru. And it was Getou who suggested that they make an ally out of Sukuna. Without it they won’t be able to win the war against humans. The reason? Because Itadori was Sukuna’s vessel.

A problem called Yuji Itadori!

Itadori is someone who is keen on helping others. He also seems to have a good control over Sukuna, a feat that is rarely seen. Itadori’s goal is to eat all of Sukuna’s fingers and then die. This will wipe out the threat that the evil curse posed to the Jujutsu world. Losing a cursed spirit who is as powerful as Sukuna would be a blow to Mahito and Getou’s plans. Due to this, they intend to set the stone rolling before the higher ups in Jujutsu High execute Itadori.

Yuuji itadori cursed energy aura

But even then, there is the problem of Itadori not agreeing with what the cursed spirits want. And if Itadori is able to control the cursed spirit dwelling inside him, there is nothing that Sukuna would be able to do. The only way to overcome this would be to make him form a binding vow with Sukuna, with terms that would favour the latter. Such a contract could only be formed if Itadori is cornered and pushed to his limits. Mahito almost achieves this with his plan involving Junpei. However, Sukuna refuses to do so when presented with the opportunity.

Will Sukuna side with the cursed spirits?

The cursed spirits are very enthusiastic to have Sukuna as an ally. They are even ready to sacrifice themselves to have him come over to their side and help them achieve their goal. But the uber strong and laid back cursed spirit seems to be chasing something of his own. 

Sukuna in his innate domain

Mahito is not aware that Sukuna has already formed a binding vow with Itadori. The terms of this contract may sound vague and Itadori himself does not have any memory of it, but Sukuna certainly had some ulterior motives in doing so. Since Itadori has forgotten about the contract, he couldn’t force Sukuna to help him with Junpei either. Mahito did not realise this and was intrigued about Sukuna’s nature. It is a given that they would try harder to win over a powerful ally like him to their side, but he won’t join them unless he gains something tangible from it. 

What Sukuna actually wants seems shrouded in mystery.

The only thing that he has shown a remote interest in till now is Megumi Fushiguro. The Zenin family prodigy is being monitored by him for reasons unknown. This alone is enough to point out that the cursed spirit who was once human has goals which are not entirely aligned with Mahito’s & Jogo’s. The same cannot be said for Getou however. He is keeping his cards pretty close to his chest. While he is siding with the cursed spirits for now, he might reveal his true colors later in the Jujutsu Kaisen series.

What are your thoughts on Ryoumen Sukuna? Do you think he will side himself with Mahito and the cursed spirits? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

  • I think Sukuna plans on reviving his true self without the need of the vessel through the Skigami of Megumi. During the clash with Megumi, Sukuna witnessed the potential of Megumi’s Shikigami that will help greatly in his future plans. This is also shows why Sukuna saved Megumi on the verge of dying in Shibuya arc.

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