Why Didn’t Beerus Destroy The Earth In Dragon Ball Super?

Beerus on Earth DBS

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods introduced one of the most feared (initially) and chilled out characters in the series. Folks in India would know, a God of Destruction, like Lord Shiva, is a being who is magnanimous, serious, energetic and quite intelligent.

But as we know, Akira Toriyama started off as a gag Manga author. He didn’t want to stick to the cliché style of writing wherein Gods are depicted as wise men with glowing bright auras and spreading peace all over. He wanted to depict them in a funny way as opposed to the complete fearsome types.

I’d done a bunch of various things before, and if they (Beerus and Whis) were simply scary, it wouldn’t be any different from those up to now. So what I wanted was to give them flaws in amongst that fearsomeness, or rather, to make them characters where you could feel their humanity.

Akira Toriyama, Q&A by Kendō Kobayashi, March 2013

With his being greedy with food, as well, I was aiming for the amusing gap with this fearsome being called the God of Destruction.

Akira Toriyama, Asahi Shimbun Digital, March 2013

Why did Beerus come to Earth?

Beerus, along with Whis, came to Earth to ask the surviving Saiyans whether they know anything about a Super Saiyan God.

Right before his last nap, the oracle fish predicted that an arch-rival called a Super Saiyan God would appear. 39 years later, as he blew up a dinosaur inhabited planet, a silhouette of the Super Saiyan God appeared before his eyes in a visionary form.

He learned from Whis that, although most of the Saiyans perished along with planet Vegeta, a few who weren’t in their home planet that time survived in other faraway worlds. Goku and Vegeta are Super Saiyans and they are close to anything related to Super Saiyan God.

So Beerus decided to visit Goku first in North Kai’s world and then Vegeta in Earth.

Beerus's vision on SSG
Dragon Ball Super Episode 2 – Beerus’s mysterious figure in his vision

However, when he got to Earth and asked the prince, he didn’t get his answer. But, he couldn’t resist trying out the delicious spread that was laid out on the occasion of Bulma’s 38th birthday. Although Vegeta tried his best to keep Beerus’s temper in check, however, not everything or everyone can be in one’s control.

Why did Beerus want to destroy the Earth?

3 things triggered Beerus which made him desirous in destroying the Earth:

  • Beerus did come to Earth prior to the events in Battle of Gods. A long time ago, he exterminated the dinosaurs because they behaved in a rude way towards him. So Earth and its inhabitants weren’t in Beerus’s good books already.
  • He hates long flights and a 26 minute travel to King Kai’s place and Earth seems to be a long duration for the lazy Destroyer God. But he was hopeful that he’d get to meet the Super Saiyan God. Alas, this did not come to pass immediately and this made him more disappointed.
  • The final trigger came when Majin Buu swallowed up the remaining available pudding, leaving none for Beerus and Whis.

King Kai warned Vegeta that Beerus is heading towards Earth. He has a very short temper (in the Anime, he destroyed half a planet just because the food wasn’t up to his expectations).

Therefore, if someone or something sets him off, it would mean the annihilation of the planet. And there’s no option of engaging him in a fight because Vegeta won’t stand a chance. So it’s up to the Prince of all Saiyans to prevent that from happening.

When Beerus arrived on Earth, he asked Vegeta on what a Super Saiyan God is. Vegeta had no answer for that.

Beerus disappointed with Vegeta's answer on whether he knows of a SSG or not
Dragon Ball Super Episode 6 – Beerus is disappointed with Vegeta’s ignorance about a Saiyan God

Even though Beerus was disappointed about the whole “Super Saiyan God” matter, atleast his temper was kept in check when he smelled the aroma of the mouth-watering dishes which was kept at the party.

A drunken Bulma invited the divine beings to join the party. Everyone welcomed them politely and gave them a lot of tasty dishes to dig in. Even Beerus started to do break dancing. So far so good, Vegeta thought. There was a small incident that touched a nerve in Beerus but he moved on thanks Vegeta’s hilarious dance performance.

After that Beerus and Whis headed to the buffet table and Vegeta breathed out in relief. However, Vegeta’s relief was short-lived as the calm atmosphere quickly changed when Majin Buu refused to share some of his pudding to Beerus and Whis.

Majin Buu upsets Beerus
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods – Majin Buu ate all of the pudding which angered Beerus

The only way to stop Beerus from turning Earth into ashes is to defeat him in battle. That’s when Goku showed up. He became a Super Saiyan God through the ritual and fought against Beerus head on. But he easily overpowered the Saiyan warrior.

Seeing that nobody was strong enough to stand in his way, he could have easily destroyed the Earth. To even Whis’s surprise and contrary to his character, Beerus decided to withdraw his decision.

Why Beerus did not destroy the Earth?

Beerus decided to not destroy the Earth after all due to two main reasons:

  • To come back and taste the delicious treats of the Earth’s gourmet
  • For the sake of Goku and his friends

In “Battle of Gods”, he destroyed only a small piece of rock and gave an excuse by saying – “I don’t have ‘enough strength left’ to destroy the rest of the planet because I used up all my strength during the fight against Goku”.

In the Anime, he pretended to fall asleep. He just changed his mind because he found Earth to be a curious place (not just for the food) which even changed murderous Saiyans into soft and noble creatures.

In the Manga, he found Goku to be a quite interesting fellow and killing him would mean less fun for him in the future. He wants to see how much the Saiyan can grow so that one day, he’d be strong enough to fight the Destroyer God in a serious combat in which Beerus need not hold back.

Beerus decides to spare Earth
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 4 – Beerus decides not to destroy the Earth

Another important reason is that if the Earth disappears, from where else would Beerus and Whis help themselves with scrumptious meals? Beerus himself mentions that he keeps saving Goku, Vegeta, Bulma and the others because they provide them with tasty dishes.

Beerus, the God of Destruction, usually goes around worlds and destroys them if he feels they don’t need to exist anymore. But with the influence of the Z-warriors and the rest of the gang, he has changed and instead started saving people and other worlds.

He instructed Whis to revive Frieza back to life post T.O.P. He lend a hand in saving the present timeline by erasing Zamasu from existence and he and Whis brought back Future Trunk’s timeline to the time before the advent of Goku black.

Will Beerus and Whis continue to watch over the gang and if things go out of the Saiyan duo’s hand, will Beerus step in to help them in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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