Who Is The Strongest God Of Destruction In Dragon Ball Super? Gods Of Destruction Ranked


When Beerus was first introduced in Battle of Gods, fans were like “Here’s a God who is actually stronger than the likes of Goku and Vegeta! Finally!” In two blows, he defeated Super Saiyan 3 Goku.

Then he came to Earth, almost destroyed it and defeated Super Saiyan God Goku pretty comfortably. We thought there couldn’t be anyone stronger than him. But boy, did HE throw a bomb which made even Goku, the battle-hungry maniac, to falter.

Before the Tournament of Power commenced, the authors introduced us to the principal Gods of other Universes. To show Future Zeno how a martial arts tournament works, the Grand Priest asked the Gods of Destruction to give a demo.

All of them had to go up against each other in a battle royale and they had to give it their all. In the Anime, things were a bit different as only 3 Destroyers fought in a friendly match.

Figuring out the strongest God of Destruction from these few instances is tricky business. There’s hardly any information given about the Destroyers (except Beerus) and we’ve only seen them fight only once.

And even that was abruptly interrupted in between. So keep in mind that what follows involves a lot of speculation which could change in the future.

What Is A God Of Destruction?

A God of Destruction is a deity who is in charge of maintaining balance within the Universe by destroying any unnecessary elements within their territory. Along with their respective Supreme Kais, their main objective is to make sure that their Universe maintains an average Mortal level of above 7 at least.

Toriyama gives a basic overview of the duties of the Supreme Kai and a God of Destruction:

In order to provide a balance to the constantly increasing number of planets, the God of Destruction destroys [them], but he does not act on Kaiōshin’s orders; he destroys according to his own individual judgment. Except, he is capricious, so he will destroy even an important world without a second thought, or when he finds it bothersome, (and) let someone else act as an agent of destruction.

Akira Toriyama, interview on the Chonzenshuu guides (2013)

The Gods of Destruction have a connection with their respective Supreme Kais in a way that if one of them dies, the other dies as well. Normally the Supreme Kai is weaker than their Destructive counterpart. This is probably done to humble the aggressive nature of the Destroyer God and not get carried away by their insanely strong powers.

A God of Destruction is not born but chosen and trained by the predecessor or any one of the higher-ups.

Who Is The Strongest God of Destruction?

Since there is very little information provided, I’ll be focusing on the Battle of the Destroyers tournament (The Zeno Expo – Manga Version) for the most part. The 12 Gods of Destruction will be ranked from the weakest to the strongest.

12. Iwne/Iwan (Universe 1)

Iwne (Universe 1 God of Destruction)
Iwne – G.O.D of Universe 1

Iwne is a very successful God of Destruction as his Universe has the highest Mortal Level. In the Anime, he seemed eager to fight in the exhibition match. In the Manga, he was surprised about the whole “G.O.Ds fighting each other” thing.

Why I think he’s the weakest G.O.D is that he did not inflict any damage to the others during the fight. He was sweating a lot in fear and might have been damaged the most. He got whacked by Rumsshi and Quitela and he was flat on the ground in the end.

In the Anime, he went toe to toe with Liquiir and Arack. But that ended as quickly as in the Manga.

11. Geene (Universe 12)

Geene (Universe 12 God of Destruction)
Geene – G.O.D of Universe 12

Like Iwne, Geene is also a successful God of Destruction. Universe 12’s Mortal Level is so high that there aren’t many planets or beings to destroy.

According to Gowasu, a civilization in Universe 12 invented a device that could send a person back in time. This changed history for all other Universes.

Similar to Iwne, he did not inflict much damage on the others. Key points to note are:

  • He did fire some energy blasts against the others
  • Rumsshi bashed against him
  • Was down for the count in the end
Rumsshi overpowering Geene. He's down for the count
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 29 – Geene getting whacked

In the Anime, he refused to fight with Iwne, Liquiir and Arack in an exhibition match. It seems he knew the outcome of the battle (or was he was scared to fight?)

10. Arack (Universe 5)

Arack (Universe 5 God of Destruction)
Arack – G.O.D of Universe 5

Arack’s Universe too has a high Mortal level. He seems to be different from G.O.Ds like Beerus, who in turn destroys planets for petty reasons. He’s quite careful while doing his job and is very good at it.

Similar to Iwne & Geene, he did not inflict much damage on the others. Key points to note are:

  • He did fire a laser beam against the others
  • Liquiir’s attack blinded both Arack and Geene.
  • Was down for the count in the end

In the Anime, he did agree (with some hesitation) to fight with Liquiir and Iwne. And he did go toe to toe with them.

9. Liquiir (Universe 8)

Liquiir (Universe 8 God of Destruction)
Liquiir – G.O.D of Universe 8

Universe 8 too has a high Mortal Level.

In the Manga’s Zeno-Expo, Liquiir fought well but it wasn’t enough. The fox-like G.O.D took considerable damage from Belmod’s attack. But, he has the ability to sprout a total of 9 tails from his body.

With it, he burst open Belmod’s Imprisonment Ball and fired a spree of energy blasts at him.

But, it didn’t inflict much damage to Belmod. While Liquiir was focusing on Belmod, Heles took the chance and shot an arrow towards his head. But Liquiir’s arm protected him from causing a fatal blow.

This shows that his reflexes are quite sharp.

Liquiir's quick reflexes saved him from Heles
Liquiir’s reflexive move saved him from Heles’ arrow

In the end, Mosco squeezed him until he laid down flat on the ground, gasping for air.

In the Anime, Liquiir was very eager to fight in the battle. Like the other Gods, Universe 9’s ceasing to exist shocked him. This shows he has some level of compassion and morality.

8. Heles (Universe 2)

Heles (Universe 2 God of Destruction)
Heles – G.O.D of Universe 2

Based on looks alone, she seems to be the only female G.O.D. Being obsessed with beauty and love, she thinks she’s the most beautiful person in the entire multiverse.

Designed as an Egyptian God, her choice of weaponry are bows and arrows. While Liquiir was distracted, she catches him off guard and fires an arrow towards his head, almost killing him. His hand saved him in the nick of time.

Heles attacks Liquiir with her bow and arrow
Heles’ main weapons are bows and arrows

She incurred considerable damage from Belmod’s attack. In the end, Mosco’s attack paralyzed/electrified her. Presumably, she’s down for the count.

In the Anime, the fact that the other G.O.Ds didn’t invite Beerus to the Gods of Destruction summit surprised her. Mule/Mosco felt the same way. She even asked Champa why he didn’t invite his brother.

This showed that she didn’t have a grudge against Universe 7 for being the cause of the tournament, unlike the others.

7. Sidra (Universe 9)

Sidra (Universe 9 God of Destruction)
Sidra – G.O.D of Universe 9

Universe 9 is the lowest in terms of Mortal Level. Sidra is indecisive and hardly destroys anything. He seems to have the ‘knack’ for making mistakes as the Grand Priest got angry with him once before.

He is the best defensive player amongst the Destroyer Gods. In the Manga, he is the only one to react quickly enough to protect him and the other G.O.Ds from Beerus’ Hakai blast by creating a barrier. He practically saved the lives of the others.

Sidra's barrier technique
Sidra’s barrier saved the other G.O.Ds

But Belmod pulled a dirty move and kicked him off the arena. Later on, Rumsshi and Champa whacked him. In the end, he was down for the count, unable to get up. But unlike the G.O.Ds previously mentioned, he doesn’t seem to be gasping for air.

In the Anime, Frieza was able to control the Hakai energy sent by Sidra. Roh (the Supreme Kai of Universe 9) mentions that Frieza could be more of a destroyer than Sidra. He showed some doubt whether Sidra could best him in terms of destruction but, Sidra was confident of doing so.

6. Champa (Universe 6)

Champa (Universe 6 God of Destruction)
Champa – G.O.D of Universe 6

Lord Champa is even lazier than Beerus, asking Vados to do all his work instead. He doesn’t care about rules. As long as they’re in his favor, he’s fine with it.

It seems he hasn’t trained in decades and he’s been avoiding it for a while. A long time ago, he once fought with Beerus because Beerus ate the berry on top of their birthday cake.

They destroyed so many planets in the process and almost destroyed the Universe. Their battle was never settled. Vados said Beerus is stronger and it was quite obvious by comparing their body shapes.

Is she joking here? I don’t think so. Because, in the Zeno Expo, Beerus whacked him and sent him flying in the air. He would have got caught in Belmod’s and Rumsshi’s attacks as well. But he seems to be stronger than Sidra.

But when he was finally on the ground, he couldn’t get up. And he was glad that the Grand Priest stopped the fight right before Beerus and Quitela could land their punches against each other. This shows he clearly couldn’t go on, unlike his twin brother.

5. Mosco/Mule (Universe 3)

Mosco (Universe 3 God of Destruction)
Mosco – G.O.D of Universe 3

Mosco is a robot vehicle for the actual G.O.D (Mule) who controls him inside its body. I guess he’s the one who designed the robot. Through Mosco, Mule acts as the G.O.D of Universe 3.

He shares a close relationship with his Angel guide Camparri. Mosco talks in a language only Camparri can understand and he explains it to others.

He has a strong and sturdy body. The others couldn’t damage it so easily. But he did receive some considerable damage when Champa, Rumsshi and Quitela punched him to the ground. He has a strong grip.

He grabbed Beerus and Liquiir in his hand whilst they struggled to break free. His paralysis technique had quite an effect on Heles too.

But in the end, he laid down flat and couldn’t continue further.

4. Rumsshi (Universe 10)

Rumsshi (Universe 10 God of Destruction)
Rumsshi – G.O.D of Universe 10

Bearing a strong resemblance to the Hindu God Ganesha, Rumsshi seems to be not so keen on destroying planets or doing his job properly (8th place in terms of Mortal Level).

The fact that he wasn’t around during the whole Zamasu arc proves this. Out of all the G.O.Ds, he hates Beerus the most.

According to Whis, Lord Rumsshi possesses the greatest lungs across all of the Universes. He has a special technique called the Battle Roar. It paralyzes the motor nerves of the listener. It lets him temporarily paralyze the G.O.Ds and go on a rampage, bashing several of them out of his way.

He was putting up a good fight. However, he lost to Beerus in a brawl and was completely flat on the ground.

3. Quitela (Universe 4)

Quitela (Universe 4 God of Destruction)
Quitela – G.O.D of Universe 4

Like Beerus, Quitela is lazy and doesn’t take his job seriously. He likes to munch on snacks and play video games. Nevertheless, he’s the second strongest G.O.D in my opinion.

Also, he has a huge grudge against Beerus. So much so to spy on him and his Universe. In the Manga, he was more excited about the fight than the rest of the G.O.Ds. He was pretty confident about his strength.

Along with Beerus, he also remained as the last person standing in the Zeno Expo. But why I put him below Beerus is because:

  • Beerus had to face the onslaught of all the other G.O.Ds targeting him. And he still managed to defeat most of them. Whereas Quitela only had to defeat a few of them.
  • Quitela did not display any impressive feats. On the contrary, Beerus’ Ultra Instinct and Hakai blasts could have fatally wounded him and the others.
  • Beerus has a higher endurance level in terms of physical strength. In terms of techniques, Beerus has a wider range of abilities. Belmod might have a similar advantage to Quitela and that is why I put Quitela below Belmod.

If the Grand Priest hadn’t stopped the fight, it might have ended like the opposite of a typical ending of most Tom and Jerry episodes.

2. Belmod (Universe 11)

Belmod (Universe 11 God of Destruction)
Belmod – G.O.D of Universe 11

Refused to side with Gicchin (Jiren’s dead master) any longer, he stopped being a Pride Trooper and chose to become a G.O.D. In my opinion, he’s the 2nd strongest God of Destruction. Why is that so?

Well, his moves are pretty impressive. He entrapped his combatants in an Imprisonment Ball and managed to harm them all. Iwne was afraid Belmod’s move could kill him.

After this, Liquiir managed to pop open the ball and attack Belmod with intense Hakai blasts. We haven’t seen Belmod after this until he casually wakes up after the stop of the match.

It seems he was only pretending to be injured. What’s more is that, unlike the other G.O.Ds, he didn’t require to get healed up. This showed that Liquiir’s attack did not inflict much damage on him.

Belmod only pretended to be hurt and didn't want to get all healed up
Belmod pretending to be injured and refused to be healed by Marcarita

He was likely aiming for ambushing the last two combatants and claim victory.

But why did I put Belmod below Beerus? The fact that Belmod had to resort to such tactics shows that he may not win against Beerus in a direct confrontation. He might be thinking that the only way to win is to trick him and strike him down behind his back.

Another reason why Beerus is the strongest God of Destruction and not Belmod will be mentioned in the next heading.

1. Beerus (Universe 7)

Beerus (Universe 7 God of Destruction)
Beerus – G.O.D of Universe 7

Lord Beerus is the strongest God of Destruction. But he’s also the most hated G.O.D. Long ago, he slept off for 50 years during an all Universe hide and seek tournament, resulting in Zeno almost destroying all Universes.

Amongst his skills, he has Ultra Instinct, Hakai and a sealing technique. Realizing that they have a common hatred of Beerus, all the other G.O.Ds ganged upon him.

In the Manga, he dodged almost all the attacks of the other G.O.Ds. His notable moments are:

  • Escaping from Mosco’s clutches
  • Whacking Champa into the air and fooling the other G.O.Ds
  • Firing a Hakai Blast which could have killed G.O.Ds weaker than him, if it wasn’t for Sidra Barrier
  • Survived Belmod’s and Rumsshi’s attacks, KO’ed Rumsshi and was the last person standing along with Quitela

Why I think he’s the strongest G.O.D out there is because he was the only one who had to fight all of the others together. He did get injured in between but still, he managed to be one of the last combatants standing.

Another major reason is, the authors of the series have directly stated that Beerus is the strongest Destroyer God in all the Universes. They state this in the Dragon Ball Super Broly Light Novel (Pg 65).

Dragon Ball Super Broly light novel claims that Beerus is the strongest God of Destruction in the multiverse
Dragon Ball Super Broly Light Novel (written by Masatoshi Kusakabe and illustrated by Akira Toriyama)

When the authors were commenting on Whis, they say that “It was unbelievable this sloppy, slightly tall man was even stronger than the strongest Destructive God in the cosmos”

As we zoom in closer into the highlighted part (which describes Beerus), it mentions the words Uchū (宇宙) and Saikou (最高).

DBS Broly LN Beerus is the strongest G.O.D 1

Saikou means “the highest or supreme” and Uchū means “Universe/Cosmos/Omniverse”. The primary meaning of Uchū is Universe. After Uchū Saikou comes no Hakai-Shin (の破壊神) which means God of Destruction or Destruction God. But, since there’s only one God of Destruction in each Universe, we take the other meaning of Uchū, i.e., Cosmos or Omniverse according to context.

When looking at things this way, the DBS: Broly Light Novel affirms that Beerus is the strongest God of Destruction in the Multiverse.

For more info on this and the light novel, check out this video.

However, note that there’s no official translation to the Broly Light Novel. There are different ways to interpret a particular statement in Japanese.

For example, there’s Google translate. And in the case of the Dragon Ball Fandom, most knowledgeable folks rely on Twitter user and Kanzenshuu staff member Herms.

According to Google translate and a couple of other sites, the translation to the particular statement describing Beerus goes as follows:

Broly LN on Beerus Google translate 2.jpg
“Slightly stubborn person” refers to Whis

Zooming into the God of Destruction part, it is as follows:

Broly LN on Beerus Google translate 1

This particular wordings in the translation are also shown in the above-mentioned video I linked to.

However, Herms has a slightly different way of interpreting that statement in this tweet.

Taking things this way changes the context. So if you view it this way, Beerus may not be the strongest Destroyer God. However, one can argue and say that this translation recalls what we assumed Beerus was in the Battle of Gods, and a lot of things happened since that took place. So why the authors are going back to the old statement?

Therefore, it’s up to you to take the interpretation that suits your mindset (the pain of not having official translations). However, I still stand by the argument that Beerus is the strongest G.O.D through feats.

Final Thoughts

Did you notice that in this ranking, the 4 least strongest G.O.Ds are from the Universes that have the highest Mortal Levels and were exempt from the Tournament of Power?

I guess the least strongest G.O.Ds got the highest Mortal Leveled Universes and the strongest G.O.Ds were made to improve Universes with low Mortal Levels. This pattern makes sense.

Beerus’ wide range of techniques and abilities does make sense why he is the strongest G.O.D out there. The other G.O.Ds might have been jealous of his strength and ganged upon him. Even so, Beerus somehow managed to pull through.

Also, an arm-wrestling match cannot fully decide who is stronger. Only a fight to the death can. And Tom (Beerus) might get the upper hand in that kind of fight against Jerry (Quitela) and the clown (Belmod) of Dragon Ball Super.

What do you think of our ranking? Is Beerus the strongest God of Destruction? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Beerus does not have ultra instinct. As stated during gokus awaking of the technique which explains why the God feared the mortal. Cause none have obtain this ability. Thus your statement is wrong.

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