What Prank Did Denji & Power Play On Aki In Chainsaw Man?

Denji and Power's prank on Aki

Chainsaw Man episode 5 marked the beginning of the Eternity Devil arc. After recovering a piece of the Gun Devil, Aki, Himeno and the squad of rookies head to Hotel Morin to confront the Eternity Devil, who is yet to be revealed in the anime.

However, before they all get to work, an interesting exchange happens outside the motel. Aki in particular seemed too uptight at that time. Both Denji and Power note this.

Denji and Power's prank on Aki

In the ensuing exchange, we realize that these two had played some sort of prank on Aki, and without a doubt they had gone too far.

Aki had the rage to kill both of them. Naturally, everyone wanted to know what could have made top-knot senpai soo pissed. It had to be something really bad. Did they cut his hair? Not flush again?

Though this scene is canon, the manga had originally not revealed what had happened that morning. But, Fujimoto has finally come to the rescue of curious fans and revealed the details of the prank that Denji and Power played on Aki.

What prank did Denji and Power play on Aki?

According to Fujimoto, Denji put poop under Aki’s nose in the morning as a prank. This is much worse than Power not flushing after going to the loo, or Denji making a mess around the house, and naturally, Aki’s rage is justified.

This is Fujimoto tweeting!

They really went too far with it.

Here’s an interesting thing that some fans pointed out. Denji did place the poop on Aki’s nose. But whose poop was it? Since, Denji and Power were both involved in it…could it be that…..it was Power’s? We do know the fiend hates flushing when she is done.

Well, there have been a lot of poop related mishaps in Aki’s place, especially since Power came in to room with these two. So, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that the prank these two played too was poop related.

Aki should have seen such pranks coming though. It’s not like they are two sane people. But, it is interesting to see how he managed to domesticate them with food and snacks.

I believe such pranks also went a long way in establishing the bond these three would come to share as Chainsaw Man progresses.

Let us know your thoughts on the prank that these two played on Aki in the comments below! Man, they really did go overboard…

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