Why Did Makima Kill Power In Chainsaw Man?

WARNING: The following article contains massive spoilers from Chainsaw Man manga, so read at your own discretion.

In the final pages of chapter 81 of Chainsaw Man, a shocking yet heartbreaking scene is presented to us, where Makima casually obliterates Power’s torso. The latter had arrived at Makima’s house with a cake to celebrate Denji’s birthday but that was not the kind of present he expected.

Denji was left paralyzed after the actions of Makima as she goes on to talk about her true intentions in an intimate way. What made the supposed ‘love of his life’ take such actions in the first place?

Let’s find out about the true plan of the scheming mastermind.

Did Power Die?

Well yes, she does die but only in her physical form.

In chapter 71, Denji and Power share an intimate scene where Denji sucks out some blood from Power’s neck. Although Denji claims to have not particularly enjoyed that moment himself, that very act was responsible for saving Denji’s life during his fight with Makima in the Control Devil arc.

She erupts out of Denji after having a talk with Pochita inside Denji and provides him with enough power (pun intended) to fight against the Control Devil. You can read more about this particular topic here.

So, why exactly did Makima kill Power?

Makima’s Finger Gun

Why did Makima kill Power?

Makima killed Power in order to nullify the contract that Denji and Pochita had.

After getting rid of Power, Makima goes on to explain her true motives. She explains that Denji made a contract with Pochita, rather than a ‘promise’ and she wanted to break that contract, so that she could separate the Chainsaw devil from Denji.

By purposefully giving him a happy life, she then herself snatches it away from him and continues to threaten him by being the one to create and destroy Denji’s life, basically controlling him like a slave.

In chapter 82 , Makima explains that to achieve the supposed happy life, she provided him with both materialistic needs like money by becoming a devil hunter and also social wants, like a family consisting of Aki and Power. But then she completely destroys everything that his life consisted of, making him unable to live that happy life that he always wanted.

Makima also talks about Denji’s true past where unlike the rumors, he actually murdered his own father, who was a drunken wretch. The said rumors were spread so that he could inherit the debts his father owed to the Mafia. She then tells Denji that he has ‘opened the door’ despite being warned not to and having other options available, leading to Aki and Power’s deaths.

This step taken by Makima directly attacks and weakens the contract that he made with Pochita, where the devil asked for a fair share of his dreams and ambitions, in exchange for power. If he loses the family that he loves so much, then what ambition will be left in him to lead a happy life?

Makima reveals herself to be a fan of the ‘Chainsaw Man’ specifically and not Denji, and her plan was to bring peace to the world with its help by destroying world problems like Death, War and Hunger and freeing humanity from such things, but her process of brutally destroying not only Denji’s life, but thousands of innocent civilians was a nefarious way to reach the said goal.

Although our beloved hero takes revenge on Makima by getting rid of her in a rather obnoxious way, Denji still has a reason to live; and i.e. to find the reincarnated self of Blood devil and befriend her again. She would unfortunately not have the memories of her previous life but this gives him chance to reunite with his best friend.

Had it not been for Power, Denji could not have defeated Makima on his own. Although there is still no information of her in part 2 of the manga, her next appearance is one of the most anticipated moments for the story.

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