What Is The Five-Leaf Clover Grimoire In Black Clover?

When the owner of a four-leaf clover grimoire falls into utmost despair and develops huge hatred, an extra leaf appears on the grimoire transforming it into a five-leaf clover grimoire

Asta, the protagonist of Black Clover, was chosen by a five-leaf clover grimoire which people had no idea about. This grimoire has been a mystery to the fans since Black Clover began airing. The devil dwelling inside the grimoire and the dark anti-magic that Asta is able to use only heightened the mystery further. 

Grimoires are books inscribed with spells. They act as the primary source of power for mages in the Black Clover universe. They enhance a user’s magic and allow them to cast spells which would otherwise be impossible by relying on their own magic.

More spells are written into the grimoire over time as the owner’s experience and power increases.

The three leaf clover grimoire is quite common, as most mages in the Clover Kingdom possess it. A grimoire with flour leaf clover is considered to be the hallmark of a truly exceptional mage. The fourth leaf of the clover is rumoured to bring good luck.

However, the five-leaf clover grimoires are very rare. So rare that even the Wizard King Julius Novachrono didn’t have much idea about the spells that were inscribed in it. It is said that a Devil resides in the fifth leaf of the clover. And rightly so, Asta’s 5 leaf clover Grimoire seems to be housing a devil whose speciality is anti-magic.

However, what exactly is this five leaf clover grimoire and where does it come from?

The mystery of this grimoire is later revealed in the anime towards the end of the Reincarnation arc, which is the 9th and the longest arc in Black Clover.

What is the Five Leaf Clover Grimoire?

Five-leaf clover grimoires, also known as “Grimoire of Despair”, were originally four-leaf clover grimoires. When the owner of a four-leaf clover grimoire falls into utmost despair and develops huge hatred, an extra leaf appears on the grimoire transforming it into a five-leaf clover grimoire (Black Clover Chapter 198).

This process also changes the colour of the grimoire to black.

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These grimoires can be used by devils in order to complete their manifestation. In Asta’s case, a devil has possessed the five-leaf clover grimoire. And though Asta has tamed it for the time being, the devil certainly is trying to take control of his body and complete his manifestation into the world.

The identity of the devil is revealed in Black Clover chapter 267 and he shares some interesting parallels with Asta.

Till now only the grimoires possessed by the elves Licht and Patolli/Patri have shown to have transformed into a five leaf clover Grimoire. The elves who are filled with malice are themselves shown to transform into dark elves. 

In case of normal grimoires, the grimoire disintegrates once the owner has died. But the five-leaf clover grimoire never disintegrates, instead it is shown to stay inactive till a new owner appears.

Asta possesses the grimoire of despair which was once Licht’s. Licht fell into deep despair due to the massacre of his clan, ultimately changing himself into a mindless giant demon and going on a rampage. He was ultimately defeated by the First Magic emperor and Nero had been watching over that grimoire ever since, for over 500 years.

What are your thoughs about the five-clover grimoire. Have we missed any points regarding it? Let us know in the comments section!

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