Tokyo Ghoul: Does Akira Mado Like Haise Sasaki?

After the owl eradication operation Haise Sasaki (who is Kaneki without his memories) was put under the command of Akira Mado. He was later put in charge of the quinx squad under the supervision of Akira. As Haise, Kaneki has always looked up to Akira. But was Akira comfortable with the task that was given to her?

Haise Sasaki is a half-ghoul. He was directly responsible for the disappearance of Koutarou Amon and indirectly for the death of her father. And Akira was well aware of this fact. Still, it seemed that she stayed loyal to the task that was assigned to her. There were multiple instances in Tokyo Ghoul, where Akira displayed a caring attitude towards Haise, at one point even hugging him to calm him down. But did she really like Haise? What kind of relationship did they share?

What are Akira’s feelings for Haise?

Akira definitely likes Haise. But her feelings for him are similar to what a mother would have for her child. The same goes for Haise. He looked up to her as a maternal figure. In fact, he has said multiple times that he saw Akira as his mother and Kishou Arima as his father. He has even jokingly called Akira “mom” when he was alone with her (Tokyo Ghoul:Re Chapter 8).

Sasaki says Akira and Arima are his parents
Arima and Akira are Sasaki’s parents
Haise calls Akira "mom"
Akira does not like being called mom!

When Haise was first entrusted to Akira’s care he was characterised as someone who had a high IQ and exceptional memory. He was good at learning stuff. In addition to that, he was someone who was greatly able to understand and share the feelings of others. But personality-wise, he had a downside. 

Haise had the same personality as Kaneki even though he had lost his memories. He was an introvert who lacked initiative. He always yearned for a maternal figure. This was because his mother’s death left a huge void in him. It made him feel very lonely and as if he had no place in the world where he belonged to. Akira was chosen as Haise’s mentor because CCG assessed that he would be able to look up to an accomplished female investigator as a maternal figure. This would ultimately aid in his development.

While she was initially unsure about mentoring Haise, Akira slowly grows into her role. As she gets to know Haise more, she begins to care for him genuinely. This is similar to how her relationship with Koutarou Amon improved after initially stating that she hated her. But in the case of Haise it was not a romantic relationship. Even when Akira hugged Haise, it was only to calm him down. 

Akira Mado hugs Haise Sasaki Tokyou Ghoul:re manga

Is Akira pretending to care for Haise?

We feel that Akira has genuinely come to care for Haise. Even though she comes across as a cold person, she is often seen going out of her comfort zone to make him feel better. Akira hugging Haise is one such instance. The expression on her face says it all. 

Akira does not view Haise as just a disposable ghoul who the CCG are grooming. When she hears him screaming during his encounter with Takizawa she abandons her pursuit of Miza and the white suits to go check on him. She has also covered for him and protected him multiple times, including meetings. In a way she trusted him and almost viewed him as family. 


Moreover, it would be hard for a person like Akira to fake her feelings. She is shown to be blunt and straightforward with her emotions, especially in Tokyo Ghoul:re. If Akira were faking her feelings, she wouldn’t have gone out of her way to make Haise feel comfortable around her. And being a highly perceptive and empathetic individual, Haise would have caught on if Akira did not genuinely care for him.

We can easily conclude that Akira really cared for Haise Sasaki in Tokyo Ghoul. What do you think about Akira and Haise’s relationship? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

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