TOHO Acquires Anime Studio Science SARU

Toho Science SARU

Toho Co., Ltd. announced its acquisition of the anime studio Science SARU on May 23, 2024.

The acquisition involves the purchase of all shares from Science SARU’s representative, Eunyoung Choi, with the studio becoming a subsidiary of Toho effective June 19, 2024.

Through this strategic move, Toho aims to strengthen its animation production capabilities, by leveraging Science SARU’s expertise and resources,

Despite a significant 90% increase in operating income from the anime business to ¥46.2 billion in the latest fiscal year ending February 2024, the company aims to accelerate the growth speed of its anime business with this alliance.

Toho also plans to collaborate closely with Science SARU to enhance its production environment and provide greater creative opportunities for employees and affiliated creators, and to produce high-quality anime content tailored for both domestic and global audiences.

Toho Science SARU 1

The above image provides information about Science SARU Co., Ltd., an animation production company. It outlines the company’s basic information, ownership structure and recent financial performance.

According to the information provided, the net worth of Science SARU significantly increased from 59 million yen to 410 million yen in 2024.

Check the data in the tabular format below:

Fiscal Year2022/12023/12024/1
Net Worth (million yen)5059410
Total Assets (million yen)8371,0561,476
Sales (million yen)8508471,403
Operating Income (million yen)2766428
Ordinary Income (million yen)3010526
Net Income (million yen)258350

Science SARU is a Japanese animation studio, established on Feb 4, 2013, by producer Eunyoung Choi and director Masaaki Yuasa.

Its most recent projects are the animated feature film Inu-Oh (2021), two short films for the animated anthology project Star Wars: Visions (2021), and the animated series The Heike Story (2021), Yurei Deco (2022), and Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (2023).

Science SARU is also animating the highly anticipated Dandadan anime.

Source: Gamebiz

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