Toei Animation Reports Record Highs In 2nd Quarter Sales And Profits

Dragon Ball topped Toei Animation's domestic licensing sales for the quarter, with One Piece, Pretty Cure, and Sailor Moon following.

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Toei Animation published on October 25 its earnings for its current fiscal year ending March 2022 through its second quarter.

The company reported net sales up to the second quarter were 29,740 million yen, 21.6% higher than the previous year’s 24,455 million yen. It exceeds the record high of 29,010 million yen in the fiscal year ended March 2020.

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Toei Animation also reported an operating income of 11,138 million yen (up 48.6%) and an ordinary income of 11,082 million yen (up 45%). The company’s net income for the period was 8,144 million yen (up 45.4%). All numbers represent record highs for the company.

Toei Animation cited its overseas business and copyright business., which has a high-profit margin as some of the factors for its high performances. The overseas copyright business is driven by sales of commercialization rights for the “Dragon Ball” series, “One Piece”, and “Digimon Adventure” series.

The progress rate by the second quarter has exceeded 58%; however, the delivery of large-scale theater works, which were scheduled to be recorded in this term, will be delayed from the next term onward.

Supported by strong overseas business, the ratio of overseas business to sales is rising. Overseas business sales in the second quarter were 19,457 million yen, 65% increase of the total, up from 59% in the same period of the previous year.

65 increase

Of the overseas sales, 55%, or 10,872 million yen, comes from Asia, most of which comes from China. Furthermore, it was 5,803 million yen in North America and 2,266 billion yen in Europe.

Toei reported that the planning and production of animation and video sales, increased significantly to 11,783 million yen (up 24.0%) and operating profit was 4,613 million yen (up 78.9%).

The reason is that the number of production titles has increased to 6 such as “Dragon Ball”, “Pretty Cure”, “One Piece”, “Digimon Adventure:”, “Oshiritantei”, and “Fushigi Dagashiya Sentendou”.

Dragon Ball topped Toei Animation’s domestic licensing sales for the quarter, with One Piece, Pretty Cure, and Sailor Moon following.

Source: Animation Business Journal , Toei animation

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