‘Symptoms Have Not Improved’: Hunter x Hunter Author Says Health Issues Persist

He also gave an update on Hunter x Hunter chapter 399.

Yoshihiro Togashi Hunter X Hunter

Hunter x Hunter author Yoshihiro Togashi took to Twitter on Aug 12, 2022, and gave an update about his heath condition, revealing that his symptoms are showing no signs of improvement.

Togashi’s health issues, especially his back and hip problems are well know among the fans. Prior to his recent exhibition, the author had written a note addressing all of it.

However, it seems that his health situation is showing no signs of improvement, from what was said in his latest tweet.

“Symptoms have not improved, and I have devoted a lot of time to treatment and recovery,” the author wrote in his tweet.

The author also updated that Chapter 399’s backgrounds are being worked on. He is done penning the drafts of chapters 391 to 401 and is currently working on the draft of next ten chapters of the manga.

Togashi had earlier revealed that the condition of his back and hip was so worse that he couldn’t get into position to wipe his butt and had to take a shower every time he pooped.

“Everyone, I sincerely ask you to take care of your backs and hips,” Togashi had said in his note. “Your hips are important. So if you’re at the exhibit and you happen to drop something, I recommend assuming a sumo crouching posture when you pick it up.”

He also explained that his health issues made it impossible for him to sit on a chair, eventually affecting his work and forcing him to go on a hiatus.

Togashi is currently able to draw by ditching the conventional methods and adopting a position (lying down on the bed) which is more comfortable for his back.

“I was unable to sit in a chair for two years, which made me unable to draw, but by throwing conventional methods to the wayside, I’ve been able to resume drawing somehow.”

Hunter x Hunter written and illustrated by Togashi, has been serialized in Shonen Jump since March 1998. The manga had its fair share of hiatuses since 2006.

The last chapter of Hunter x Hunter released on November 2018, and has since been on a hiatus till now.

The manga’s chapters have been collected into 34 tankobon volumes.

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