Strongest Members Of Blackbeard Pirates Ranked!

Strongest Members Of Blackbeard Pirates Ranked

With the recent chapters of One Piece bringing the Blackbeard Pirates back into the story in full swing, we thought it would be good to rank them once to see what the Straw Hats are truly up against. As a fellow D, does Blackbeard have what it takes to become the King of the Pirates?

Throughout the series we have learnt that having a good and loyal crew is far more important than how strong you are no matter who you are. Let us see what the hierarchy is in this group of cunning and ambitious group of people that we call the Blackbeard Pirates.

11. Lafitte


To start off this list we have Lafitte, the Demon Sheriff. At first he might look like some sort of weird mime, but he is the navigator of the Blackbeard Crew, a very important role in the treacherous Grand Line and now the New World.

As a navigator, his fighting skills don’t seem to be that great, as he sits back on most of the fights. So we cannot exactly rank him as a strong member. What he does seem to have is immense skill in stealth and diplomacy. He managed to get all the way into a Warlord Meeting, undetected by Warlords like Doflamingo and Mihawk, and even top marines, like Sengoku and Tsuru.

Furthermore he seems to have an as of yet unknown devil fruit ability that allows him to turn his arms into angel like wings.

This is mostly speculated to be some mythical fruit Model Siren, referring to the ancient Greek tales describing them as beautiful, winged creatures with enchanting voices that can hypnotize sailors and travelers, luring them to their doom with their songs.

This makes sense if you consider that Lafitte managed to put in Blackbeard’s name to become the next Warlord, succeeded and managed to get away from there completely unharmed. What other way than to secretly hypnotize them and leave. We can see this hypnosis ability used again to open the gates of Impel Down .

10. Vasco Shot

Vasco Shot

Like most of the other Titanic Captains, not much is known about Vasco Shot’s past. All we know is that he is a perpetual drunkard who had committed crimes, heinous enough to be thrown into Level 6 of Impel Down. (His name does sound like Vodka Shots though. drink🍺).

During the Paramount War, he was shown to tank attacks from Whitebeard’s quakes from afar and direct attacks from Sengoku’s Buddha form.

Post time skip, he seems to have acquired the powers of the Gabu Gabu no Mi, which from what we have seen, allows Vasco to control alcohol. Apart from being a power that Zoro might like, it seems to allow him to control alcohol trajectories (unknown if that’s Vasco’s own skill or a devil fruit ability) and light it on fire.

And the alcohol that was lit on fire does seem to persist and spread, which Garp manages to use to his own advantage in their fight.

To put it shortly there just isn’t much we’ve seen of Vasco Shot and from what little we’ve seen of him, his drunk state and weird devil fruit abilities don’t rank him that high on the crew.

9. Doc Q

Doc Q

Doc Q is a unique character seeing as he is always accompanied by his horse, Stronger who has the abilities of the Uma Uma no Mi Model: Pegasus. They make for a funny sickly duo, as ironically it is the doctor of the crew who is very sick and acts half dead all the time. Just like his other crew members Doc Q too has consumed a devil fruit that greatly compliments his abilities in the form of the Shiku Shiku no Mi, which is also one of the strongest devil fruits around.

His devil fruit abilities seems to allow him to “create diseases and spread them”. While it is exactly unknown how the devil fruit works, we got to see a feminized Law 🥵 and all the crew members who touched infected members too got the disease. But like most devil fruit powers, it was shown to be countered by the use of Haki after which the body develops antibodies for it too.

Doc Q is ranked higher on the list due to his ability to affect a huge number of enemies at once. Imagine a situation where the Marines have sent multiple battleships after the Blackbeard Pirates. Just a single disease like some sort of whole body rash targeted a normal solider can lead to an “epidemic” which can only be overcome by the stronger Haki users of the crew.

Of course these abilities just seem to be a minor inconvenience to Emperor and Vice Admiral level people.

8. Catrina Devon

Catrina Devon

Up next on our list we have Catrina Devon, who as her epithet of Crescent Moon Hunter suggests, has also consumed a devil fruit namely, Inu Inu no Mi : Model Kyubi no Kitsune. Crescent moons are usually associated with mystery, transformation and change which are the core elements of the mythical nine tailed fox.

While Catrina has the potential to rank higher on the list due to the unknown abilities of her mythical zoan, as it is right now, she seems to be one of the weaker members of the crew. Using her powers, she seems to be able to shapeshift into a perfect copy of whomever she wants to (note: unconfirmed what the criteria are to shapeshift).

At face value, it seems like her main fighting style will be through deceit and trickery.

Fortunately for her, there is a possibility that her awakening provides her with many additional abilities ranging from possession, generating fire, invisibility and the ability to create illusions that are indistinguishable from reality.

If Catrina manages to possess any of theses abilities, her overall powers would be greatly boosted. Despite these she is ranked lower and technically her shapeshifting abilities should be useless against anybody that possess Observation Haki, as you can easily find out that she is an imposter. But against everyone else, her abilities are as real as they get.

7. Sanjuan Wolf

Sanjuan Wolf

It feels like it was just yesterday when the Straw Hats had to work together to take down Oars, the Continent Puller. It was a crazy ride for sure but what if I were to tell you that he’s not the biggest giant in One Piece? Imagine how hard it would be to bring someone like that now?

At 180m, which is nearly thrice the size of Oars, Sanjuan Wolf aka the Colossal Battleship, is the biggest giant we have ever seen, all thanks to his devil fruit the Deka Deka no Mi. Wolf is so huge that if you remember the Paramount War, you can see him trying to hide behind the whole Marine HQ building and he can still be seen.

Despite all this, Sanjuan Wolf ranks lower in the list due to his “passiveness”. Like most gentle giants, he doesn’t seem to really do much, leading to the question , “why exactly was he imprisoned in Level 6 of Impel Down “?

Also like most giants Sanjuan Wolf’s biggest asset is the strength that comes with his size. Infact, he could physically be one of the strongest people in the world.

Also as we saw in chapter 1087, he is so huge that even after being thrown into the sea, half his body was still sticking outside the water. Adding up to that is the fact that even though he has consumed a devil fruit, he still walks through the ocean most of the time, showing that while it is draining he has acquired some sort of immunity to it, just like Luffy and Kid did to sea stone in Wano.

6. Avalo Pizzaro

Avalo Pizzaro

Remember Pika from Dressrosa? (Lets proceed if you’re done laughing at his voice.) Well Pizarro is sorta like him but on steroids. While Pika could merge with mountains and create a massive moving rock body, Pizarro takes that up to a whole different scale. He can literally merge with islands and do whatever he wants.

Now just imagine Pizzaro taking control of the whole Red Line!! While we don’t know if that’s even possible or not, its still crazy to imagine that such a thing isn’t that far out of his reach. Further, he kind of has an immunity to sea water! At least that’s one way to put it.

Since an island is a piece of land surrounded by water, doesn’t that mean as long as he can find a piece of land, he can use his powers to be invulnerable to a devil fruits biggest weakness.

5. Van Augur

Van Augur

Making it halfway up the list is Van Augur , the sniper of the crew. Unlike our very own God Usopp, who’s power come from his pure raw skill and ingenious ammunition, Van Augur has eaten the Wapu Wapu no Mi, ie. the teleportation fruit.

One of the biggest weaknesses of a sniper is being found out as they usually aren’t great at close combat. Using this fruit, Van Augur completely eliminates that weakness as he can just teleport away to another location when the enemy finds him. In this game of cat and mouse , Van Augur will always win.

Further more we have only seen a glimpse of what he can do. His fruit gives him the teleportation ability of Law’s Ope Ope no Mi, but he doesn’t seem to be bound by any real range.

We also do not know what the conditions of use are. Does he have to be in direct contact to teleport objects? So far it does seem like that, but what about when he awakens? Can he shoot bullets in one direction and make it teleport to another, making his shots a 100% accurate?

4. Jesus Burgess

Jesus Burgess

The First Titan Captain and Blackbeard’s first crewmate, Jesus Burgess, is also one of the strongest members of the Blackbeard Pirates. He has made quite an impact on the story of One Piece.

His actions have led to the destruction of the island of Baltigo, the old Revolutionary Army base and may have permanently caused a conflict between the Blackbeard Pirates and the Revolutionary Army. In the fight between the Straw Hats and the Blackbeard Pirates, it is obvious who the Revolutionary Army would support.

First being introduced as a macho wrestler character of some sort, he has since gained the powers of the Riki Riki no Mi which gives him unparalleled raw strength, being able to throw mountains like they were just small rocks. This sort of strength is possessed by very few in the world, like giants, San Juan Wolf and a Gear 5 Luffy.

3. Shiryu


Shiryu is a very mysterious character, with us not knowing much about him except for that he was a Head Jailer at Impel Down, and a very bloodthirsty one at that. Just like Aokiji he too has defected to the Blackbeard Pirates, and similarly his motives too remain unknown.

All we know about the man is that he would indiscriminately kill prisoners and even his ex-subordinates. This cruelty is what made Magellan send him to isolation prison in the first place.

Since then Shiryu too has come a long way, gaining the devil fruit power of Sanji’s dreams, the Suke Suke no Mi and has gotten quite good at using it, even managing to stab Garp and injure him seriously (I mean Garp did know he was coming, but maybe Shiryu let him know? Can the Suke Suke no Mi completely turn you invisible? Maybe after awakening it can?).

He also possess a meito blade of unknown grade (you can check out all sword grades in this article) called Raiu and he seems to take pretty good care of it.

2. Kuzan “Aokiji”

Kuzan “Aokiji”

Ranking second, Kuzan, without a doubt, is one of the strongest in the crew of Blackbeard pirates. Not just the Blackbeard crew, Kuzan is also one of the strongest characters of One Piece.

After losing in the fight to become the next Fleet Admiral against Sakazuki “Akainu”, Aokiji ended up joining the Blackbeard Pirates somewhere along the way.

Despite losing a leg and retiring, Aokiji recently showed us that he still packs a punch. It would seem his former mentor Garp’s words to live freely , inadvertently drove Aokiji into become the 10th Titanic Captain of the Blackbeard Pirates. 

In terms of strength Kuzan is easily in second place and would even be a tough fight for his Admiral Blackbeard to take on, given his long year in Marines and his expertise in using both his rare Logia fruit and his ability to use Advanced forms of Haki.

Aokiji was easily strong enough to take solid punches from Garp, hitting back very hard himself. He also managed to permanently change half the island of Punk Hazard, showing truly how powerful he is. Yet another small flex of his strength would be when he froze a huge part of the sea for a few citizens to get to the nearest island after getting stranded.

1. Marshall D. Teach

Marshall D. Teach

Unsurprisingly the Admiral of the crew, Marshall D. Teach is the strongest member of the Blackbeard Pirates. I mean if he weren’t would he even be worthy of being a Yonkou?? While his path to notoriety was filled with lots of betrayal and backstabbing, it seems he has his crew well under control with even the former Admiral Aokiji serving under him. 

The main reason he is ranked at the top is due to his devil fruit…. make it fruits. With one the most shocking reveals in the series till date , Teach not only managed to gain a devil fruit that can nullify all other abilities and absorb things into it, but also somehow managed to steal the abilities of the Gura Gura No mi which is objectively the most disastrous fruit in the whole world, being able to create earthquakes that can cause tsunamis , thereby flooding the whole world.

This not only gives Blackbeard an immunity against most other devil fruit powers, but also gives him one of the strongest offensive abilities in the world, being able to destroy islands with a single punch. To top it all off, Teach also is a cunning thinker. Being a coward by nature, he has no qualms running away if things are going south, but he also has the manipulative ability to stab you the moment you turn you back on him. 

All these qualities solidify his position as the leader of the Blackbeard Pirates and makes him one of the leading candidates to become the next Pirate King as much as we hate it.

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