One Piece: Will Blackbeard Kill Kaido & How?

Blackbeard One Piece

Ever since Blackbeard passed the Yonko test, a swarm of speculations and ideas just surged. What will be his next move? Is he going to fight Luffy? Is he single and ready to mingle? Now, with the Wano Arc entering the scene, another big question has joined the fray. Will Blackbeard come to Wano and kill Kaido? Well, considering his morality and honour are as strong as Zoro’s sense of direction, it is easy to believe that he would definitely try.

The only thing that Blackbeard seeks is power and he will not hesitate to “retire” anyone who gets in his path. So, it is evident now that Marshal D.Teach has to lock horns with Kaido eventually.

Blackbeard wants to be Pirate King, Sort of

Blackbeard on his dream

Yes, this guy, in a kind of two-piece suit also wants the One Piece. So, how do you think would Kaido respond to this? It’s pretty simple. Blackbeard would receive a “warm greeting” from Kaido that Oda misspelled as Flame Breath. Jokes aside, Blackbeard does not have an option but to fight the most powerful creature. Kaido wants to plunge the world into total chaos by taking over it and Blackbeard wants everything in the world for himself. Both have similar philosophies but stand two opposite shores of the sea.

It becomes abundantly clear that Blackbeard will eventually face the world’s strongest creature. As for what we have seen, he would most certainly be devising a plan to take out Kaido without facing much “heat.”

The Xebec Connection

From what it seems, Blackbeard could be the son of Rocks D.Xebec. The captain of the Rocks Pirates was defeated around 38 years ago and Blackbeard is 40 years old. But that could be a coincidence. Well, then another coincidence is that both Rocks and Blackbeard are the only bearers of the “Will of D” with evil intent. That’s a lot of coincidence spread around here. But if Marshal D.Teach is really the son of Rocks then why would he want to kill Kaido, the former subordinate of his father?

Imagine a 2-year old whose father was seemingly abandoned and left to die by his own crew. That’s a lot to swallow even for an adult. If all that turns out to be true, then the only thing that Blackbeard truly bears is malice, for Kaido, for Big Mom, for the entire world. If you ask us, the death of Whitebeard was only just the beginning.

But how will Blackbeard kill Kaido?

The Magic of Yami Yami No Mi

Yami Yami No Mi

Quoted as the most powerful devil fruit, Blackbeard has proved his declaration, on more than one occasion. In the Marineford War, he only survived because of the power of Yami Yami No Mi. With this fruit, he can negate the power of any devil fruit. Also, it could be that Blackbeard’s unique ability to hold the power of two devil fruits may be one of the consumer satisfaction services of Yami Yami No Mi. It should be noted that Blackbeard also owns the power of Gura Gura No Mi.

The combined might of these two fruits might be enough to take down Kaido, theoretically at least. The singular devil fruit of Kaido won’t stand much of a chance against the entire “fruit basket” of Blackbeard. We know Kaido is very strong but technically, he is at a disadvantage here.

The Scheming Mind of Blackbeard

If you think the devil fruits reflect the true strength of Blackbeard, then think again. Or don’t as we are about to tell you his true strength. It would be his strategic mind. Yes, he is cunning, corrupt, despicable, and all those qualities serve his objectives well. It was his long-drawn strategy that nurtured into what came to be known as the Marineford War. He managed to trick both the Whitebeard Pirates and the Marines into doing his bidding. Ultimately, he got what he was aiming for – the Gura Gura No Mi.

Now, let’s talk about Kaido for a minute. A giant big dude with a damn big club. Of course, if it comes to a one-on-one, Kaido would most definitely emerge victoriously. But he would be facing Blackbeard and that too a very prepared one. Kaido is physically strong and mighty but on the brain side of things, he is lacking, to say the least. Well, we only know two things about his psychology. One, he drinks like a fish, and two, he is a part-time suicidal guy with a passion for high jumps.

So, what do you think? Do you believe that Blackbeard is both able and capable of taking down Kaido? Let us know in the comments section.

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