‘Spy x Family Cancelled’ Starts Trending After TikToker Accuses Franchise Of Sexualizing Anya Forger

The user justified his claim by indicating Anya blushes in the scene, which suggests the "sexualization" of the character.

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After the successful delivery of the first episode of Spy x Family on April 9, the trend “Spy x Family cancelled” took over both social media platforms and Google Trends after fans started a dispute over TikTok user @antarcticite1’s post suggesting the series sexualized Anya Forger.

In a video review of the newly aired series, the person in question wrote the following message: “I hate the way they sexualize the little girl on this show every time she’s with her dad”.

He justified his claim by pointing out that Anya blushes in the scene, which suggests the “sexualization” of the character.

“It’s literally there, they put pink things on her cheeks every time she’s with her dad,” was his response when another person asked him to elaborate on his position.

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Eventually, the fans began to ridicule him on social networks and comment on the rest of his videos for the accusations without any solid basis whatsoever.

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Many people commented that it was an attempt to become popular.

The post has since been viewed more than 2 million times on TikTok and has spawned countless YouTube videos and Twitter posts condemning such an unjustified and inappropriate statement.

One YouTube video discussing the topic included screenshots of replies from the original user, which reportedly stated that the post was not satire and “If you don’t see how they sexualize her pls just leave me alone.” The original page’s bio also currently includes “This ain’t a satire account stop saying it is”.

The first episode of Spy x Family aired on April 9, 2022, in Japan.

Spy x Family is a manga written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app since March 25, 2019. As of Nov 2021, the chapters have been collected in 8 tankobon volumes.

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