Oshi No Ko Illustrator Mengo Yokoyari Comes Under Fire For Attending Concert With A Voice Actress

In a surprising turn of events, Oshi No Ko manga illustrator Mengo Yokoyari found herself at the centre of a social media storm after attending the “MAAYA SAKAMOTO LIVE TOUR 2023” concert with voice actress Ayane Sakura.

Ayane Sakura is known for voicing Gabi Braun in AOT, Ochako Uraraka in MHA, Yotsuba Nakano in The Quintessential Quintuplets, among others.

The illustrator shared a snapshot from the recent concert on her Twitter account, expressing her excitement about the experience. However, little did she anticipate the intense reactions from some fans who assumed it was more than a casual outing between friends.

Mengo Yokoyari Ayane tweet

The situation escalated quickly, especially among those who perceived Ayane Sakura as an ‘idol.’ The attachment of perceived ‘idol rules’ and the assumption of a romantic connection between the voice actress and the artist led to some obsessive fans expressing disappointment and frustration.

This reached a point where Yokoyari felt compelled to address the misunderstanding. Taking to Twitter, she clarified, emphasizing her gender and marital status, and dispelled any notions of a romantic involvement.

If people think I’m a single man, they’ll think my tweets about going out with my friends have a double meaning! (Finally realized) I know that courting is no longer an exclusively heterosexual situation, but for all those who feel threatened by me, know that, socially speaking, I am only a married woman…

Mengo Yokoyari tweet

However, a lot of fans where taken back by the revelation that Mengo Yokoyari was a woman, despite information available on platforms like Wikipedia, back covers of tankobon, afterword in serialized magazines.

Mengo Yokoyari tweet

Mengo yokoyari gender reaction

Mengo Yokoyari tweet

Mengo Yokoyari tweet

Source: Twitter