One Piece: Devil Fruits Guide! Types and Powers Explained

Devil fruits or Akuma no Mi are rare special fruits of unknown origin that are one of the main sources of power in the One Piece world. Very few people in the world ranging from the Fleet Admiral of the Marines and the Yonkos to low-level soldiers and pirates have them.

There are hundreds of devil fruits and all of them are categorized into four main categories. Let us take a look at them

What is a Devil Fruit?

Devil Fruits are special fruits in the One Piece World that give you mysterious powers ranging from changing your clothes to lifting whole mountains and islands. There are many kinds of devil fruits and Devil fruit powers – Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia. Each having their own unique abilities.

They are extremely valuable and rare in the One Piece world. Buggy’s Bara Bara no Mi is worth 100 Million berries as stated by Shanks in Chapter 19. Law’s Ope Ope no Mi was priced at 5 Billion berries by the Marines. That is almost as much as Roger’s and Whitebeard’s bounties.


Everything in this world comes with a price. Devil fruits are no exceptions. In chapter 19, Shanks said that devil fruits are enchanted by Sea Devils. Whoever eats it gains amazing powers, but the seas turn against them.

Once you consume a devil fruit you lose the ability to swim.

You also develop a weakness to a material called Seastone. It weakens or completely nullifies your power on contact, depending on the strength and concentration of seastone used. Seastone emits the same energy as the sea allowing the ships coated with it to pass over sea kings undetected. We see Coby mention this to Luffy in Chapter 433.

A person cannot have more than one devil fruit ability as explained in Chapter 385. We are told that a person who ate 2 devil fruits, had his body fractured and destroyed until there was nothing left. But by unknown methods that only Blackbeard and his crewmates know, he was able to steal Whitebeard’s abilities.

Devil fruits also have a very horrible taste as we have seen many times.

The main source of information about devil fruits in the One Piece world is a Devil Fruit catalogue or Encyclopedia. It is an incomplete book and it’s unknown who or which organization creates and updates them. We have seen copies of it with Blackbeard and a young Sanji.

Devil Fruit awakening:

Awakening of a devil fruit is a very rare powerup we have seen. The method to awaken is unknown, but we do know that it gives a huge boost to the user’s abilities. We know a few awakened devil fruit users.

4 of the 5 Jailer Beasts in Impel down are awakened Zoan users. It gives them a very big boost in physical abilities, but as there was something wrong in their awakening, they lost control and turned into beasts without any form of intelligence, acting based on instincts and fear.

We also know 2 other awakened devil fruit users being – Katakuri and Doflamingo, who each got the power to convert nearby substances into their devil fruit powers.

An image of devil fruits , the Yami Yami no mi and Devil fruit encyclopedia.

Types of Devil Fruits

There are three types of devil fruits. Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia , each categorized by the types of power granted by the fruit.

Paramecia Devil Fruits

These Devil fruits give users power that lets them modify their bodies or gives them an external superhuman power. Unlike Zoans and Logias this does not directly let the user transform in most cases.

Examples of Paramecia Fruit powers

Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi which gives him the properties of rubber, making him a rubber-man. This allows him to be immune to bullets and cannonballs and other blunt projectiles. It also allows him to be a natural counter to lightning and Lightning fruit users. But as he is a rubber-man, he also shares its weaknesses – Sharp objects like swords and daggers can injure Luffy.

We have other Paramecia fruits with unique abilities. Jake Jake no Mi, whose user to be worn as a suit and gives them control over the wearer’s body. This fruit was eaten by Kelly Funk. Doru Doru no Mi, allows a user to make candle wax which hardens to be as strong as metal, was eaten by Galdino aka Mr.3 of Baroque works.

There are also devil fruits that give users the ability to interact with souls. The user Soru Soru no Mi can take away from people and give them to objects of their choosing. Big Mom gives parts of souls to objects that are called “homies”. We have seen another fruit consumed by Brook, the Yomi Yomi no Mi, that let his soul come back and get back into his body, which is the cause for him being a moving skeleton.

The Special Paramecia devil fruits grant users abilities that do not seem to be paramecia on first look.

Katakuri’s Mochi Mochi no Mi is allows him to turn into, produce and control mochi, which is a sticky and elastic Japanese rice cake. He has abilities similar to that of Logia Fruit users i.e can turn into mochi and morph his body as required. His awakening of the fruit further boosts his abilities and lets him convert nearby inorganic substances into mochi.

Pica’s Ishi Ishi no Mi is another fruit that gives logia-like powers, where the user can merge with and control stone on large scales as seen in Dressrosa. It is not a logia as the user cannot produce stone or turn into stone. The same also applies to Magellan’s Doku Doku Fruit.

Paramecia fruit awakening:

Awakening Paramecia fruits allows the user to increase the range and scope of their abilities. In Doflamingo case, he could convert rocks and buildings into strings vastly improving his combat abilities. Similarly, Katakuri was able to turn the floor into Mochi.

Paramecia Devil Fruits - Gomu Gomu no Mi , Ope Ope no Mi , Awa Awa no Mi and Ito Ito no Mi.

Zoan Devil Fruits

Zoan Devil Fruits allow users to turn into animals or mythical creatures at will. We have seen devil fruits that let you turn into birds to fruits that turn you into dragons that can lift islands with the devil fruit power.

There are 3 forms that a zoan devil fruit user can use – normal form, where no powers are active; hybrid form, which combines the devil fruit power and the human form; and full zoan form, which completely transforms the user into the creature of power.  Based on what we have seen a hybrid zoan is the strongest in combat as it combines the pure strength and skill of a beast with a human-like body.

Examples of Zoan Fruit powers

Carnivorous zoans let their users turn into carnivorous beasts. They are generally much better suited for fights due to the sharp claws, teeth, and predatory instincts that they give to the user.

There is also a Special Zoan class, Mythical Zoan, which are as rare as logia fruits. As the name suggests it grants the user the power to transform into a mythical creature, depending on the fruit consumed.

Marco’s Tori Tori no Mi: Model Phoenix lets him use the powers of a phoenix. He can turn into a blue phoenix and fly, making it one of the very few devil fruits that let a user fly. The blue flames produced also have regenerative abilities which assist Marco in playing his role as the crew’s Doctor. Similarly, Orochi’s Hebi Hebi no Mi: Model Yamata no Orochi, lets him turn into the legendary eight-headed and eight-tailed Japanese dragon/serpent of the same name.

There is a third class of zoan fruits, Ancient Zoans which gives the user the power of an ancient creature. They are much more powerful than normal carnivorous zoans and are extremely durable.

Sanji is barely able to knock out a hybrid Page-One even after using his Raid Suit. Page-One easily tanks all of “Soba Mask” and a variety of his powerful kicks. He just shrugs them off like they were nothing, showing just how durable Ancient Zoan users are.

Jack’s Zou Zou no Mi : Model Mammoth and Ulti’s Ryu Ryu no Mi : Model Pachycephalosaurus are all examples of Ancient Zoans.

There can be many models of Zoan fruits under the same name. There are 6 revealed Ryu Ryu models each turning the user into a separate dinosaur. Similarly, there are many Inu Inu no Mi models that we have seen.

Zoan fruit awakening:

Awakened Zoans give a huge boost in physical abilities, their greatest strengths being their toughness and recovery speed. For unknown reasons, all the awakened zoans we have seen are senseless beasts that do not seem to have any intelligence.

We have seen Chopper create and use special drugs called Rumble Balls to access more specialized forms and “fake an awakening” in the form of Monster Point.

Rob Lucci's Hybrid Zoan form, Kaido's Full Zoan Dragon form . Awakened Zoan Jailer - Minotaurus and Chopper's Rumble Balls.

Logia Devil Fruits

They are the last category of devil fruits and the rarest to find out of all of them.

They allow the user to turn their bodies into an intangible element and freely produce and manipulate it.  Logia users are tricky for newer pirates and marines to deal with as normal attacks do not work on them due to their special bodies. Armament Haki is a direct counter to this. Using armament, a person can touch and attack a logia devil fruit user.

Examples of Logia Fruit Powers:

Smoker’s Moku Moku no Mi allows him to turn into smoke, making him untouchable by those without haki. Some other logia fruits that we know of are – Aokiji’s Hie Hie no Mi , Akainu’s Magu Magu no Mi , Enel’s Goro Goro no Mi etc.

An exceptional logia fruit is Blackbeard’s Yami Yami no Mi. Unlike usual logia devil fruits, Yami Yami no Mi does not turn Blackbeard into darkness. He can be physically attacked by anyone. But, the Yami Yami no Mi does grant him the mysterious ability to negate the effects of devil fruits, similar to what seastone does. He can also store objects in his darkness and release them at will.

Blackbeard might have used the Yami Yami no Mi to steal Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit powers, though much information is not revealed about this.

Yami Yami no Mi , Mera Mera no Mi and Crocodile unhurt by bullets and punches.

Artificial Devil Fruits

Since Devil fruits are very rare and useful, the World Government and other powerful forces have invested in the research of these mysterious objects.

We have seen two kinds of artificial devil fruits created till now.

Dr Vegapunk, the Chief Scientist in the Marine, extracted Kaido’s bloodline elements and used them to create an artificial devil fruit. Vegapunk considered this experiment to be a failure and stored it away in Punk Hazard. Momonosuke Kozuki accidentally stumbled upon this fruit and ate it to satisfy his hunger. This artificial devil fruit did not have any extra side effects like the SMILE fruits and gave Momonosuke abilities similar to that of Kaido, albeit on a much smaller and weaker form.

Caesar was another scientist who worked under Dr Vegapunk. He continued with his experiments and created artificial devil fruits called SMILES. Our other article on SMILE Fruits covers this topic in more detail. In short, SMILE users have Zoan like abilities.

Cesar's SMILE fruits and Vegapunk's "failed" Artificial devil fruit.

Who can have Devil Fruit powers?

As discussed earlier, a person can have only one devil fruit power and if they consume another devil fruit they will die.
Blackbeard is an exception to this rule, and his method is yet to be revealed. Other than this there is no seen restriction on who or what can consume devil fruits. Humans, Fishmen, Minks, Giants even animals. All living creatures we have seen so far can gain devil fruit abilities.

Apart from this, Dr Vegapunk has also discovered a way to allow inanimate objects to gain devil fruit powers.
Former Chief of CP-9, Spandam had a sword named “FunkFreed”, which had somehow gained the abilities of the Zou Zou no Mi. His sword can change forms like a normal Zoan user. Its abilities allow it to turn into a small elephant slightly taller than Spandam. In its hybrid form, the sword can extend and be used for attacks.

Cesar also uses this method to convert all the toxic gas on Punk Hazard into his pet and names it “Smiley”. The gas had somehow consumed the Sara Sara no Mi: Model Axolotl and could turn into a giant axolotl when it was told to.

The last case of this was all the way back in Alabasta. Baroque Works agent Mr.4 owned a gun which through unknown means gained the powers of the Inu Inu no Mi: Model Dachshund. It could also turn into a canon , a dog and a hybrid of both.

Inanimate objects that have devil fruit powers.

Maybe there will be an article on this in the future . Gurararara ….

Which Devil Fruits are the strongest?

We finally come to the big question. Which devil fruit is the strongest? The disappointing answer would be none. Generally, Logia devil fruits are considered the strongest due to their rarity and trickiness to deal with. This coupled with their absurdly strong abilities makes them some of the strongest characters in One Piece. Only stronger people who can use armament haki generally stand a chance against Logia devil fruit users.

Oda has revealed in a Vivre Card that the Magu Magu no Mi is one of the strongest devil fruits in terms of pure offensive powers.

But at the same time in terms of large-scale destruction, the Gura Gura no Mi is one of the strongest. Enough to give Whitebeard the title of “Strongest Man in the World”. As seen in Marineford, he could cause large-scale earthquakes and tsunamis and could have destroyed the whole world if he had willed it.

The devil fruits and the users also matter a lot while ranking them.

Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi was initially a very weak fruit. Luffy had to train for 10 years to perfect his Gomu Gomu no pistol. Enel’s seemingly all-powerful Goro Goro no Mi had a disadvantage against Luffy due to electricity not flowing through the rubber. This allowed Luffy to win the battle. Luffy’s ingenious ideas in the form of his attacks and Gears are an important part of what makes him and his devil fruit strong.

Similarly Blackbeard’s Yami Yami no Mi gives him an advantage over other devil fruit users at the cost of losing the ability to “turn into intangible darkness”.

Devil fruits also have a hierarchy in them. Oda reveal in an SBS that –
Akainu’s Magu Magu no Mi is of a higher order than Ace’s Mera Mera no Mi as Magma is hotter than fire.
Aokiji’s Hie Hie no Mi is a stronger devil fruit than Monet’s Yuki Yuki no Mi.
Machivise’s Ton Ton no Mi is a higher grade fruit than Miss Valentine’s Kiro Kiro no Mi.
and Baby 5’s Buki Buki no Mi is a better version of Mr.2’s Supa Supa no Mi.

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