MHA: Aizawa Is Dangerously Close To Losing His Quirk!

Shota Aizawa MHA

Be warned that the following article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia manga chapter 281.

My Hero Academia manga‘s current arc is an epic roller coaster ride. It’s going at pace that keeps your adrenaline rushing. In the latest chapter, we saw one such event take place, although it is not a happy one. Almost every major hero character has teamed up against Shigaraki and the league of villains. Shigaraki also gave us an insight into his thought process and philosophy.

The villain prodigy believes that the world of heroes is a society filled with a crippling belief and trust to the point that it’s almost dead. It is a society that is dead and filled with maggots. The heroes who have vowed to protect this society are the very reason why he turned out this way. He’s the creation of their faults. While spewing his hatred for heroes and the society, Tomura runs towards Erasure. Aizawa is the only one who can stop Tomura from using his decay quirk and finish the fight in one sweep. Realising this, Tomura wants to regain his powers and end it once and for all.

As Tomura rushes in the direction of Aizawa, he is blocked by Endeavour and Deku. The apex villain easily outspeeds and outmaneuvers them, only to be stopped by Ryukyu the no. 10 Dragon Hero. Shigaraki punches through her hand and is now held back by Deku with the help of his blackwhip. Meanwhile, Endeavour prepares to power up and destroy Tomura in a single shot. Knowing he can’t move his hands, Tomura reaches for his ultimate weapon. The weapon that can destroy quirks from an individual forever. A bullet made from Eric’s quirk. We all know what happened to LeMillion after getting shot by that bullet. He’s still quirkless.

Why is Aizawa in danger of losing his quirk?

Quirk erasing bullets mean bad news for Aizawa. As Tomura understands that as long as Aizawa stands, his victory is impossible. Due to Aizawas’ quirk erasing his abilities, Tomura is solely relying on his physical capabilities. With his quirk returning, Tomura can single handedly lay waste to the entire city and all heroes without needing any help from his team and Gigantomachia. Aizawa is the only one that’s delaying his sure shot victory.

Shigaraki with the quirk erasing bullets

Although, Aizawa himself isn’t looking very good. He’s hurt his leg while trying to escape from the hospital. He can barely keep his eyes open and the stress on his eyes is building. Though he is supported by the hero Manual and his water powers, the situation is so dire that even if Aizawa blinks it would mean instant death of someone close to Tomura or everyone around him. Tomura himself is looking for a similar opportunity. All he needs is the time required for Aizawa to blink, even once.

And now since Tomura is tied down by Deku and Ryukyu he has resorted to using weapons. Though the weapon won’t kill instantly but if it hits Aizawa or even Manual, the cleaning team will have a lot of blood to wash off from the streets. There’s a high chance that Tomura will aim for Aizawa due to him being a major obstacle. If that happens, this one tiny change could change the path of the entire My Hero Academia manga.

This could be the moment Deku and Bakugou face their Jiraiya Sama death equivalent (GTG cry in the corner for sometime).

…15 mins later…(still eyes are red and puffy)

So, yeah, there is every chance that Deku and Bakugou could face such a disastrous situation very soon. Either they’ll face Aizawa being disintegrated or be quirkless for the rest of his life or both.

There’s also a chance that they might kidnap Aizawa to give him to the doctor for experimenting and weaponizing his quirk. Just like they did with Eri but since Eris’ quirk has a drawback and is being held under protection in UA, Aizawa is the closest source for quirk erasure. This way at least he wouldn’t have to die right away and give much needed time to regroup and think on how to save him. Though he’ll have to endure some painful experiments.

What could be the fate of the UA 1-A classroom teacher and Pro Hero Erasure? What do you think could happen to him? Let us know in the comments.

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