Jujutsu Kaisen: Aoi Todo’s Boogie Woogie Cursed Technique Explained

Jujutsu sorcerers wield the power of cursed energy to exorcise curses. There are many techniques in the Jujutsu world, probably as many as there are shamans. They enhance a shaman’s strengths multifold and even make attacks that would have been useless, powerful.

A lot of Jujutsu techniques are hard to understand, and some are hard to execute. Aoi Todo possesses a technique that is extremely easy to understand but that much tougher to handle in a fight.

What is it? How does it work? Keep reading to know!

What is Todo’s Boogie Woogie?

Boogie Woogie

In simple words, Todo’s Boogie Woogie allows him to swap places of himself and other people or objects. He activates the technique by clapping his hands.

Todo can use Boogie Woogie to exchange places with any person or object in his vicinity by clapping his hands. For example, in the fight against Hanami, he used his technique multiple times fighting alongside Yuuji.

He changes his place with Yuuji to aid his Black Flash attacks, confusing the special grade curse. He also saves Yuuji from being attacked using his powers. To land a heavy blow, he switches out Yuuji for a Cursed Tool too.

So, it does not have to be a living entity for him to trade places or even related to him. He can manipulate positions of him with other objects and people or between people and/or things. However, there is also a prerequisite for Boogie Woogie to work. The entity Todo wants to change places with/of should possess some amount of cursed energy.

Boogie Woogie

There is another catch with Boogie Woogie: a clap does not ensure its activation. Basically, Todo can choose to clap but NOT trade places with anything or anyone. This trick allows him to easily deceive his opponent by throwing in some feints.

He tricked Hanami into keeping a watch over his timing in his coordinated attack with Yuuji. But Todo did not switch places, making sure that Yuuji landed a powerful blow.

While this technique is simple to comprehend, it is very meddlesome during fights. It is especially formidable because of Todo’s 53000 (self-proclaimed) IQ. 😛 Jokes aside. Truthfully, the Tokyo Jujutsu Tech student has exceptionally high creativity and intellect, allowing him to use this technique most effectively. His physical prowess and combat skills are also contributors to its effectiveness.

In all, Boogie Woogie throws a person’s judgment into chaos by forcing them to anticipate the time of his clapping. Todo builds battle strategies around this fact, making full use of the surprise element. It is also a brilliant technique to provide support.

Will Todo be able to use Boogie Woogie after recent events in the manga?

Warning: major manga spoilers ahead.

In the recent chapters, Todo and Yuuji once again teamed up to fight against a special grade curse. But this time, it was a curse much stronger than Hanami; it was Mahito.

If his fearsome ability Idle Transfiguration, he also gained a new form after ‘self-discovery.’ When Mahito was pushed into a corner by Yuuji and Todo, he replicated Gojo’s use of a 0.2 seconds long Domain Expansion to kill them.

Todo survived this Domain Expansion using a simple domain he learned from Yuki. But, his lack of cursed energy led to two bad attacks. One of his hands suffered Idle Transfiguration, causing Todo to lose it, and two, Mahito hit him with a Black Flash. He somehow made it through the brutal attack by concentrating his remaining cursed energy on his stomach.

But the biggest loss was his Boogie Woogie (which was activated by clapping) not working anymore after losing a hand.

Todo loses his technique

As Todo said, it is probably impossible for him to use Boogie Woogie anymore. He tries to use the technique even after his hand is lost to aid Yuuji, but to no avail.

However, we know that Todo is not the kind of person to give up so easily. He might formulate an entirely new technique or use Boogie Woogie in an alternate way than clapping his hands.

Do you think Todo will find a new way to use his intellect and physical prowess? Or do you think he will find a new form of Boogie Woogie? Let us know in the comment section!

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