JJK Chapter 226 Spoilers: Gojo Lives, Sukuna At The Backfoot!

As the previous chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen manga i.e. JJK 225 gave Gojo fans PTSD, anxiety, and all sorts of mental trauma, the latest JJK 226 comes as a blessing.

Everyone in the fandom was excited and curious to know whether Gojo survives or will be at the mercy of the King Of Curses. And Gege Akutami fulfilled the dreams of fans of both the overpowered characters.

The chapter starts where the previous one ended and immediately solves the biggest question of last week,

Gojo And His Indestructible Shirt Survives!

As we all know in JJK 225, Gojo lost the domain battle against Sukuna and had his neck slit. However, Gojo being Gojo, immediately heals himself using Reversed Curse Technique, much to Gege Akutami and Sukuna fans’ dismay.

However, his threat hasn’t ended as he is still in Sukuna’s domain. This means he is constantly being slashed and cut from all sides.

This leads to Gojo getting heavily injured yet somehow his shirt still stays on! *Damn that Tailor who stitched that Shirt*

Anyway, coming back to the main topic, Sukuna slyly giggles and continues slashing Gojo, and amidst all that slashing and continuous healing himself, our hero declares valiantly that he is much superior to the former in terms of using the Cursed Technique.

Now as we know, Sukuna’s domain is without barriers then why isn’t Gojo running out? The same thoughts came across Choso and Kusakabe’s minds however Kusakabe solves their doubt by saying that Gojo has just lost his domain meaning he cannot use his cursed technique right away.

Not to forget, Sukuna engaged Gojo in hand-to-hand combat to keep him within the domain.

But then,

Why Can’t Gojo Destroy Sukuna’s Domain Expansion?

As per chapter 226 of the JJK manga, since running out of the domain wasn’t a possibility for Gojo, he could have destroyed the domain from within, as he had deduced that within Sukuna’s domain, Sukuna isn’t the center of it but the shrine is.

But Gojo with his Six Eyes isn’t even attempting to destroy it, this means that the Shrine is basically symbolic and holds no true meaning or power within the domain.

This was also explained by Mei Mei to Yuji within the chapter. Meanwhile, Sukuna praises Gojo for surviving this long and keeping up with him throughout the battle while using Reversed Cursed Technique to heal himself.

You must know, Reversed Cursed Technique uses double the curse energy than using the normal Cursed Technique.

So even if Gojo continued using RCT to heal himself there was no way he could win against Sukuna, he will be just delaying his impending doom.

Everyone, including us thought the same as we read the chapter, however, Gojo seemed to have a different plan.

Gojo’s Simple Domain! Battle Of Domains Continues

When everyone thought Gojo is simply delaying the battle, the blue-eyed, white-haired boy used a Simple Domain. The perfect counter to anybody’s Domain Expansion.

However, this isn’t just any simple domain, Gojo calls it “New Shadow Style: Simple Domain”. We are yet to know what this new shadow style is. Although, we know that a Simple Domain negates the effects of all domain expansions. *Love how Gege Akutami is playing with the basics of the power system in this entire battle.*

This means Gojo can now use this borrowed time to heal himself and that’s what he does!

With his newly healed body, Gojo stands within his simple domain although all the cuts and slashes he survived, gave him countless scars. *Even those damn scars couldn’t hide Gojo’s sexiness*

Sukuna’s Attack Continues and Gojo’s Counter Attack Begins!

Having realized that Gojo has used a simple domain, Sukuna personally slashes Gojo across his face. However, this time Gojo isn’t using RCT to heal himself and continues fighting Sukuna in hand-to-hand combat!

This raises a question in the minds of everyone else, is Gojo Satoru at his limits? And in a very dramatic way, the narrator of the chapter says,

Gonna Lose? IT’S GOJO SATORU!!

Right after this Gojo jumps and hugs Sukuna in a way you want your girlfriend/boyfriend to hug you but you are a weeb with only body pillows so that’s not happening. But Sukuna is not only the king of curses he also has enough rizz to make Gojo tangle his legs around him.

Gojo Sukuna

During all this Sukuna realized that Gojo’s speed has tremendously increased and also *he remembered how his wife used to greet him with lots of love and happiness after a long day of eating women and children in the Heian era and also casually murdering people*

Don’t believe me? See this:

Gojo vs Sukuna, JJK 226 spoilers

Remember, I said above that RCT uses double Cursed Energy than while using normal Cursed Technique? Yeah, that and Sukuna being in Gojo’s Simple Domain means his domain’s effects are canceled, and Gojo STOPPED using RCT even after being slashed by Sukuna.

If you are smart enough, then you must have got it by now, Gojo was preserving his Cursed Energy!! This means he can now use his own Cursed Technique!

And HE DOES!!!

Gojo fires a Cursed Technique Reversal: Red at Sukuna’s face at POINT BLANK RANGE!!

It blasts Sukuna away and into his Shrine giving Gojo enough time to casually heal himself!

Meanwhile, Sukuna smiles while lying on the destroyed part of the shrine revealing his half-burned face!

Who Will Win In This Battle Of The Strongest?

Well, it is too early to mention who will win but it is also important to acknowledge that Gojo is the hindrance to the plot of the entire series!

His existence itself is a threat to everything Kenjaku planned for centuries and we are yet to see Gege Akutami replicate Naruto vs Sasuke with Yuji vs Megumi and make it more awesome than it already was.

So yeah, the plot requires Gojo to be dealt with however Akutami has broken shounen troupes throughout the series. So we never know what that one-eyed cat is planning.

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  1. Mann Jujutsu Kaisen’s Manga is getting interesting day by day. Sukana is quite strong and so is Satoru Gojo. I dont think Gojo will die so soon. At least I wish Gojo didn’t get killed this early. Damn, I am so excited.


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