Kotton Kon 3.0 Draws Record Crowd, Entertains Visitors!


The Cotton Anime Society (CAS), under the Department of Mass Communication, Journalism and Media Studies at Cotton University, hosted its third annual anime and cosplay festival, Kotton Kon 3.0, on April 21, 2024, attracting over 2,000 attendees, a record number for the event.

Kotton Kon1

The day featured a variety of activities including showcases of anime music videos (AMVs), cosplay contests, and performances by DJ Rinx Neon and Assamese singer Yaman.

The festival also offered a marketplace for vendors selling anime merchandise, art, and collectibles. Attendees could enjoy refreshments at a Maid Cafe collaboration with Cafe Noi and participate in a caricature competition.

An awards ceremony recognized outstanding cosplay entries in categories including Best Ghibli Cosplay, Best Debut Cosplay, Best Performance, Best Costume, Best Overall Cosplay, Best Maid, and Best Caricature. Winners included Nobody (Best Ghibli Cosplay), Highly (Best Debut Cosplay), Priscilla (Best Performance), Red Turnips and Team (Best Costume), Sinung and Team (Best Overall Cosplay), Oshin (Best Maid), and Durlov (Best Caricature).

Kotton Kon Cosplay

Kotton Kon Cosplayers

A fireworks display concluded the festival.

“We’ve consistently raised the bar with each passing year, and the incredible turnout and electrifying atmosphere this weekend fill us with immense pride,” said CAS President Ashutosh Roy in a statement.

“From the initial spark of an idea to the vibrant energy that filled the venue, this journey has been truly remarkable. Witnessing the passion, creativity, and sheer love for anime in every attendee’s eyes was truly inspiring. This year, Kotton Kon transcended a festival; it became a vibrant tapestry woven by the energy of our cosplayers, the dedication of our performers, and the unwavering support of our sponsors and community. We celebrate this incredible spirit of Kotton Kon and look forward to building an even bigger and better event for the years to come,” he added

Kotton Kon is an annual anime convention organized by the Cotton Anime Society. Over the years, the annual anime convention has grown in popularity, attracting a large and diverse audience. It is considered to be one of the largest and most successful anime events organized in Guwahati, Assam. The event brings together anime fans from all across Guwahati, as well as from adjacent cities/states.

Kotton Kon 3.0’s sponsors included Arena Animation, Red Tape and media partners included Animehunch, Radio Mirchi 95 FM, DY365 & Truth Media.

Cotton Anime Society was established in the year 2021 under the Department of Mass Communication Journalism and Media Studies, Cotton University. It is a community of enthusiasts who share a passion for Japanese animation and culture. The society provides a platform for likeminded individuals to come together, discuss and appreciate anime, and enjoy various activities related to it.

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