JJK Chapter 225 Spoilers: Gojo’s Neck Gets Cut!

Gojo Dead

Note: For the latest information on Gojo’s death, check out this article: JJK 236 spoilers!

After skipping an issue, JJK chapter 225 is finally getting published this week. A week’s break as two of the strongest sorcerer went head to head with each other was unbearable.

Without a doubt, the expectations were high for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 225. And with the leaks of the chapter now surfacing online, it seems as if author Gege Akutami has certainly not disappointed fans (depends on how well you’ll like the ending of the chapter though).

Contrary to the previous one, JJK 225 is text heavy and sees a shift in POV, as we get to see what the other characters are up to. Well…

The best part about the latest chapter definitely has to be the domain battle between Gojo and Sukuna, and ofcourse the way the battle ended. It has led many to wonder if Gojo has actually lost the fight to Sukuna.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Mere spectators in JJK chapter 225:

As I mentioned before, JJK chapter 225 shifts the POV to the other characters. Thanks to Mei Mei’s ability, everyone is spectating the fight between Gojo and Sukuna through a huge screen. Apparently, there’s also a commentator who keeps giving updates what is happening in the fight (I wonder who that is).

From what the commentator says, Sukuna was using Domain Amplification in order to counter Gojo’s infinity. We don’t see that actually happening on screen, but we do see Yuta, Hakari and Kusakabe discussing what domain amplification is, with the latter giving more specifics about it.

Turns out, Domain Amplification is nothing but an advanced version of Simple Domain. Considering the explanation we got back in Shibuya, it makes perfect sense. While Simple Domain restricts movements, Domain Amplifications takes away that disadvantage.

However, it comes with a condition attached to it. One can’t use their Cursed Technique while they are using Domain Amplification. So, Sukuna probably will have to come up with something else in order to counter the infinity more effectively.

The topic of discussion then shifts to domain expansion, thanks to Miwa.

She wonders why Sukuna isn’t using his domain expansion in order to counter Gojo. Kirara gives the most relatable answer here saying that a domain expansion would just end things too quickly. And that is true. We don’t want the battle to be decided quickly now do we?

We also get some interesting insight into Gojo’s Six Eyes from Shoko Ieiri, who suggests that his ability can help him discern if the opponent is weaker of stronger than him if needed. In this case, he would have been able to understand if Sukuna’s domain expansion was actually weaker than his. And if that was really true, Gojo would have cast his domain then and there.

A discussion on domains:

Phew, JJK 225 is an info heavy chapter, and there’s a lot to process!

First things first, I was surprised by the fact that no one other than Itadori and Inumaki knew that Sukuna had a domain without barriers. This was the big fight that Gojo and everyone was prepping for, so that piece of information should have been out there.

His obliviousness to Sukuna’s domain aside, Kusakabe was giving off the knowledgeable person vibe in this chapter. Not only did he explain what Domain Amplification was, he also gives a better understanding about Sukuna’s domain expansion without any barriers.

The interaction between Kusakabe and Miwa during this scene was quite hilarious.

A lot more metaphors are thrown around in an attempt to explain the beauty and complexity of Sukuna’s barrierless domain. Maki tries to compare it with Megumi’s domain, but Kusakabe shoots that comparison down saying the new Zen’in head’s domain was nowhere close to that of Sukuna’s.

And that is true.

Megumi still has an incomplete domain expansion. The reason why his and Sukuna’s domain don’t have barriers is due to entirely different reasons.

While everyone agrees seemed to be coming to an agreement over how rare such a domain expansion was, Choso pipes in saying even Kenjaku had opened a domain expansion with no barriers.

A battle between domains:

This is where the discussion between the characters moves into the intricacies of a domain battle. When two people open a domain simultaneously what would happen?

Does it become a drawn out game where the edges of the domain push against each other. However, in case one of the user is able to cast a domain expansion with no barriers, then the pushing scenario doesn’t work. The domains become overlapping;

In that case, is it a battle between the cursed techniques?

To be more precise, there are multiple factors that come into play. However, in a special case where a user is able to cast a domain without any barrier or edges, then the winner is decided on the outcome of the sure hit technique. And based on how, when and what type of the sure hit technique the domain has, the outcome of the battle will change.

Also, when it came to Gojo and Sukuna, both of them were experts in efficiently using their cursed energy reserve. This meant, they could both cast domain expansions multiple times if needed. Hakari vs Kashimo is not the perfect example for this scenario, but okay.

Considering all the variable, it was hard to predict a winner. And so, everyone felt that Gojo and Sukuna might not be engaging in a battle of domains.

However, everyone was caught off guard in the very next panel of Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 225.


Both Gojo and Sukuna opened their domains, unlimited void and malevolent shrine, and it was pure hype. The art in Jujutsu Kaisen is good, but it doesn’t always have panels that are amazing. The one with the domain expansion featuring Gojo and Sukuna? This has to be one of the best panels in the manga till now according to me.

And, as I mentioned before, the winner was supposed to be decided on the sure hit techniques of the domains. However, both Gojo and Sukuna’s sure hit attacks cancelled each other out.

I was about to relax, thinking that the domain battle was going to be stalemate. However, that’s when Akutami managed to surprise me once again. And this time he went back to the very basics, before delivering a killing blow to Gojo.

Gojo Dead

Is Gojo dead in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 225?

Now, we get to the all important question. Is it Gojover time?

Well, to be honest, the question of whether Gojo is dead or not hinges on how bad the slash on his neck his. If it is just a scratch or even a deeper wound, then he should be able to use RCT; is what people assume. But I don’t think that is possible.

Let’s not forget that Gojo is still in Sukuna’s domain. He won’t be able to use Jujutsu for a while now since he too had cast domain expansion. So, things are looking pretty bleak for the strongest sorcerer right now.

I think it would be wise to not keep our hopes high. Accepting Gojover is also a copium of sorts!

I know, I know, all of you are complaining. Many of you are wishing Gojo stayed sealed in the prison realm itself! And some of you are wondering why Gege would bring back a fan favorite character just to kill them off.

Well, as long as Gojo is there, the plot refuses to move forward.

The only way Gojo survives this ordeal is if Sukuna decides to leave him alone. And if the latter doesn’t have that sort of a mindset now, then Gojo surely will be standing a head short. Or worse, he could be sliced up into a hundred small pieces.

But then, this is apparently the first time in a long while that Sukuna is actually having fun while fighting a someone else. Would he be willing to give up on that so easily. I mean, he too is someone who understands what it means to be lonely at the top. So, it needs to be seen how he will proceed with the fight.

It’s not just about Sukuna here though.

Gojo vs Sukuna is the pinnacle of all Jujutsu Kaisen fights. Will Akutami be willing to end this battle so early and decide not to ride on the hype? The amount of readership that these chapters are getting is surely giving the series a lot more traction.

I feel it would be foolish to give the battle a conclusion so early.

Do you really think Gojo is dead in JJK chapter 225? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Gojo and Sukuna gave a great fight. I think Gege is messing with us again, as this is not a resourceful way to end Gojo but to give a shock. Remember Gojos reverse cursed technique is automatic. Plus, he can think fast and react as well. So he should be able to heal quickly. I think there is another weapon hidden in Gojos arsenal that could he him to regenerate.

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